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Hey there, long time no see.

Anyway I'm here to explain how there is a new sub-zero when both of the ones we know have kicked the bucket, well it goes like this:

1) MK9 in the Kabal chapter you fight cyber subzero and we get to see him skan Kabal in an attempt to identify him.

2) In this scan multiple people show up in sub-zeros data base meaning he met them at one point in time.

3) We see Bo Rai Cho , Daegon (Tavens brother from MK:A) , Motaro , Kenshi , Reiko BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: Frost!

4) seeing as she's in his database they must have met (nothing says its impossible) and you never know what might happen but lets presume they had a relationship and some hot ice was made.

5) The result of which is a fully born male cyromancer which we see in the trailer.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* in the intro to the fight sub-zero says I grow tired of defending OUR innocence, possible reference to his father/uncle.

Let me know what you thought :D
The correct dialogue says:
Scorpion: Murderer!
Subzero: I tire of maintaining my innocence...
Scorpion: I will relieve you of your burden!
Announcer: FIGHT !!!
Didn't he say "I tire of maintaining our innocence?"

Maybe some sort of fusion of souls between Noob and CSZ and they have a new body. Who knows?

I'm pretty stumped here.
What if Raiden's amulet became a recurring plot device, used to distort the timeline? It would essentially open up for every single character of the entire franchise to return at any point if the writers would want for it to happen.
Maybe I'm just getting old and more easily annoyed... But man a lot of people on here just hear and read what they want to.

A lot of "this is fact because I just thought it up and it fits my own wishes!!!"
The Scorpion we have seen is actually Hanzo Hasashi's son. Ed Boon told me today in exchange for a Snicker's bar.
I believe it's Elder Sub-Zero based upon how Sub-Zero and Scorpion interacted with each other in the gameplay trailer.

Maybe the Soulnado purified his soul and now Elder Sub-Zero is a Good Guy and will be on a quest to save Cyber Sub-Zero's soul.

After all, MK9 has shown that they really love switching roles like how Sub-Zero went Cyber because Smoke wasn't going to.
He even kept his Cyber stuff when he was dead so... Sadly I don't think things will ever look up for Younger Sub-Zero. Besides what Scorpion and Sub-Zero said to each other doesn't make sense if it's Younger Sub-Zero.

Reboot seems to intentionally be making Elder Sub-Zero a better character while it has severely hurt Younger Sub-Zero who was turned Cyber than killed off. Noob on the other hand is MIA after he's defeated and flies into the Soulnado so his story could be more easily worked with as he isn't shown at the end of MK9 as still being a slave to Quan Chi with no will of his own.
Silly Jinko, cyromancer powers are passed on from genes.

Possible, but NRS has said in the past that there are ONLY 3 characters who EVER had cyromancer powers in the Lin Kuei.
Bi-Han, Kuai-Liang and Frost are those only 3, and that character definitely isn't female.

I believe that Bi-Han separated from Noob in the Soulnado, and have been speculating that for a long time now.

Here's why I believe that:

Ed Boon stated when MK9 came out that 1 is Noob and the other is Saibot.
Meaning, that it's possible that Bi-Han and the NetherRealm wraith are sharing 1 body, much like how Ermac is comprised of 1,000 souls in 1 body.
It's very possible that when Noob Saibot was kicked into the Soulnado by Nightwolf, that Bi-Han was either purified of the evil wraith or separated from the evil wraith, which would also give us Noob for MK X.

This also solidifies my theory that a purely evil verion of Noob (without Bi-Han) is going to take over the NetherRealm, and also suggest a possible inclusion of Havik (ala Noob's MK9 ending).
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There's no need for a "new" Sub-Zero, so to speak. With the new timeline established, I believe that Scorpion/Sub-Zero's rivalry still has to be fleshed out, because MK9 made it come to an abrupt halt when it was getting good, with Sektor and Cyrax ruining everything.

I'll be happy if it's either Bi-Han or Kuai, I'll be disappointed if it's someone new.