Your Favorite Quote in MK9

Anything Johnny Cage, he was hilarious...but the most one has got to be the taking you out to dinner bit

"And I'm taking you down, I'm taking you down, and taking you out, taking you out, and you out.... to dinner" :cool:
"Very well. Johnny Cage, you will stay with me."
"Great, I..."
"Close as a shadow, twice as silent."

-Raiden and Johnny Cage
Lol y u mad tho?- troll face xD JK JK but really tho?....

"no one can stop this deadly alliance"- quan
"On that......we agree..." Shang

Got a few other but CBA typing xD
Some of my others would be
* "Police brutality, comin' up!" - Stryker
* "Fear me!" - Noob Saibot
* "JOHNNY CAGE!" - Johnny Cage
* "Your soul is MINE!" - Shang Tsung
* "Ahaha ha ha ha! Let us dance!" - Mileena
* "And I'm taking you down, you down, you out, I'm taking you out, and I'm taking you out...for dinner." - Johnny Cage
* "Yeah, well. "Earthrealm Defender" is about 10 steps above my pay grade." - Stryker
* "Sister! So pretty, so fair...So sad and alone...Come. Let us be a family!" - Mileena.

Also, for anyone wondering when Mileena says "She's going away...", here's the video go to 3:30.
Kabal on the city streets.

Kabal- Johnny Cage fighting a monster?! What is this, Time Crashers!?

Then Raiden all calmly and sh-t just flys down and smashes Mintaro through the bridge.

I thought to myself Kabal must of been craping his pants right then and their. Like put yourself in his shoes and think of you seeing Vin Diesel fighting a Horse Man Beast.
2nd place

"Now we know where we are, thanks to her."
"And where we must go"
"But I..."
C'mon Cage!"

-Jax, Raiden, and Cage

3rd place

"It's official! YOU SUCK!"

-Shao Kahn
Also, for anyone wondering when Mileena says "She's going away...", here's the video go to 3:30.

thank you for sharing this. I always wondered what people were talking about lol

god I love Mileena she is so creepy and psychotic.

I loved the sped up fights in the videos LOL
"Mileena is his heir. She should rule."
"Mileena? She exists only because of my sorcery."
"And you breathe because I restrain mine."
- Baraka, Shang Tsung & Shao Khan.

"You sure have a way with women."
"You know me. I'm a class act."
"Thanks. What took you so long?"
"He was busy hitting me in the face."
- Sonya Blade, Jax Briggs & Johnny Cage.
"Oh Yeah I'm so pretty I' taking you down I'm taking you down I'm taking you out and I'm taking you out .... for dinner."
"Now you will feel Death's Cold Embrace."
"To Hell with your clan NO to Hell with you."
"We Share Blood but we are not Brothers."
Jade - You do not belong here! Leave at once!
Jax - You should have asked more politely...

I love that, Jax became one of my favorite, personality wise, when he said that. I think it was more of how he said it then what he said.
"You suck!" - Shao Kahn.. midnight release when I got to him and he whooped my ass.