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I didn't know I never finished posting the rest of this, lol. Same with a lot of my fanfiction. I'm gonna bring them all over from Fanfiction.net. Anyways, here goes Chapter 11.

Lesson 11: Advanced Physics

"Are you sure you'll be able to keep up?" Fei asked remorsefully. "Forgive me for stating the obvious, but you aren't in the best state right now."

"I'll just pretend that it isn't obvious." Ibuki responded as she circled around Sagat. She didn't take her eyes off of Sagat for a single millisecond.

"You're really full of yourself Ibuki." Juri commented while continuing to read her booklet.

"You know me; I love a good challenge." Ibuki called back as she final stopped moving. Neither Sagat nor Fei Long knew what strategy she was playing, but they were ready to adapt to it.

"Since you're up for it, I'll go first."

Sagat forms a basic fire blast and shoots it directly towards Ibuki. As soon as it came near her, it barely missed as she smoothly curved under the fireball as if she was performing an Asian yoga exercise. Then, she dashed directly towards Sagat and prepared to strike him. However, once Sagat prepared to block her attack, she hopped away from him without even attacking him. Her mysterious behavior distracted Sagat as Fei moved in to strike him. It was too late for him to block Fei's powerful forward punch. It doesn't cause Sagat to stagger, but it's apparent that it did some damage to him. Sagat then prepared to karate chop Fei's skull. Fei prepared for the worst until he saw Sagat's hand pass directly past him. Ibuki had performed a hard kick to Sagat's ankle. As Sagat unknowingly bent over to wrap his hand on his ankle, Fei Long performs a powerful uppercut into Sagat's chin. Sagat is finally knocked on his back. Fei and Ibuki separated from Sagat as the waited for him to rise back to his feet. He slowly rose up laughing at his situation.

"That's some nice teamwork there. I'm starting to like you two." Sagat commented.

"I promise you'll fall in love with my once I done with you." Ibuki bragged.

Ibuki quickly ran up to him and used quick hit and run attacks on him. Each time, he attempts to strike her, but she proves to be too quick for him. At the same time, Fei Long takes advantage of her distraction and uses powerful punches against Sagat. Their attacks are causing major damage to Sagat.

"I won't let you two get off that easily. Tiger Uppercut!" Sagat shouted. Sagat performs a rising uppercut onto Fei Long. He is able to strike Fei's chest. His fist slides directly into Fei's chin. Fei's body flies back as Sagat lands on his feet again.

"So, you've gotten one of us." Ibuki said as she continued to listen in on Sagat's position. Sagat attempts to conjure an idea on how to stop Ibuki. He notices that she is directing her ears towards him. This reminds him that she is indeed blind, but she is using her hearing senses to find out where he is.

"I think I catch your drift." Sagat commented.

Ibuki finally decided to go in with a lethal strike as she pulls out one of her kunai. She quickly dashed directly towards Sagat and quickly hopped in the air. Sagat creates a powerful fire ball and shot it to her left. It moved at the speed of a human's walk. Sagat had hoped that it would cause Ibuki to follow a false lead and miss him. It seems to work as Ibuki pierces her Kunai in the ground on the side of him. She looks towards her right sharply focusing on Sagat. He attempts to knee her, but she slithers behind him while holding onto his neck. He attempts to stop her, but for some reason, he was unable to move at that moment.

"Well well, what do we have here?" Ibuki boasts. "It seems I really didn't need the Feng Shui engine to take you down." She continued slyly. Sagat was still in shock.

"You shouldn't have been able to spot me." Sagat stated.

"What do you mean, Sagat? I knew where you were clear as day." Ibuki responded. "Besides, I think you should take a break." Ibuki proceeds to twist Sagat's neck, cause a loud napping sound to echo throughout the area. Juri lowered her book as she looked at the aftermath of Ibuki's attack. She smiled and continued to read her book.

"It's not over until he's all the way dead you know." Juri commented. Ibuki stepped away from Sagat's body and stood side by side with Fei. Sagat's chi began to rise as he slowly picked himself up from the ground. He proceeded to crack his neck to help ease the pain caused by Ibuki. It turns out that she just sprained his neck instead of breaking it.

"I'm not a killer." Ibuki remarked as she looked at Fei Long.

"I know…It's a good thing." Fei responded in heavy breaths. "But…the question is…how did you know he was tricking you?" Ibuki entered an offensive stance as she prepared to face Sagat in another round.

"I can see." Ibuki confirmed. Makoto walked right between them both. She had been watching them around the moment Ibuki used her neck breaker on Sagat. She looked back at Ibuki and smiled.

"That's good to know." Makoto commented.


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Thanks! Now onto Chapter 12!

Lesson 12: Advanced Teamwork

Makoto moves in as she joins the fight against Sagat. Fei Long is exhausted, but he knows he has to keep on his toes. Ibuki is still trying to cope with the fact that even her most powerful technique couldn't take Sagat down. However, he was still beyond fighting condition.

"I'll take it from here, you two should rest." Makoto Stated.

"That's not happening. I've got this." Ibuki responded.

"We can't take a chance…that you'll be victorious. We…have more experience with him." Fei stated as he was barely able to breathe. Makoto knew they were lying.

"You two are really bad liars." She firmly stated.

"You're right, Makoto. They ARE really bad liars." Sagat commented. His chi was growing stronger as he began to fully power up his dark chi. "Fei Long, I advise you to surrender and take a rest."

"You already know my answer." Fei responded. He stumbled toward Sagat, barely able to stay on his feet. As he used a weak straight punch to Sagat's chest, Sagat's doesn't flinch. Instead, he lightly pushes Fei to the ground. Fei attempts to rise up, but his body automatically gives in.

"Finally he stopped. Now, I'm coming for you Sagat!" Makoto shouted as she got into a defensive stance. Sagat's chi finally peaked. Unlike Dee Jay, it didn't seem to make him more evil. He was the same.

"When I got this power, I knew no one had a name for it. So I gave it one. I'm calling it the Ishi no Keisho." Sagat claimed. "And before you ask, it has no meaning, at least, not that I know of."

"I actually could care less about what it means. I just want to win." Makoto states as she brushed aside Sagat's speech. She then rushed towards him and used a barrage of punches against him. He seems to soak in all of her punches as if he felt nothing. Ibuki came behind her and distracted Sagat using her kunai. He is quick to dodge them and clothes lines Ibuki.

"Black Panther Shot!" Sagat creates a dark red version of his tiger shot and blasts it directly at Ibuki. Before it is able to reach her, Fei jumped in the way with his hands and feet spread apart. The power of the blast was enough to cause Fei to pass out and suffer heavy burns. Makoto starts to get angry and attempt to use a small amount of her power to strike Sagat with a straight forward punch. However, it produces the same effect as her regular punches.

"How is it that you can ignore my attacks?" Makoto shouts.

"The power of the Ishi no Keisho still has limits. And it seems you've reached it." Sagat responds as he kicks Makoto away from his position. Ibuki rises back into the action and attempts to use the same technique as before. As she launches herself at Sagat, he crunches over his knee. "Black Panther Raid!" He then delivers a barrage of kicks to Ibuki and finishes with a powerful dark-red flying side kick. Ibuki was sent flying away unconscious.

"No, you took out Ibuki!" Makoto shouted as she fully powered her Ishi no Keisho. "I won't let you get away with that."

"You'll continue to use your power. And you'll continue to lose your way. You can't win that way." Sagat explains. "This power has lots of benefits…" Makoto doesn't give him the time to finish his sentence as she starts to use another barrage of punches against him. Although they do cause a bit of stumbling for Sagat, this till can't do much to stop him. "Are you really going to keep up with this?"

"Shut up and fall already!" Makoto uses one final uppercut into Sagat's chin. However, he isn't even fazed.

"I guess it's my turn." Sagat warns as he crunches over his knee once more. This time, the dark energy that surrounded him all drew towards his legs and fist. He focused his only good eye at Makoto. "Dark Panther Uppercut!" Sagat then knees Makoto and the stomach and follows up with a flying uppercut, sending her 9 feet in the air. He then finishes the technique off by performing one more dark-red uppercut into Makoto's abdomen. The power of the attack seemingly knocks her out cold as her eyes become duller. Also, it seems that Sagat's attack caused him to completely drain her dark energy.

"So…it seems you were able to beat them after all." Juri commented stalely. She still hadn't taken her eyes off of her book.

"Still not impressed?" Sagat asked rhetorically. "You already knew they couldn't stop me. No amount of training can compete with experience. None at all." Sagat's words don't move Juri at all. But they've seemed to have moved the now awakened Makoto. He return from the short slumber greatly surprised Sagat. This is especially surprising seeing as the Dark Panther Uppercut was the most power most in Sagat's skill set.

"You're wrong. Weeks ago, I learned about inner strength. Our bodies are programmed to only use a certain amount of our strength. However, when our lives are threaten to the highest levels…" Makoto's eyes connect with Sagat's. Fei and Ibuki slowly start to rise up from the ground. "…that's when the human body begins to unleash its full potential."

Makoto grabs Sagat arm and maneuvers herself to land on her feet. She then proceeded to strike Sagat in the abdomen with her fist. It proves to cause some minor damage to him, much to his own surprise. However, his surprises weren't over as Fei rose back to his feet and also struck Sagat in the abdomen. Their combined strength forced Sagat's body to soar 13 feet vertically into the air. Juri released her eyes from her booklet to see how the three of them would fair against Sagat. She was surprised by the amount of teamwork that was put into attacking him, but she had not seen anything yet as Ibuki hopped directly about Sagat holding eye contact with him.

"Did you miss me?" Ibuki mocked. Sagat tried to punch her, but she blocked his fist with her bare hand. She then proceeded to turn his body in a 180 degree angle and kick the right side of his abdomen. She followed up with a swing to the left side of his abdomen and a reverse elbow strike to his right rib cage.

"Heh, I gotta say…you three…make a pretty great team." Sagat complimented. Although Ibuki was wearing a face mask, Sagat could still tell that she was smiling. She proceeded to finish her attack with a leg drop directly to Sagat's spine. At the impact of the strike, Sagat's body crashed heavily into the ground below, ultimately defeating him. Makoto hops in the air with joy as they have defeated the only other fighter in her tournament that was in the way of her getting the chance to face Akuma. Ibuki and Fei, however, weren't as enthusiastic. Their bodies had given out as they had used the last of their energy on their final attack against Sagat. Makoto was about to worry, but Juri interrupted her.

"You can't worry about them right now. We've finally arrived to the moment we've been waiting for." Juri announced as she pointed towards Akuma. He stood atop of their house and watched the two of them. Usually, he'd smile at an opportunity like this. It's too bad, because this time he's not smiling.


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Lesson 13: Advanced Inner Strength

Everything I've done. Everything I've trained for. It's all led up to this.

"So, you've finally made it to the final round." Akuma stated. "I suggest you try to hold out for as long as possible, otherwise this would be all for nothing."

"You expect her to fight you now? After she's lost her power? After she's been weakened?" Juri protested.

"What are you so defensive about?" Akuma asked.

"If you wanted to fight her like this, why didn't you just fight her weeks ago?"

"If I didn't think she could handle it, I would've postponed this fight." Akuma responded in defense. Juri became irritated by the decision.

"In that case, I'm fighting too." Juri responded.

"Are you sure? Is that really what you've been aiming for all this time?" Akuma asked.

"Juri, please…" Makoto pleaded.

"You know you can't face him. Just hang back. Three of us are the last contestants, so feel free to hop in when you feel better." Juri suggested. Makoto didn't agree with her idea. She went forward to challenge Akuma. As she came closer to the house, Juri step up to her.

"Don't make me do this." Makoto warned. She clenched her fist as she looked down towards the ground. "You know I've wanted this for months." Juri contemplated on what she wanted to do. She began to cover her left eye as it started to glow. Before Juri could make her move, Akuma intervened.

"Since you two want to fight each other so much, why don't we just engage in a triple threat fight?" Akuma suggested. Both Makoto and Juri looked at each other in silence. They then returned their focus on Akuma as they began to separate from each other.

"That sounds fine with me." Juri agreed. Makoto wasted no time as she ran up to Akuma. She used calculated attacks in an attempt to damage Akuma. He is able to dodge her attacks due to her low stamina level. Akuma shows no mercy as he uses a straight punch to Makoto's face. The attack knocks her out. Juri plays it smart as she watches Akuma's every move before attacking.

"I'm gonna defeat you using the same exact burden you've placed on me." Juri stated. "Not only that…" Juri pulled out a pair of handcuffs made especially by SIN and placed them on her wrists. "I won't use my hands either." Juri stated.

"I'm not into easy battles. Leave those Handcuffs at home." Akuma requested.

"You underestimate me dear." Juri placed her cuffed hands on the ground and stood on them. She forced herself into the air and attempted to use a drop kick on Akuma.

"Again with the drop kick? You couldn't even pull it off with your full power." Akuma mocked silently. As Juri's leg came near Akuma's face, he used his arm to guard against the attack. However, once he is struck by her leg, the impact forces his body into the ground. The attack causes a crater form into the ground surrounding them. "What did you…?" Juri back flipped away from Akuma and dashed to her again.

"Triple Leg Combo!" Akuma prepared for her as Juri attempts a quick sweep. He hoped over her leg, but got hit by the sweep that came in the air. As she attempted her final roundhouse kick, Akuma grabbed her leg and tossed her into a nearby tree. He then powered himself up and hopped to Juri's position. As she opens her eyes and look up, she sees Akuma falling towards her fist first. It was powered by his dark chi. After contact, a large shockwave causes a majority of the nearby trees to fall over. When the smoke clears, it is revealed that he narrowly missed Juri, who was lying sideways to avoid his attack. The impact of the shockwave caused her cuffs to separate and free her hands, though they were still attached to her wrist.

"Ah, I see what you did." Akuma states. Juri looked at her cuffs then looked back at him. She quickly activated her new Feng Shui engine and performed a strong leg sweep against Akuma, knocking him on his bottom. She then wrapped her small hands around her neck and proceeded to strangle him.

"THAT POWER IS MINE! I DESERVE IT, NOT YOU!" She squeezed hard enough for her nails to dig into his neck. She began to slowly absorb his chi using the cuffs as the storage device. However, he uses his Dark energy to create a quick pulse that knocks her back a little. He then stood up and kicked her in the chest, which sent her back four feet. He then proceeded to continue kicking her while she was on the ground.

"You knew you couldn't win. A cheap trick like that is child's play." Akuma stated. "Like I said before, you are Weak, Worthless, and Cowardly." Akuma mocked.

"Is that what you tell yourself to make you feel better?" Juri shouted as Akuma stopped kicking her.

"Ha! You're giving yourself way too much credit. Defeating you nothing but…" Juri is then reminded about a time years before.

*In the past*

"…an added bonus." Juri stated. She smiled deviously in the face of Seth as he was lying on the ground barely alive. "I just wanted to pit you idiots against each other while I took over. You're nothing but a spare body—a change of clothes in Bison's wardrobe."


"Makoto…please…" Juri whispered.

"Goodnight, princess. Rust in Peace." Akuma raised his leg and prepared to stump on Juri.She closed her eyes in fear as she prepared for the worst.

"Dark Rising Knee!" Makoto jumps into the fray and performs a dark version of a rising knee strike. The attack knocks Akuma on his back. It seems she picked up inspiration from Sagat's moves. Too bad for her, that was the final bit of her dark energy that she was able to hide away from Sagat.

"Nice one, Makoto." Juri praised. "I never saw you as someone who'd use such smart and mindful tactics."

"You can't always be brash in a fight. Apparently, Akuma doesn't care." Makoto stated. Both her and Juri kept their focus on Akuma as they knew he was about to go all out.

"I see that was the only time you could use the dark energy during this fight. It's all gone now right?" Akuma asked rhetorically. "I say we should end this now." He states as he goes into his Shin form. The heaven symbol on the back of his shirt begins to activate. He gets into his signature stance as he prepares to use his most powerful technique.

"Don't worry, I can take it from here Makoto. Just make sure to…" Juri is unable to finish her sentence as she violently grabs at her left eye. It seems the powerful chi from Akuma's Shin form is causing her Feng Shui engine to malfunction. She falls to her knees and realizes that she might not be able to jump to Makoto's rescue. Makoto becomes a bit worried of Juri's condition. She starts to understand why Juri was overreacting about fighting against Akuma.

"This is not good." Makoto states as she returns her attention to Akuma. He just smiles. He raises his knee in the air and appears to float. He quickly dashed towards Makoto at a nearly undodgeable speed.

That form, that power, and that technique. I know them all too well. However, I'm confident that the outcome just might be in my favor this time.

"Satsui No Hado!"


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Lesson 14: Advanced Competency

*4 Months ago*

Makoto's body is seen lying on the ground in front of Akuma, whose chi was dangerously powerful. It was motionless and badly damaged. Juri was watching the two of them from nearby bushes. She was impressed by the amount of power that was at Akuma's disposal. She wore a single glove made by SIN. It was a chi drainer that had been in development the year Seth was killed. It was unfinished at the time, but she finished it recently. As Akuma began to leave the area, Juri jumped out of the bushes and used her glove to attempt to drain Akuma's chi. It began working, but the intensity of his power destroys her glove. It also causes her Feng Shui engine to shut down as she falls to her knees.

"Was that it? I thought you were coming to fight." Akuma stated.

"I did, but I wasn't expecting this." Juri responded. "That power…I've gotta have it."

"You can't even handle it. I can see it in you one bad eye." Akuma stated. Juri got upset, but she looked towards Makoto and noticed that she had a similar aura her body.

"Wait, she has the power too?" Juri asked.

"You can take the power from her if you want. Just make sure you do it before she dies." Akuma explained as he continued to leave the area.

"Wait! I won't be able to…" Juri stopped herself as she saw she had no choice. She returned her attention to Makoto and decided it would be best to find a way to keep her alive. For weeks, Juri had been using the technology she recovered from SIN over the years to nurse Makoto back to health. She wasn't much of a nurse, but with the help of Ibuki and a lot of trial & error. Juri only has one motive; use Makoto to draw out Akuma.

*Present Time*

Akuma's body continues to head directly towards Makoto. As soon as he makes it to her body he performs his 14-hit Raging Demon technique. Everyone blacks out for a second. Afterwards, Juri returned her sights to the battle. She tried to squint her eyes to gain a clearer look at what happened. She saw a figure lying on the floor and another figure stand with their back turned to her. As her sight returns, she realizes it is the same scene that she saw months ago. However, this time the roles were reversed. Akuma was the one laying on the ground. Both he and Juri were shocked at the outcome of the attack.

"How did you…" Juri began.

"That's…impossible." Akuma stated.

"I was wondering when you would use that technique again." Makoto mocked. She had purplish chi flowing around her waist. However, it wasn't the Ishi no Keisho. The Feng Shui engine activated the secret safe-guard that was implanted inside of her by Juri. "Thanks partially to Juri's help I was able to read your attack perfectly."

"If won't do much for you." Akuma boasted as he forms dark chi into his hands. Makoto skips away from Akuma as he prepares to strike her using two dark forms of the hadoken. "Feast upon the extension of my power. Gohadoken!" He fires the first Gohadoken at Makoto. She places both of her hands on the ground and hops above the blast, barely dodging it. Akuma then fires the second Gohadoken at her while she's in the air. "How elementary."

"No, Makoto!" Juri shouts as she vainly reaches towards her. However, the malfunction of the engine in her eye causes her to return her focus to her eye.

"Feng Shui Impact Brace!" Makoto shouts as she guards her face by crossing her arms in a defensive style. As the Gohadoken strikes her, she uses her inner power to reduce the amount of damage the Gohadoken would do to her. Without wasting a second, she forced her body to dive straight into Akuma. Before she was able to hit him, he hopped away from where he was standing. When Makoto landed on the ground, she quickly ran up to Akuma. He waits for her to get close enough.

"Tatsumaki Zankukyaku." His spinning leg technique is enhanced by his dark chi. It is definitely powerful enough to take Makoto down, even if she used the Feng Shui Impact Brace. She slyly maneuvers below Akuma's leg and counters him by using her own roundhouse kick. Her attack does some damage to Akuma, but he still has a lot of strength.

"I gotta say I wouldn't even be able to do this without you Akuma." Makoto states.

"What do you mean?" Akuma asked. "I taught you how to harness the full potential of the dark chi."

"No. You actually gave me a full blown look at all of your secret techniques. I can read when and how you execute them and I don't even need the dark chi." Makoto confirmed. "Yes, the Feng Shui upgrade is giving me a slight advantage, but it only makes a 14% difference to the outcome. The rest was from the competency of my own skills and my trust in those who've been around me for the past month." Akuma's chi started to rotate rapidly. He goes into his signature stance and charges up greatly.

"Well then, it seems maybe I should pull out the real deal." Akuma said. He then pulled his arms back like he was about to unleash a hadoken. However, it was about to be something worse.

"Messatsu Gou Hadou!" Akuma forced out a powerful energy beam style Hadoken out of his hands. All Makoto could think of was the Kamehameha from Dragon Ball Z. The beam was way too fast for Makoto to dodge it. Everything in its path was eradicated. After the attack was finished, Makoto was gone. And so was whatever was behind her. Thankfully, her house was behind Akuma.

"Makoto, what happen?" Juri asked. She was so focused on her eye that she was unable to actually pay attention to the fight.

"It seems she couldn't handle the pressure." Akuma stated. He began to lower his guard as he started to go back to normal.

"I can't believe it. She lost again?" Juri stated in disbelief. She was able to take a look at the battlefield for herself again. She realized that he was right.

"You trained her, but it wasn't enough. You'll never be able to replace her fath—"

Makoto appears in front of Akuma out of nowhere. Akuma is shocked by her appearance and so is Juri. Makoto's skin was red and the purple aura that was around her was gone. She used a rising punch into Akuma's gut. The strength of her attack made Akuma's body rise 5 inches off the ground. Makoto then proceeds to strike Akuma three more times raising his body up to 21 feet in the air. Makoto then quickly hopped into the air behind Akuma. She pulled her fist back preparing to finish Akuma off. However, Akuma powers another Gohadoken in his hand. He turned around quickly and fired it towards Makoto. However, Makoto punches directly through the Gohadoken and her fist directly strikes Akuma's chest. The impact caused a small shockwave from her fist. It also forced Akuma into the earth below. A large crack was formed on the ground around Akuma. Makoto landed safely on the ground right next to him. Only one sound echoed through both her mind and Juri's mind.



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Lesson 15: Graduation

14 different lessons, friends in different places, and finally the completion of my brand new technique, it feels like a graduation.

Makoto begins to sit on the ground and finally rest. She couldn't believe how easy it was for her to execute her special technique against Akuma. She didn't even need rest or power. It's true when they say practice makes perfect.

"So Makoto, how does it feel to defeat one of the strongest fighters in the world?" Juri asked as she began to chuckle. It seems the defeat of Akuma has caused her Feng Shui engine to revert to normal.

"Of course it feels awesome. It was bittersweet, but still awesome." Makoto stated.

"So, when will we be having our match?" Juri asked as she stood up cracking her knuckles.

"After all we've been through, I'm gonna have to say no time soon." Makoto confirmed. Juri laughed at Makoto's response. At that time, Ibuki woke up. She approached Makoto and gave her a hug.

"So you've finally gotten what you've wanted. I'm guessing everything went according to plan for you right Juri?" Ibuki asked.

"What plan?" Makoto asked.

"About that…you see, I could actually fight him while he w—" Before Juri could finish her sentence, Ibuki charged into her, causing them both to fall to the ground. She then pulls out a Kunai and raises it into the air.

"You liar!" You said you would fix this. How can sleep at night?" Ibuki shouted. Juri remained calm as ever.

"She lost the power during her fight with Sagat." Juri responded.

"What about the power? I was still able to use some of it during the fight with Akuma." Makoto stated.

"How long with you keep lying, Juri?" Ibuki asked as she pressed her Kunai on Juri's neck.

"That was the last bit of it. She's going to live." Juri responded with a warm smile. She then looked to Makoto. "It all worked out just like I told you yesterday." She continued. Makoto was a bit confused.

"What do you mean?" Makoto asked lightly. It all came back to her at that moment.


"There is one and only one lie to reveal left. This is the hardest of all truths." Fei Explained.

"I'm prepared to hear it." Makoto stated.

"You remember S.I.N?" Fei asked her. Makoto started thinking back to the time when she was fighting in the SIN tournament. The death of the host caused her to have to rebuild the dojo on her own. She did get a few students, but they left slowly but surely. Ibuki decided to help, but progress was slowed.

"Yeah, I remember. Wait…" Makoto looked at Juri, who had a disgusted look on her face. "It was you!"

"That's only a piece of it. She's been working on rebuilding the organization from the ground up…by taking your students and implanting them with a new version of the Feng Shui engine. Whatever gave you the power that you have, she's gonna need it to fully power her own engine and control them."

"You don't understand. That's not what I'm trying to…" Juri began. However, Makoto gave her a cold stare.

"If you follow through with your journey, you will definitely die." Fei confirms.

"And if she does not face him, she will die in vain. I know what she wants." Juri snapped. Makoto didn't seem to be listening to either of them. She began to open her mouth.


"Right…the uprising of the SIN organization. So tell me, are you friend or foe?" Makoto asked Juri. Juri rested herself.

"If it wasn't for me, you would be dead where you stand." Juri answered bluntly. "You were quote on quote infected by Akuma. That power of yours was slowly killing you."

"What do you mean?" Makoto wondered.

"Each time you used that Ishi no Keisho, it was draining your energy and transferring it to Akuma. At the same time, the power takes a huge toll on your blood cells. This is especially true whenever you die and come back to life. That's why Dee Jay couldn't survive your attack earlier. He would've died at that moment either way." Juri explained.

"Wait, but how is it that she is able to live this long?" Ibuki asked. "And what will happen to Sagat?"

*Three Months Later…*

I don't know how things would've turned out if I would've never been defeated by Akuma.

"Hiya!" Makoto thrusts her fist into her opponent's face, causing them to stumble.

The people I've met along the journey have really helped me in my goal of rebuilding the dojo. I've gotten many sponsors to who plan on representing me for the next world tournament.

"Waaahhh!" Makoto is struck by a strong forward punch from Fei Long.

Fei and I are having our last spar. He has to leave here in order to work on a new movie in America.

"Have you given up yet? I've still got plenty of stamina today." Fei Long boasted.

Thanks to Sagat, I'm able to live pass my due date. That power was distasteful anyway. I was worried about what it would do to Sagat, but thankfully he drained the power with the new SIN Drainage glove Juri had finish developing. I can't wait to face him again in the next world tournament.

"You really believe I'd do that? That match with Akuma months felt too easy." Makoto retorted.

Fei attempts to use a heavy karate chop to Makoto's skull. However, she counters it and performs a powerful knee strike which sends Fei back a few feet. However, Makoto begins to fall to the ground in pain. Her attack strained the injury in her leg.

"This match is over. It's time for you to return to the Rehab center, Makoto." Ibuki joked.

"No way! I just didn't stretch before this match. I'll be fine." Makoto stated.

"Are you sure?" Ibuki asked.

If I didn't have Ibuki, I don't think I'd be able to rebuild the dojo.

"Please, you're acting like Juri now. I'm telling you, I'm fine." Makoto clarified as she raised her fist in the air.

"Then what are you waiting for, let's go!" Fei taunted.

I do feel that Juri meant well in the end, but there is nothing I can do about her criminal activity. She's serving her time in Japan's highly secured prison. I doubt it could actually keep her from breaking out, but she gave up her left eye as a show of faith to the Prison. Hopefully, I'll get to visit her every now and then.

"I'm coming! Just let me stretch first!" Makoto shouted. Both Ibuki and Fei chuckled at her response.

I can't wait for what comes to my doorstep next.

"Hey Makoto, are you ready for our rematch?!" A female voice shouted from a distance. Ibuki and Fei looked toward the voice and their emotion changed quickly. They seemed to be frightened by the sight of the woman.

"Sa…Sakura?" Ibuki said in a shaky voice. Makoto finally faced towards Sakura and she also had a horrified face. A few yards away stood Sakura. Her skin is dark brown and a dark red aura flowed around her. It is apparent that after all of these months, she has learned the Satsui no Hado.

End of Ultimate Street Fighter

Finally got this all posted on this site. I won't lie, I'm not that big of a Street Fighter fan, and that made writing this much harder than it would have been if I was already a fan before writing this. A major road block was how to write the action scenes. Yes, I wrote a Mortal Kombat fiction, BUT unlike Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter places more emphasis on combos than deadly strikes. Also, Street Fighter has less story elements than MK which almost gave me timeline issues and other story authentications.

Due to this fact, I doubt I'll be making another Street Fighter Fanfiction (or at least, there won't be a full sequel). The cliffhanger is exactly that, a cliffhanger. I don't know if I will make the short one-chapter story about it because I can't think of any way to writing on it. Also, I don't know if I'll make the side-story of what Sakura's been up to between Chapter 1 and Chapter 15.