Variation Discussion

As Viking pointed out (Or maybe it was Ricochet), he isn't wearing the Dragon Medallion in the Grandmaster variant.
I think Grandmaster is a mix of offense/defense, considering you can leave the Ice Clones alone or throw them at your opponent.
I really like SUB-ZERO'S Cryomancer & Grandmaster variations,those are the two most powerful variations,now the Unbreakable variation I can take it or leave it.
Does Sub Zero's X-ray seems alil lackluster to anyone else but me?

Lets see what i would change about it...Hmmmmm

He would perform his Cold Shoulder Charge at the opponent (able to hold charge), knocking them off balance, then kicking the opponents leg and shattering the knee (xray),then proceeds to freeze his forearm into an ice club. As the opponent is bent over grabbing their knee, he bashes their face with an uppercut (xray) sending the opponent flying back
I know this is a little old but i think I'm gonna play Grandmaster or Unbreakable. I got a little annoyed how in MK9 half of Sub-Zero's moves had to do with ice weapons.
I thought the same thing.
When compared to the other MKX X-Ray moves, his looks the weakest.

I think the X ray is lackluster bc its too similar to his MK9 Xray.

-The Cold Shoulder move is always a good start.
-Once frozen he should perform a DBL Axe Handle (xray) cracking the shoulders
-Then SZ gets in a Power Stance and performs Powerful Straight Punch to the opponents face (Xray) shattering their ENTIRE skull and the opponent falls over
I've never thought about throwing Ice Clones as a possibility for Sub-Zero but since they introduced such an awesome innovative way to Ice Clone, then I'm all for the Grandmaster variant! Can't wait to try it out for my first match against my brother.
So now that the game is out, which variation are yall using the most?

I like his grandmaster variation the most since it's more of a middle ground between offensive and defensive. I've also recently started using unbreakable and that one has been pretty fun, it was pretty useful on a living tower where blocking had increased chip damage.

I haven't used cyomancer much though since it doesn't have many defensive options.
Grandmaster is working out for me good thus far. 115-3 on PS4. The ice clone allows me to set up nicely for keeping people trapped in the korner. I find the clone toss almost useless except for mirror matches. Characters that give me a hard time: Jax, Mileena, and Liu Kang if he can find a sweet spot to zone in. Recently, Raiden with the displacer variation is becoming tough.
I love the Cryomancer Varation the most, the standing reset after ->4, 2, throw and the massive damage is just to good. Especially in the corner you get infinite 50:50 high/low mixup after hitting that combo. Yes, he lacks in defensive options but I personally was never a defensive playing gamer in any way. Rushdown 4 Life lol.

I like to switch to unbreakable for the Mileena matchup though
Of the three variations, I can say that Unbreakable sounds the most innovative, since auras were reserved for Scorpion and the ice shield is a totally new move. Cyromancer is surely the most agressive, developing from the ice weapons that the ninja used in MK 9 and even at MK4 with the frozen mace, but the style does sound risky since some moves (ice hammer, ice slam) have a reasonably big recovery time, still, most videos I've seen show Sub-zero using Cyromancer, so there's that.

Conceptwise, I do like the grandmaster variation, throwing the ice clone was an idea availed in animations: (at 6:30)