Tekken 7

Tekken Mobile trailer, showing a new character called Rodeo…


Probably the character Harada threatened to replace Lucky Chloe with for the NA version back when people were whining and b!tching about her inclusion. Generic US military man…
Why did we get Lucky Chloe instead of Rodeo?! Lucky Chloe is to the fighting genre what the Unabomber was to the Postal Service!

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Because Trash, living up to his name, is a redneck 'Murican who ain't want no Japanese girl if he can get some big fat 'Murican sausage up his @ss.
I can legally have your wages garnished and your assets confiscated for Defamation of Character, you know...

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"I'm gonna sue!"
Yeah, stereotypical extremist American behaviour. And all because he got offended by some comment on the internet.
Actually, you committed Defamation of Character. You falsely accused me of being racist. Then again, you've been banned more times than me.

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Feel free to explain why you find Lucky Chloe to be, and I quote...

What about her makes you think such?
Does it look like I want to see some cute cuddly pop princess in a cat costume in a fighting game?! F*** no I don't! And you should be ashamed of yourself for bringing ethnicity into it, especially since ethnicity doesn't have jack shit to do with why I hate Lucky Chloe!

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Lucky Chloe is the embodiment of Japanese pop culture put into a fighting game.
Do you have a problem with Japanese pop culture? And why is that?

It's alright if it's not your cup of tea and you'd rather focus on other characters that is more to your liking. But that's not how you put it. You literally compared her to a mass-murderer and terrorist.

How come, Trash?
Because a murderer and a terrorist doesn't belong anywhere near the Postal Service, just like Lucky Chloe doesn't belong in fighting games. She'd be a better fit for DDR.

And would you care to substantiate your allegations of racism against me BEFORE you throw out those claims?

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You're the one who said racist. I just mentioned the individual characters' origins, and which you'd rather want up your ass. I guess I wasn't wrong about that part though.

You're always going to the extreme though. So I wouldn't be surprised otherwise.
Did you vote for Trump? Like the KKK did?