Trouble at the Work Place

Oh yeah Vital there's gonna be a Jill story soon. Very soon so look forward to that.

And hell while I'm at it, does anybody have any requests? Like Character specific TATW type of stories that they want to see?

Why am I just now reading THIS!!! :mad:

Make a Lisa Trevor episode :D
Lisa Trevor is from Resident Evil REmake [remake of Resident Evil 1]

Her father performed experiments on her mother so much that she died.

Then her father performed so many experiments on her that she became a atrocious, deformed monster that roams the Raccoon City mansion from Re1 looking for her mother.

To "defeat" her you lowered a coffin, showing her the dead body of her mother, causing her to jump off a platform, committing suicide.

And if you did some certain things, you could have her kill Barry Burton. But that's non-canon.
Lol f*ck that, I hate to say but I'm taking requests for things that have organizations involved.

Example, Mishma Zaibatsu, Shadoloo, Shao Khan's chastle, Umbrella Corps, etc

Not random things such as a ghoul or Lisa Trevor. Kinda mainstream characters
Meh.. Mainstream. Shira! How coild you forget the "Itchy...tasty" Note :mad:

What about Sakura from SF? :D
Well what specific job does she have-

Ooooooooooh wait :D I'll keep her in mind later. I got two MK one's and a RE one that I got to right but thank you for the suggestion I'll take a shot at it
TATW: Resident Evil Collateral​

*Taking a step back from fighting games real quick. This is not meant to troll Jill fans*

I sighed. Well I mentally sighed. My body was not mine anymore. Ever since Wesker kidnapped me and turned me into his personal slave, I’ve lost all control of my body. Whatever Wesker’s will was I had to follow it thanks to this red spider device on her chest.

At first I loathed the man inside my own head. But that was a year ago. I still hate him with my own guts but I am just tired of screaming my head off when no one can hear me.

Still, being Wesker’s apprentice isn’t all that bad. It down right sucks. The lower parts of hell would be jealous of how cruel Wesker treats me. First compliant is my new blonde hair. Never in my life have I wanted to go blonde. I even remember telling Wesker while we worked with STARS that I would never dye my hair that color. Now I look like some California beach bimbo. On top of that Wesker is also blond so now we look like the f*cking Wonder twins!

There was also the suit. My body might not belong to me but I still have my senses say for example touch. This “suit” is the tightest type of clothing I have ever worn. I can’t even grasp how Wesker fights or even moves in his all black leather lap coat and pants. So why out this VERY tight body suit on me? It was tight, showed too much cleavage for my taste and it made my butt too big. I was more of a slutty secretary than an “apprentice.”

I mentally sighed again. If the suit and hair weren’t enough to convinced anyone that my life sucks here are some reasons why it does suck. Wesker likes to fondle me sometimes for no reason. He would pinch my butt or give my boobs a feel out of nowhere. Wesker hasn’t tried to have sex with me. Well at least not yet anyway, thank God. Wesker claims that these fondling sessions are tests to see if I have any voluntary reflexes left/ If I did he wouldn’t have his sunglasses on; much less a head even.

“Come Jillian, we have important samples to remove from this location.” Wesker stated.


In this vast continent of Africa, the local militia had somehow managed to establish a gambling arena. These village people needed food not gambling chips and empty pockets. Didn’t matter, the “Complete Global Saturation” thing Wesker was doing in Africa wouldn’t have need of gambling arenas, much less living things.

The gambling center was shady as hell. A general dark and bleak place with (I’m not racist mind you dark men smoking or shouting or laughing. Scantily clad women waited to be used for sexual desires of the men: at a price of course.

Wesker and I passed through a curtain and met with some overweight man and two other men carrying guns around a large table in the black, dim-light room. Shortly after we arrived to the room, two other men made their way in (with bodyguards of course). One man had sunglasses and a black suit with a company logo stating G Corporation. The other man had a scruffy beard and a black dragon tattoo on both of his arms. What stood out about the Blackbeard look alike was his sliver face plate and glowing red, right eye. After brief greetings we’re established, the poker game began. The prize for such a game was a hefty fine of 4 million dollars.

If anybody was wondering, why a top “scientist” at Umbrella was gambling away 100,000 dollars then boy do I have a tale to tell them.

About three nights ago Wesker got hammered drunk after a failed experiment (probably an experiment to make more hair gel, hehe). During his drunken state he called Umbrella demanding more money. A bunch of stuff was said by Wesker involving mothers, and Dan’s ex-wife. Having heard enough of Wesker’s insults, the Umbrella representative cut Wesker off of his funds and ended the call with a final, “F*ck you Wesker, you’re pitiful!”

Anyway back to the present, the game of poker ended after an hour of playing. The winner was the G Corporation guy. After retrieving the case, the overweight man asked him what he was going to do with the winnings. The shaded man simply replied, “Reviving the Devil,” and left. The laser face man paid his debt and left obviously disappointed in the lose. Wesker, however, had a 450,000 dollar debt to pay.

“Now Mr.- Wesker was it?” the overweight man questioned.

“That is correct.” Wesker said as a bodyguard pointed a gun at him while the other guard pointed a gun at me.

“You cannot simply leave without paying Mr. Wesker.”

“That’s fine. However, I have a better deal.”

Here comes the part where everybody dies by mine and Wesker’s hand. Wesker stands up and puts his hand on my shoulder and says, “How about I offer my apprentice to you.”


The overweight man stroked his beard and responded, “Well I have many women. What makes your white-washed female so different?”

“I’ll let actions speak louder than words.”

Wesker turned me around and lifted my cloak to reveal… my butt. Why?! This suit is already tight, I don’t need other men gawking at me all the time! Wesker turned me back around and all three men were practically drooling.

The overweight man sucked up his saliva and stated, “Ok, your payment can be repaid with this fine girl. Unfortunately I still need 10,000 dollars from you for entry fees.”

“That’s fine. I just need to have a word with my associate.”

“Don’t take too long.”

F*ck you Wesker! You greasy-haired, no good, Tyrant thumping assh*le!

“Now Jillian, I do not want you to kill these men. I want you to service them until they are dry of their fluids. I only want you to do this because I need you to distract them while I take care of other business. Understood?:

“Yes my master.” My body responded.

“Excellent” Wesker glanced back at the three black men who were stretching. “Also Jillian, these are three black men. I don’t know how sexually active you are Jill but… Let me put it this way,” Wesker pulled down his shades and said, “you will not survive.”

Wait, what?

“She’s all yours.”

Wesker pushed me into the arms of the three men who had Cheshire-like grins all across their faces. My body had its regular poker face on but the me that’s in my mind was shaking in fear. ‘Please be gentle,’ is what I wanted to say.

*Three days later in a hospital*

“Good news Jillian. While you we’re getting ravaged by those men, I managed to steal all of the money from the gambling arena’s main fault. We now have enough to continue the Complete Global Saturation program. Further good news is that the doctor said you should be able to walk to two to three days. The bad news is that you contracted a minor STD. However, that can be cured so you’re in the clear for that. The main plan that night was to extract all the money in the first place. Your body was the greatest distraction to use at the time and for that, I must thank you for your cooperation. But as always, it was in your best interest to assist me.”

Wesker stood up, left the room, and stated for me to return to work tomorrow in a wheelchair if I had to. As I looked out the window to the sunny day from my hospital bed, I had a lot to think about.

Like how I f*cking hate this continent.

And how much I f*cking hate Wesker.

And finally on how much I f*cking hate my “job”.
Hell I fely bad when I wrote it lol

There's a ton of references in there if anybody hasn't noticed ;)
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

*Takes off shades*

"You will not survive"

This is non canon because Umbrella fell wayy before RE5. So Jill never was gang banged by Black guys. :rolleyes:
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Also, was I dumb enough to think Baraka called me a ******* in green? Obviously it was Jade, but I can't think straight because she was freakishly lesbian when she was sniffing Kitana's hair...Anyway, yeah. Her hair always smells like delicious fruits and it makes my mouth water...
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