XNA Lara : Real time posing Program - Post your artworks here


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i have helped many members of the site get this program set up, originally made for Tomb Raider Underworld Models, it has grown to include models from Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and eve Mortal Kombat. within the program you can edit the pose of a 3d model and save it as an image, with it being cut out and rendered or just a screen cap image with the original XNA lara background, the possibilities are endless , as you can pose each character to your specific likings, however , i ask that you refrain from posting nude images, the limits i suggest would be Mileena's Fleshpits costume.

you can download the program here

you will need to download XNA framework and .net Framework to run it, both are linked to in the opening section of the post i linked to.

you can also download models here
in this link, you will find a recap of all models released on that forum, some are grouped by game

additional models can be found on various sites, one of which is www.Deviantart.com

a tutorial is found here, the overall steps will work on all PC computers

you can save your poses to use when ever you want, or download poses from other users, here is a recap of user made poses

here are a few artworks i have made recently, i recommend having Gimp or photoshop to fix error in the model such as over lapping body texture, or broken textures where the colors are off








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Thank you so much for this, I wanted to do this like like you do, but I was always too lazy to download it, but now that you put all this here, I finally downloaded it. Gonna try it right now =D
I'm currently working on a project with Mileena, it will be my new sig in the upcoming days. I'll also post it here, just a warning though I'm a total newbie with this program XD
I've added a link to User made Poses you can load, starting with one of these and editing is a great way to save time, try saving closed hands as if you where punching so you can easily just load it instead of re posing every finger

That's not bad for a first go! My first pose wasn't very good in my eyes either so it's all good! This is my second try at it, but cheated a little by using a pre-made pose. I still had to edit the head and arms a little bit so they didn't look out of place for Mileena. This is the pose I created just by itself:

I also used that pose in my newest sig which you can see down below! Tell me what you think about it :D
Here is a niko bellic vs sub zero (is unfinished)

NOTE: I dont feel like continue to finished this.
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they are not high, i'm running on a PC that won't run RE5 but the models are of that quality, it may slow down a bit. it needs to be able to install the xna and .net frameworks though, so if you cant run those then the program itself won't run
you can download any data packs you want, these are just models for use in the program, save and extract them in the Data folder

^ lol, that's funny, there's tons of art like that. but it's also good for serious arts like some of mine