Why Johnny doest die


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Yh i know he comes from a family that served the god and that but i think SZ and Smoke could survive and Kitana too. Anyway Im glad that CSZ died now there is more chances that he return as a human/cryomancer.

Sure they could've but circumstances didn't work out for them. Survival often takes a healthy dose of luck.


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I thought it was because Kung Lao took his spot at the end of Part 2.

I was like oh because Raiden took Cage with him he altered Kung Lao's destiny. Cause isn't Cage missing in MK2?

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I never noticed that until you pointed it out.

I find it really weird how everyone else died(execpt Sonya) instead of Johnny Cage.

I guess things do happen for a reason. If Raiden would of never killed Motaro, then Shang Tsung and everyone else would of been dead. Wow, that was a nice twist.


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I thought Sindel killed everyone because Raiden and Liu Kang aren't there when it happens. Is that just a part of it?


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I thought Sindel killed everyone because Raiden and Liu Kang aren't there when it happens. Is that just a part of it?

Sindel killed everyone because Motaro was killed and then she took his place and his mission that was exterminate the earthrealm defenders.


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since motoro got cut out of the game and he is pretty epic in cutscenes. They should of had motoro kill all those ppl before he got owned. But maybe they cannot progam him in cutscenes. I believe his scene with raiden involved motoro turning his body zero times(hard to program his 4 legs to turn maybe) and getting torpedo through a bridge.


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Well she doesnt say she will avenge motaro (why would she do that she doesnt care about motaro), she said that she will do motaro's work.
But my point is why johnny doesnt die and motaro did, because of raiden's "hidden" premonition, hidden because is not showed they only show his headche.

It is possible that Raiden saw Stryker first in his premonition, then Motaro killing Johnny.


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In the next game, I'd love to see Sonya die (or at least get severely injured) to the point where Johnny Cage cries and loses control of his powers, becoming some kind of villain. (This idea is inspired by his ending.)

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Or it could've been that when Sindel did her little roster genocide, she was about to kill Sonya and Johnny, but when she saw her next targets she just threw them aside before getting a chance to finish them off.

And I also agree that it's pretty dumb that those two, out of all the super cool warriors, are the ones that survive, but I also see it as a pretty ironic conclusion as well. Anybody else think so?
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It's DEFINITELY no coincidence that Johnny and Sonya are the only ones that are still alive. They probably have some big plans for tem in MK10. I still think Smoke should have at least stayed alive though. Why give him such a large scale revamp only to kick him in the balls and snap his neck in the end?