Tag Team combos


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Can you please be a little more detailed? What makes Scorpion S-tier candidate?

He means for teams.

Scorpion teamed with certain members of the cast makes the team S tier+

Strictly because of his hellfire assist that allows people like subzero/Ermac free combos at ANYTIME they are near you. Also gives JC a free unblockable.

Some team combos with him can add up from 100% to 200+% of your life bar meaning you'll HAVE to break in some cominations.

or at the very least get a free combo any time you got meter at the right distance.

When your location says panama city, panama. You mean like, near bottom of Mexico NOT Panama City FL right?


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Thanks, that makes alot more sense now. Does hell fire reset combos, or does it chain all togerther?

Yeah, Panama City, Panama not FL, there's a Tag Team Tourny here and I'm signing up. Need more intel on tag vs


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I don't have a video capture card but here are my simple bnbs.

Cyrax // Reptile

Jump in punch, 21Net, Back Dash, Jump in punch, 21~ ex bomb, medium bomb, 123~close bomb, then net (Resets), Tag, JNP, 32 Fast ball, 321slide.
Cyrax 40% Reptile 35% = 75%

Jump in punch, 21Net, TAG, Jump in punch, 321, elbow dash (wiffs), JNP, 32 slow ball, 321 slide. 42% Meterless

Jump in punch, 21Net, Back Dash, Jump in punch, 21~EX bomb, medium bomb, uppercut onto medium bomb, (TAG) 321, slide. 53%


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Because the community deemed tag as broken. and chose 1v1 instead. I dunno why they don't atleast try it out as a side event at grass roots scenes. are there a few infinites? Yea, but you have a breaker, and you can stop most infinites by making them break as well. Kind of like fishing for combos to make quan chi break.


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I'm trying to get better with the Original 7 in Tag Mode (Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Kano, Sonya, Liu Kang, Raiden & Johnny Cage).

If anyone has some killer tag combos featuring the OG 7 in Tag (i.e Raiden & Liu Kang, Sub & Scorp etc., etc., etc.), it would be greatly appreciated, and (as always) I'll update the OP and give you credit for it where credit is due. :)