Sub-Zero Theory


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Well, if we analyze the current cast of characters its easy to se that Scorpion has received several upgrades.
If we talk specials only, Scorpion has:

Spear, doubles spear, double spear with flames
Leg takedown
Teleport punch(air), teleport kick and just teleport
Fire Ball
Double Sword weapon game
Hell Demon from air, back and from the ground(its a grab)
Flame aura(increases damage output)
Demon fire

He has a big arsenal and his game is based on speed. Almost is attacks cover the screen left to right, with the exception for the Leg takedown, Flame aura and the Swords attacks, those are all Short range specials. Multiples teleports attacks like the normal and the Hell deamon. All this in account makes scorpion very unpredictable.
He has a solution for basically every problem. In top of all that, his x-ray is a 40% special.
The only thing that appears that he doesn't have is high combo damage.

Raiden and Kano are also two character have received enormous amount of treatment. Its easy to see that just by looking to the videos.
Both those characters now have new specials and specials variations..

Then we have Sub-zero
his specials are:

Ice Blast(long recharge time+slow travel speed=very predictable)
Polar Blast
Clone, Clone Throw
Sword Combos
Ice Shield
Frozen Aura(never seen in video)

And a 5 hit Perry alike X-ray that does 31% damage

The majority of his specials are for short range, and, in my opinion Subby´s Ice Blast is slow. His specials are defensive tools for the most part, not attacks.
One thing that I think he has going for him is Combos. what I mean by that is that he appears to have great diversity with is 3 hit combos AND he has higher damage combos than Scorpion for example. But appears to be hard to do any kind of surprise attacks with him.
Sub-zero is a in-your-face type of character to me. He needs to be close to the enemy in my opinion.

Sub-Zero is my favorite character, that's a fact, but I love Mk for everything that encompass and I do love Scorpion and many others but is it to hard to NRS to come up with new specials for Sub-zero like: tombstone teleport, mid air ice shotgun blast(similar to EX Slide 2º hit), Ice Particles Combos( Raiden and Scorpion can use electricity and fire in their opponents during combos, why cant sub-zero use ice and cold to increase damage and range?), Ice Sholder Charge, Ice Storm(his opponents became slower during the effect), Ice Meteor(similar to ice rain but a big rock of ice comes down from the sky to last known position of the opponent), Ice shurikens... and the list goes one and one.. lol
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Expecting ice to be fast is to go against the element known feature. Of course, since he is an assassin, conceptually Kuai Liang could be much faster, but as far as being honest goes: The guy who can freeze you in place will be always slow, since his moves indicate that no matter the oponent, once they are iced, the blue guy has a fairly nice advantage.

The problem about that is how much they make him slow, and how slow is the icy move.

And looking at the Sub/Scorpion rivalry, Scorpion is really the favourite: His powers are fire control (the protagonist element), he is a ninja (more powerful than normal warriors), not boring good (brooding anti-hero) and the creator's favorite. Of course he is going to be better than most of the cast, he is the Pikachu of MK.


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To be honest with you I am proud we didn't get a new Sub_zero because I liked how the storymode went with Sub-Zero and Scorpion finally making a truce between each other. Epic beards rule.