The Official MKX Live Stream - January 29th

Yeah, its Ermac.

Plus it seems like theres telekinesis noises in the disgusting sounding murder video.
Last stream only lasted less than an hour and yes, they played every character, but they only went in-depth with 2 of Kotal's variations (Blood totems, Sun God) and 1 of Quan's (Sorcerer).
Pretty sure they didn't even touch Raiden and I don't remember them playing as Cassie, but yeah there should be plenty of time to show off four characters. :)

Perfect time for me (10pm)! :p
It really is a sh** time. A lot of people are going to be working or just getting out of school. On the east coast at least.
Some of the sounds during that fatality sound windy...

Nah it's Ermac's stuff.

The gurgling is probably the victim choking on their blood.
Things i hope the touch on:
The Story
Don't get your hopes up. Tyler Lansdown was asking for questions to answer during the stream on Test Your Might and he ruled out answering any story-related questions (also any "when will X be revealed" questions).
Stage fatality! The alligator on the Jungle stage eats the loser.

That's what I thought, maybe the splashing and bubbling noise is the body being pulled under or parts going into stomach. I think it's a stage fatality, just to much talk lately about them, hara kiri, and brutalities in my opinion.
I'm now convinced that it's a stage fatality, maybe at the Kove. I know there's a deadly sea monster under that water...

Plus gurgling...probably from water.
I never play a female in MK and would love cyrax revealed or ermac, but im like a 100% sure its going to be a female, seen we have had no female reveals at all except for Kitana no pantsu.
It must either be Mileena or another "new" female