The King of Fighters XIV

So far, K' will always be one of my mains. And I really like Vice as well, which is odd since I rarely like grapplers. And with no Ash, Benimaru might take his spot, as I also like him alot. But now with Luong and Kukri, who both look really awesome, I might have to change up my main team.

We'll see when the game releases. :p
Have to say, the game looks substantially better than it did when it was first revealed. It's still trash compared to the glorious 2d installments, but it doesn't look like the shitty mobile game it once was
Each DLC should come in packs of 4 characters. Each pack should have 1 team (which consists of 3 characters) and 1 individual character.

* Sub-Boss Pack
Orochi Team:

Individual Character: Shion

* Femme Fatale Pack
Blonde Bombshells Team:
B. Jenet
Lien Neville
Blue Mary

Individual Character: Chizuru Kagura
From Atlus:


• 3D Evolution: All 50 fighters, movesets and more are rendered in full 3D graphics that preserves the essence of KOF's visual style but updates it with a whole new dimension.

• The Best Refinement since KOF '98: Through extensive playtesting and balancing, the controls have been streamlined, and the Combo and Max Mode mechanics have been overhauled to create the most competitive fighter in SNK's history.

• The KOF Saga Continues: There's a robust single-player storyline where several years have passed since the previous KOF tournament. Now a worldwide business, the global KOF will decide who is the strongest as both individuals and companies with their own ambitions have come to compete. Players compete against CPU-controlled opponents to unlock the storyline.

• The Best Roster Yet: There are 50 fighters total, with 31 returning from previous entries into the KOF series, and 19 brand new characters. All 50 characters will be available at the game's launch.

• Revamped Online Experience: THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV has devoted a lot of development time to improving the game's netcode for vastly improved online gameplay. KOF XIV uses the PS4's online architecture to have a whole host of online conveniences, from spectating to saving replay/battle data, and having a single online KOF XIV profile to connect with friends.
There a few ninja characters with command throws in fighting games, though none of them come across as dedicated grapplers.
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so many characters I wanna learn, but I might end up with Terry, Joe and Deathstr... eh I mean the best keep away character in this game again as team lol
Demo is pretty sick. I'm having a lot of fun with King Dino. Can't wait to try out Chang and Geese
The game looks much better in person than what the trailers show. It's going to be a real struggle though, in learning the mechanics and the execution.

At first, I thought Nelson was going to be similar to Vanessa or another SNK boxer of the past. He only has two special moves, a command dash and command throw. However, he has an extensive arsenal of command moves that can be chained together, allowing lots of ways to start and end a combo. In that sense, he can be comparable to Gai Tendo in KoFXI.

The King of Dinosaurs is the only other available (demo) character that piqued my interest. He's got autoguard in several of his moves, including his command throw (the HP version at least). The LP version of the command throw is fast enough to be used in a combo. He moves like a snail though, and it's hard for him to get anywhere.
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aka Guest Character team.

There are already people have copies of the game, breaking street date. It's 10 days before the official release date.