Tanya coming this Tuesday

Imperatrix Sindel

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You want a movie skin for Kitana, or you want Kitana to look like Talisa Soto?

Unfortunately, those are not the same thing. :(

Haaaa, true enough. Honestly, redoing her face to make her Talisa Soto could only be a good thing. Deadly Alliance got pretty close.


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Hold up you guys, before any of the original 8 get anymore skins. How about some love for the new characters. Even Shinnok and the DLCs. Granted Jason and Predator probably wont but hey they can reskin Predator to the cybers ninjas.


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It wasn't unfinished. If it was they wouldn't have tossed her into story mode. It was just changed due to fan demand.

No, they said from the very start that Tanya's model wasn't finished. You can even see it on her hair and how it is attached to her face in the Story Mode cutscenes.

My point still stands though. I doubt they would make it available as an alt.
I can't get over how stupid the white eyes are for Tanya. There is absolutely NO REASON for her to have those eyes. Also, why does Kuai even have white eyes in X? Even Hanzo got back to his normal eyes... I just wish Kuai had his regular blue eyes and Tanya her MK4 brown eyes :/ It is a pity because I really love the overall designs of both characters but the stupid white eyes turn me off completely.


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Agreed tho...

Especially Talisa Soto in MK: Annihilation

Jesust Christ she was hot...
Even though the movie was complete azz.


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I've been a Tanya-naysayer for awhile and thought she'd be a waste of a DLC slot.... But she actually looks pretty sick in the trailer. Looks like she has different weapons per variation.

Still would rather have Black Dynamite as DLC though :-D