The King of Fighters XIV

First of all I want to say it's really nice to see SNK being back with such a great fighting game. I have been playing fighting games for more than 22 years and KoF14 is def. one of the most fun fighting games I have played so far - kudos to SNK.

I think KoF14 is a great game which I really enjoy playing and I would like to support & cover this game even more in future when it comes to tutorials, combo & tech vids, highlight reels, player spotlights etc. The music in KoF is fantastic ( one of the best OST I have heard since SF EX ), the gameplay is superb, the variety of characters is awesome, some of the stages really gives me some Kung Fu vibe, the netcode is solid but could def. need some improvement, the graphics ( while some ppl will disagree here ) are really cool looking IMO and I actually like the art style SNK went for when creating this game, etc.

Coming from Capcom SF and NRS MK IGAU games KoF14 is sth really new to me gameplay wise. Been trying out many characters and ended up maining Meitenkun. He feels like a KoF version of Guile & Deathstroke with charge moves. Now I am looking for two more characters for my team that would fit my playstyle. Right now I am hitting the lab whenever I got time after work to figure out stuff. SNK also put in the Shanghai stage, the city where I was actually born, into this game. <3

It will def. take me a while to get on a decent skill lvl, but I am here to learn from my mistakes & to improve, having fun, playing good games and meeting a new KoF community. The journey of a MTK +2? beginner.