XNA Lara : Real time posing Program - Post your artworks here

^ I have all MK9 models, but they are currently being worked on, oh and im missing the DLC Files :/
Wanted to upload this, decided to make a new post before this thread dies again. Does anyone think I should restart my Render request thread?

Rosalind Render 01 (Keyshot)

Rosalind by o0Crofty0o
Pose by o0Crofty0o
Posed in XNALara
Rendered in Luxion Keyshot 3​
Wow. This looks amazing! I think you can do a poll to see if anyone wants you to restart it.
Thank you =D I restarted it anywayz xD

Juliet Render 01

Juliet (Rockabilly DLC) by o0Crofty0o
Pose by o0Crofty0o
Posed in XNALara
Rendered in Luxion Keyshot 3

Click for bigga!
Hope ya like it ^^​
Can anyone post a cyrax model as an obj file? I want to edit it in Blender but I can't find any way to convert the model I found as XNA Lara doesn't work on my computer for some reason.
I just bumped into this program and I LOVE IT! I have no idea how I didn't know this existed... Im having a blast posing models from all the games I like, but its sad that the mk library is incomplete, I can't find the mk9 shao kahn anywhere, or kintaro, motaro, or most of the babies, I had to search for hours just to find the mk3 version of kitana. I have not read this thread completelly yet but I can already see that MKDAZ is a big supporter of this... MKDAZ can you continue working on completing the mk9 xna library, I can't express how awesome that would be, I would love to pose baby scorpion! :)
Here is my take at baby Kahn

Heh, remembered about this thread from a long time ago, decided to screw around a bit.

Well damn, this thread has died out for good...Too bad.

Here's another quick one, kinda different from my other works:

lol this thread brings memories back

Does anyone have MK9 models for Jade, Kitana and Mileena with their MK2 outfits?!
doesnt mkx have them?
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thaha the mkx model looks like a bag of dooty


and you're right, it does have heels...

do you want it?
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