The first Kenshi thread


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Wow, to think this is the first Kenshi thread on the Kenshi board. Why the lack of interest? Isn't Kenshi one of the most popular characters among the fanbase?

I'm interested in seeing how he'll be different from both Ermac and Takeda.


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It's probably because not much has been shown on him. I am sure it'll pick up when his breakdown has happened.


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It's probably because not much has been shown on him. I am sure it'll pick up when his breakdown has happened.

We've seen even less of Jacqui, Goro and the DLCs, but that hasn't stopped anyone from posting on their boards, particularly to bash Jacqui, in her case.


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Better nothing than a buncha bashing threads :)
But I will give love and say that I like Kenshi... cuz I do :flowers: He is somewhere, in a small corner of my heart, squished between all my favorite toons' butt

*ahem* but I do like him.
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I think he looks pretty awesome. I'm looking at others as my mains this time around, but he'll be for sure be a character I play often.


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After seeing Kenshi's reveal and gameplay

I like his New Look for sure.
His coolest variation look wise to me is, his Kenjitsu, his eyes glowing was pretty bad ass
His Possession Variant was pretty cool too

His X-ray I would tweak just a tad. I like how it began and finished but the middle is where id make a change

His Fatality I think could be alittle better too

But all in all I cant wait to play as him


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I chose Kung Lao / Kenshi / Shinnok / Ermac as my mains, I gotto say after playing with kenshi for 4 days (Varation: Balanced) I can get some pretty sick combo's off about 48% Corner & 35% midscreen without Xray. Because hes Takeda's father he doesn't have any shared moves with Takeda so don't worry.
This MK really makes all the characters feel very unique.
Also his fatalities are very good imho but the brutalities are really gd 2, if not AS good.


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Hey, so if Kenshi's kid is named Takeda Takahashi... does that mean Kenshi Takahashi is his full name? Or do you think Takeda would use his mother's last name because he grew up with her?

edit: the MKwiki certainly seems to think so, but there's no source on the name. Are they just assuming this from Takeda? Or has it been confirmed somewhere?


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I want to find out what's the story behind his Possessed Variation. After seeing that, I can see him as a boss character in MK11.


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Kenshi sort of was bland from the start but now with buffs he is now on his way to becoming one of the top tier characters. Oh yeah he is one of the characters with an epic beard which is always a plus for me.