The Official "Why Sonya?" thread

She may not be that interesting storywise but she was hella fun to play as in MK9 as seen above. I like her new look too as she finally wears appropriate attire for her job.

Thank you. I m not a Sonya fan, but a character is interesting as far as their gameplay is good. I was never a fan of Ermac until MK9. In MK9 his gameplay was so awesome(IMO), that I would chose him over Sub-zero
You didnt get the chance, she is DLC kharacter shown only in 1 game and is not in MKX roster in the first place. Besides a majority of players are probably neutral to any kharacter as long as they are fun to play. Its no RPG that requires deep personalities. And if you want some opinion, Skarlet is another bland female ninja with a single "kool" trait of being made of blood and some psychopatic tendencies. Hell, most of kombatants are guys, who are kool mostly becouse they look kool. Story-wise Ermac as a kharacter is even more flat than Sonya, and he seems to be popular. Scorpion might be kool kombatant (with his badass design), but if "GET OVER HERE" is the most interesting thing you have said through the whole series, it means that even Johny Cage has deeper personality than you.

Whining about characters in series that is known to being cheese story-wise is strange in the first place, but i admit I dont like they add Sonya, when we already have Cassie.

That had nothing to do with the point of what I was making with that guy.

I was simply using skarlet as an example, that Online use-age does not always translate to popular, or unpopular. and if they do it's not always for the same reasons across the board.

If a character has something simple and spammable even if in "lore" They aren't well received. People will also just choose characters that give them the best chance to win. Which makes that character popular because of their abuse-able moveset.
IMO, it seems like NRS just loves the idea of the Original 7 characters.
The only game that had less than 5 of the Original 7 characters in it (that wasn't due to firing people) was MK:D.

MK1 = All Original 7 in.

MKII = 5 out of 7 in.

MK3 = 4 out of 7 in (due to the Daniel and Carlos Pesina firing).

UMK3 = 5 out of 7 in (JC and Raiden still out, due to Pesina firing).

MK4 = 6 out 7 in.
Technically all original 7 are in MK4, as Jarek is just essentially Kano with a re-skin and name change.
Gameplay-wise, though, MK4 Jarek = Kano.

MK Deadly Alliance = All Original 7 in.

MKvsDC = 6 out of 7 in.

MKX = All Original 7 in.
^You forgot Liu Kang being out of Deadly Alliance.

I'll admit Sonya's variations are quite cool and right now I'd choose to play with her more than Cassie!
I can confirm Sonya's voice actress is: Tricia Helfer. No doubt in my mind. I did play through ME2 and ME3 to know that is definitely her.
OMG! She is so fun to play as!!!!!

I can't do long combos with her yet but her Covert Ops really rocks!!! I think she's my 4th main.
before i say my piece i gotta admit i just LOVE the original 7! they automatically bring me joy to see them in more games to see them progress gameplay and design wise through the years, just nastalgic sucker for MK really. but i totally agree with sonya not being special or significant story or gameplay wise in any of the games. i think her story and ending in MK4 are awesome tho. MKX THO! i love her being a hardcore military , it just fits her even tho her hot MK1 kostume looks like shes at the gym not a death elimination tournement. ALSO! I ABSOULUTELY LOVE HER MK1 KLASSIC LEG GRAB IS BACK FOR MKX.......such a good move
totally forgot to mention she is easily one the most powerful in Deadily Alliance purely beacuase of her fighting style she has like 1 special move. one more thing!! the MK rivalries are some of the best definately Sub Zero vs Scorpion, Havic vs Hotaru, Liu Kang vs Shang Tsung, Johnny Cage vs Goro, Kitana vs Mileena, SONYA VS KANO!!! i know i missed some
I really would love it though to have her get killed to add more drama in the MK11 story and having her turn into a revenant. I mean we already have Cassie as a blonde female Special Forces and in the last timeline, Johnny Cage was the one who died. This time, I'd want Sonya to die and Johnny, Jax, Cassie, and all her friends to be the ones mourning for her death.
Sonya doesn't have to die, imo.
I would want her to just be a cameo character in MK11, though, along with Johnny Cage and Jax.
It would free up 3 spots, which could be used for more new or post-MK3 characters, without having to kill an existing character.
I think that the deaths and cameo deaths that happened in MKX should have a lasting effect going into MK11 and MK12, to at least give the feeling that death means something in the MK universe, for once.
Agree Commander, and even though Jax will probably be dead in the next one, he'll come back again in the future.
But you don't have to kill a character off just to leave them out of a game or for good either. I as well don't have Sonya in my favourites category, but still like her enough and acknowledge she's important to the MK story. I can't see her dying in the next one, but I also don't have her in it as there's only so many you can fit in. JC is my preferred one if you had to pick one of those 3 to come back.
At best, have her as a DLC in MK11, not in the main story mode game. I liked her role in MKX but she's not so important that she has to be in every game.
On another note, I have always liked playing Sonya in game play due to the moves she has with her legs.