sub zero Fatality

how bout that misterious thing he shoots at the guy then he explodes nvm thats rated m .

hmmm he could throw his kori blade at the guy then he would freeze then he pulls it out and the guy shatters

I like the blade idea. That would look sweet.
Hmm...I'll be serious this time...How about his opponent gets a second wind and as he/she goes to punch Sub in the face he graps their hand and they start to struggle as they slowly freeze across their whole body. Then Subby kicks them in the chest causing them to violently fall and shatter.

That doesn't involve dismemberment or blood, so it avoids the T-rating guillotine. Plus it's really brutal and I would love to see that put into action.

that rocks the gun idea was good 2 but too many gun fatalitys:-D