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Wait... this thing filled up in less than 2 days?

There's no way you could allow more time and add brackets as needed?

This sucks!

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Wait... this thing filled up in less than 2 days?

There's no way you could allow more time and add brackets as needed?

This sucks!

Yeah, sorry. Even how it is now I'll have to update the thread and picture 14 times. I don't even know if it's going to go smoothly with only 8 player tournies, we'll see how it goes.

Is it too late to sign up for PSN?

Yes but I put you in for a free agent so if someone backs out or I can't get a hold of them, you might be added in. Also any free agents will be notified for the next tournament if we do more.


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I'll sign up as a free agent. I'd like to join the next tournament you hold if there will be one or fill in for someone in this tournament.

I'm a PS3 Player

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Just to be safe, I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that xblgt's are case sensitive. My gt is ArmageddonFUA11, not armageddonfua11. I noticed it was listed in all lowercase.


Yo guys this WEILAND named member of TRMK is a cheater.

We used to play our match together but i live in the Netherlands and he is living in the USA so we had region lock problems and werent able to face eachother.

When that happened i also wrote a topic on trmk to tell you this problem.

Now i look at the tournament page and see that WEILAND told TRMK that he won me and now he is to the next round.

This is BULLSH*T


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I would be down to play but I hate online tournaments that don't do it all in one day. I hate "setting up times" to make matches happen. They do this in Starcraft sometimes and I'd rather dedicate a day to playing the game than to have to stay constantly warmed up to be prepared for a match, or having to operate my life around a specific time just because it's a small window me and my opponent can play eachother.

If this ever becomes just a single day thing. I'll be down. but for now count me out.

Well as it is I'm going to have to update the roster pictures 14 times so I want to keep it small for now. If I raise the cap then the next person will want it raised also. Sorry, but I put you down for a free agent so if something comes up I'll message you.

you should let as many people join as they want and just do pools

For example... 18 people want to play... that doesn't make a easy bracket so...
you make 4 groups of 4 people in each, 2 groups will have 5 people.

The top 2 in each group make it out.
Then in bracket the guy who placed BEST in group 1, will fight the 2nd best guy in group 4. Ect....
Standard tournament stuff.

no reason for this free agent stuff. ( If this is confusing i can go MORE in depth)
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