The funniest moment playing MK


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ArcadeKid said:
My funniest moment was when I was playing MK2 in the arcade. Me and my friend were trying to get to Noob Saibot. He would let me win over and over again while he kept putting in quarters. Eventually, we got to 50 wins. I was about to face him when all of a sudden, the power went out. At first, we were pissed, but eventually we started laughing our heads off.

Everyone else there thought we were freaks. :wink:

Haha. Thats harsh.
The funniest moment for me was when ever was playing mkt and evrytime you' uppercut a ninja they would yell AAAAWWWW DDDOOOOGGG

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I got a new one. Playing as Raiden andfighting Mileena on one of the areanas with a drop leding to spikes at the areana edge. I knocked her off... But I was so close to the edge that Raiden also fell off after pulling off the move. I got a nice shot of both characters falling onto seperate spikes at the bottom and being impaled on them.


Funny thing was you'd think it would be a draw in that situration. I still won since she was first to fall off (by 1 second literally). Shame I didn't have a camera or something.

Rain Demon

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the funniest thing that happened to me was in MKSM. I was playing vs with my friend in goro's lair which was gay because he was there right behind us trying to kill us and he was unstoppable. Well one day my friend and i were playing there and i got him stuck in a corner. then goro jumped right on my head then i flew to the fire and he jumped to the fire to and when i got out he just jumped and attacked my friend and then the wierd thing is he picked me up in the air and since my friend was in the bottom he got hit and then both of us were dead but it said that i won. :)

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mine is i had just gotten my mom to play MK2 we played for like 30 minutes and when we were done she looked at me and said: "hey, did you see like a little nerdy face come out and look at us for a few seconds?" i rofl'd. now she knows it was dan forden and we still laugh about it.


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My funniest moment playing MK was duing MK Mythologies. It was my first time playing it and I was in the Shaolin Temple. One of the crushing pillars knocked me back into another one and I died. It just came out and surprised me and I was all like "WFT?"


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I have several funny moments.

One was while I was playing MK9. I was playing Test Your Luck and rolled both Armless Kombat and Headless Kombat. It was hysterical, and I was thankful I wasn't playing as Kung Lao or Sindel at the time.

Another funny moment was while I was playing Armageddon. My opponent and I (I might have been Frost, I can't remember who my opponent was) fell off the cliffs at the same time. Thing is, you'd think it would be a draw, but I still won.

Another Armageddon related funny moment was when I was watching a blooper with Rain's special move. He was stuck and being dragged along with Sub-Zero. All I could imagine was Sub-Zero running around yelling "I have a pet Rain!".

Then there's my reaction to the first time I had a Fatality performed on me. I was in my early teens and playing Deadly Alliance. I was Frost, and my opponent was Scorpion. I was new to this whole Mortal Kombat thing at the time, so naturally, I sucked. Scorpion speared my head and yanked it off, and blood and gore bits came gushing out like Frost was a particularly bloody party popper. I was like "WTF" at the time, but now I can look back on that and laugh.