What would Injustice 2 be like?


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Okay, so there are no new threads in this forum so now I am going to open a new thread.

First of all, I call this Injustice 2 as: Injustice:Titanfall (I will tell later why I chose this name)

You know that at the end of Injustice:Gods Among Us, Superman of Regime had been captured by the Insurgency. But he had a little amount of his power. You can understand that as his eyes glow and his fury slightly unleash in the end. Let's do some creation,shall we?

Injustice:Titanfall begins from the end of the first game. 6 months after his arrest, he gets his power back and escapes the prison. After the escape, Superman forms the New Regime which includes the former members of the Regime and the Insurgency members who are possessed by Superman. The goal of the New Regime is to destroy Earth in the other dimension.

Let's get back to the other dimension (the good dimension). After the escape of Superman, Justice League makes a research about how Superman has escaped from the prison. While the research, the supervillains get the news from the New Regime. Superman tells them to be on his side to destroy the Justice League. But after some research, they find that Superman is going to destroy earth (yeah villains are bad guys, they want to conquer the world, but they don't want their dimension to be in trouble or they can't accomplish their goal :p ). After the news, finally the Justice League and the supervillains have a common goal: Defending the dimension.

The war is near. But me and Superman..they will never stop this Deadly Alliance! -Batman

-All characters in the previous game (except Scorpion)
-The Riddler

I will post more information later if any attention comes out :D .
I like your story.
Would you mind if I shared with you, my story? :)
Here's how the story would be if I had choice about it:

>Evil Superman breaks out
>Evil Superman finds a way into the present universe
>Evil Superman causes some sort of crisis and turns Doomsday into some type of overpowered boss monster
>Doomsday overpowers and kills evil superman (turns on creator)
>Ridiculously OP large doomsday is final boss,
>(A few random side stories with Joker, Batman, Wonder Woman, and whatnot)
>Final part of story and superman fights op doomsday
>Superman comes close to death and batman comes and sees him almost dead
>Batman fights doomsday and wins
>Everyone that was in the finale comes into the room and helps beat Doomsday up in a long finale cutscene
>Doomsday is launched into space by one of the characters with help from other characters and is seen flying lightyears away from some strong power source
>Comical happy ending with a few funny lines from people talking to their enemies that they had banded with.
>final scene is doomsday crashing into an unknown comet and the screen shows his hand curl up into a fist with a slight growl
>Scene - credits

A lot of story I skipped but that's the jist of what I would do!

Character wise,

> Killer Frost
> Black Adam
> Raven
> Cyborg
> Green Arrow

> Robin
> Poison Ivy
> Circe
> Powergirl
> The Huntress
> BeastBoy
> DeadShot

Guest Characters:
PS3 Exclusive - Raiden
Xbox Exclusive - Kitana

DLC Characters:
> Starfire
> Killer Moth
> Tarik The Mute

This is my version. I'm not adding anything else. Just sharing what would be if I was to do it.
Actually, there is. Except instead of a superhero costume, he wears the uniform of the GCPD. It's a fairly recent version of him shown only in film.

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I don't count anything from recent films. or films at all.
Film characters are never ever canon and most, if not all, are discredited from the creators.
The people who made batman said that the Joker in the movie "The Dark Knight" was discredited from ever being the joker.
I'm sure same applies for the robin you're talking about.
But in short, No, I wasn't talking about him. Lol.