Tanya Kiss Of Death Fatal Sighted!

Jeff Greeson

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Our Chicago Correspondent <b>Patrick McCarron</b> saw Tanya's Fatality in MK4 v1.44 (he was told this is the current version # for the Chicago Test Machines) here is the description: Tanya reaches over and kisses her victim, the victim stands back, arms and legs spread out more than normal, as he/she screams in pain. Then the arms and then legs bend backwards (they end up floating in the air) and then the rest of the body starts to twist around like a pretzel and then the body explodes in one camera view (not 3 different views like other fatals), really good effects and looks brutal
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Oh that fatality is sooo cool! But it shouldn't be for her. It should only be for Kitana! Tanya should do more kills based on her fireballs and her weapons. Also, she should do more of the organ ripping fatalities too.