The funniest moment playing MK


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.. Mine has to be when I unlocked Cyrax. I was messing about with his bombs and talking to my bro while I was doing it. I was playing against the computer who was Scorpian. He was about 2 jumps away from me and I fired the close range bomb.

As the bomb was about to go off I laughed and said 'Oh come on, theres no way that thing will get anyone'. At that moment, Scorpian jumped ontop of it and set it off anyway. :lol:
funniest MK moment was with my brother....

Months passed since the release of Deception and we had thousands of Koins to bet on fights, EVERY fight i lost but i pissed him off with Hara-Kiris. He wanted to do fatalitys on me. Lame? Yea but it's a "you need to be there" moment.

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The funniest moment in MK was when I was playing Deception and I was given an uppercut. Instead of landing, I kept falling, and fell through the ladder. The game kept going, but I didn't reappear, just kept falling.

It looked halarious, I was saying to myself "You son of a-" and then the glitch occurred. After about thirty seconds I just raised my eyebrow.
I was playing against my friend, and we were playing chess kombat, and my guy challenged his, and I think it was a grunt or something, because it was kneeling, and my character just ahppened to swing his fist down, and knocked the grunt square on the head. Before that happened I said you piece of shi- then he got hit.
Seeing Dan Forden says Toasty for the first time every in MK2 :D

Fairly basic compared to the rest of you but hey I was only 7 at the time
my funny moment was wen i was against my cuz wen we played deception on the buildin where u fall off and when u hit the ground u explode i did that to him but he kept fallin through the floor
My funniest moment was online.I was playing with a trash talker and I beat him three times in a row with stage fatalities.So he picked the nexus thinking there was no stage fataliies and I knocked him through on of the colum areas.His expression was like :shock: . . . and mine was like :lol: !Good stuff.
my funniest moment was in mk3 I was subby and I was vs sindel. had just uppercuted her and she was on the ground and I moved in closer I leand down to sweep her and the game froze with subby almost on top of her head leanin down and sindel sayin ahh ahh ahh over and over again

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

it was nasty :cry: :cry: :cry:
the funniest thing that happened to me in an MK game would be when i was at a friends house. we were playing MKSM and doin' versus mode. I got konfused between which ninja I was playing cuz i used the controller his brother used and I thought that I was Scorpion, who started on the right side of the zone. I kept on trying to jump to the left, then i was told i was sub-zero and i saw myself jumping around in spikes. I just kinda phased out for a moment i guess.
The funniest Thing was when i pick liu Kang once and I Did the Bicycle Kick and i heard the Chinese thing he says. I Died laughing. I Was 5 it was funny. Now liu Kang is My Fav. Character

MY Favorite things HE SAys is:
1.Oh E Wuatata O! (DOnt kno how to spell it)
This just happen 5 minutes ago!!!

Me and a friend were playing Deception online, i keep getting my ass kicked from him but tonight was different.......

I was Shujinko and he was Sub Zero, we were playing at the Dragons Temple, i done Shujinkos full style combo and after that that one he went into the spikes, his screams of "NOOOOOOO" spoke for his annoyment at it. At round 2 was also the same.....DOUBLE FLAWLESS!

Hilarious at the time but you should've heard the "NOOOOOO" he came out with.
My funniest moment was the first time i got to the Living Forest level in MK2. I saw Jade lean out from behind a tree and couldn't stop laughing, and wondering who it was. I was just watching her, and by the time i realized I was dead... I was dead. The same thing almost happened next round when I saw Smoke, but I woke up just in time to watch myself get finished...

Also, each stage fatality I did in MK:D cracked me up :lol:
My funniest moment was when I was playing mk1 on my genesis and I was "Reptile"(The color glitch) and I was playing against my friend who was also reptile. We were playing in the Pit and when I won, I did the stage fatality and the game fagged out and just cept repeating the animation over and over again. I was laughing for like an hour.

Anther very funny moment was when I had just bought mk4 and put in and whatched the opening cinimatic. The horrible images made me laugh so hard.
I can't forget this moment,it was mk3,i was subby my friend was jax.He preformed a high kick than i freezed him,he was freezed with his leg up,i aproched to preform the uppercut,and when i did it,it was a bull's eye straight to the nuts...That was funny as hell
Not necessarily funny, but a really nice MK memory I have is of the first time I ever played UMK3. I have shared this on multiple boards. There use to be an arcade in a mall about 40 minutes from my house a lot of people went to, and when UMK3 arrived they put it in one of those big cabs with the controls extra wide apart and set a good distance from the screen with a 35" monitor behind glass, I don't remember what they are called. Anyway I was very familiar with MK3 by this time and I wanted to play UMK3 so badly. I was about 14 at the time and I had to wait usually extra long to play, but it was worth it. A large man of African descent was playing as Sektor, using cheesey teleport uppercut abuse and beating everyone. I was really shocked by this because this wouldn't even work at my local video store which had MK3. So I got to play, picked Scorpion, beyond easily defeated this guy who had at least 7 or 8 wins in a row as Suktor, and he had to step down because of me. The first combo I did was a counter to a teleport punch, I believe it was a simple HP, harpoon, 4 hit combo, and that memory is etched into my head specifically. I never left the machine beyond that 50 cents or whatever it was for the rest of the night until my mother came to me and said she wanted to go, at that point I beat a guy, and I guess the funny part was, I turned around to the kid behind me and said "Here take my game" and left.
My funniest moment was when I was playing MK2 in the arcade. Me and my friend were trying to get to Noob Saibot. He would let me win over and over again while he kept putting in quarters. Eventually, we got to 50 wins. I was about to face him when all of a sudden, the power went out. At first, we were pissed, but eventually we started laughing our heads off.

Everyone else there thought we were freaks. :wink: