Tomb Raider [Series]


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It all started in 1996 with this gem, one of my favorite series ever, the atmosphere, the puzzles , the locations and of course Lara:hail:

the games [main entries ]






my favorite in the series





so what are your thoughts one the series, what games have you played and what would you like to see in the future for lara
I may get the definitive edition of the reboot when it lands in the bargain bin. Never played a tomb raider game otherwise.
Tomb Raider reboot was dope. The ending sequence where you're running up a mountain fighting hordes of dudes at a time ranks up high in my favorite video game moments
Tomb Raider was one my first PS1 games. I enjoyed the puzzle and exploration of the game. However, the game's controls are are difficult to get back to.

I loved Anniversary and how it brought back the feel of the original game, with a modern control scheme and condensing the levels in some parts. I didn't think the quick time events were necessary, and couple of them could have been replaced with actual boss fights instead. I'm interested in Legend and Underworld, but haven't got around to them yet.

I also enjoyed Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. It felt like Tomb Raider game with decent-sized levels and plenty of puzzles, in spite of an isometric metric view. The option to play cooperatively is a plus too.

I heard good things about 2013 version, but borrowing elements from Uncharted makes me think twice.
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the only things that bug me about the reboot


No Puzzles
No Tombs
No Death Traps
No Variety in animal enemies

i have always been a fan of the older games, i still play and prefer them to the new ones to this day, currently playing TR Angel of Darkness on PC, this patch i downloaded fixed the horrible controls, infact, the PC versions of the old games control better than the PS1 versions
Theres NO puzzles in the reboot AT ALL??

Yes the reboot has puzzles and they get pretty hard toward the end but nothing I couldn't handle. I played and beat it on ps3 so I have no reason to buy the ps4 version but if you never played Tomb Raider I recommened buying the current gen versions (amazon has them on sale for less than 30 bucks in most places)and save your money. The game is
good but the upgraded ps4 version is a PC port with a few bell and wisles thrown in it's not worth 60 dallors.
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i personally prefer the last gen TR games, core was such a good developer , i prefer their work of Crystal D
I like the rebooted version. I think if they play their cards right, Lara will be a bit older, yet still naive on the supernatural as she becomes a famous globetrotter as she was in the original version.

What I really like about Lara Croft (the Jolie films too, and the upcoming 2018 film starring Alicia Vikander!) is that she's the hip, young, and playful version of Indiana Jones, which makes for great 'video-game architecture.'

The Tomb Raider series is a step-up from yesteryear's exploration games such as Castlevania and Zelda (though we've seen updated fancy renditions of those for newer platforms) and indicates a modern interest in 'intellectual toyshop maturity.'

I'm interested in Tomb Raider games featuring Indiana Jones! Why not mix archaeology with origami?


INDIANA JONES: Kids these days believe in aliens.
LARA CROFT: Well, there are stories of those strange crop-field engravings.
INDIANA JONES: Yes, there are theories those engravings mirror some cryptic engrams/symbols seen in Egyptian pyramids.
LARA CROFT: It seems archaeologists quest for 'toys' as much as they do for 'treasures.'
INDIANA JONES: There's still a difference between 'art' and 'ancient world calligraphy,' Lara!
LARA CROFT: Agreed, but connections might bring us to some magical gems/power-stones hidden by unidentified civilizations.
INDIANA JONES: By your suggestion, these 'unknown civilizations' may be settlements constructed/enhanced by aliens!
LARA CROFT: It's possible. It's why we should think about treasure maps.
INDIANA JONES: Treasure sites are always booby-trapped.
LARA CROFT: Aliens could have hidden spacecraft in underground labyrinths in Egyptian pyramids!



I've only played the Reboot series tbh. I loved the first game, though the puzzles were more of a teaser. A lot of Lara Croft, but not enough Tomb Raiding. Which is why I feel Lara Croft would've been a better name for the Reboot Series. Rise of the Tomb Raider seems to have fixed the problems most older fans had with the first game and it is a major improvement over the first game, though they still haven't nailed the Story and Characters the way they should. I know it's an overkill comparison, but they seriously need to get the story aspect to be on par or better than Uncharted and TLOU. If they can do that, I believe the reboot series can surpass them both.