Strategy / Combos thread

Mileena Combos anyone? ? even if there only 30% i'd just like to try one out, i've yet to play anyone online who even does combos with her.

also does anyone know that 97% jade combo?! this dude did it to me a # of times online. it was just insane/crazy.
Nobody has given any strageties in a long time so:


one of my perosnal favorites, Hotaru has a bad rap. other than his lack of variety of special moves, hes great. Hotaru's main special move, the fireball, is incredibly deadly if used effectively. With practice, you can time successive fireball juggles, dealing heavy damage. plus, many online opponents will waste all their breakers in the first round cause you hit them with auccessive fireballs. the fireball has a decent range, but must hit pretty dead on. its somewhat risky, but a fireball shot just inside its range often makes the opponent block, setting up the opponent for a throw. if the opponent doesnt block (and doesnt bum rush you) he is open for a grasshopper kick. a warning: NEVER GRASSHOPPER WHILE FACING A DEATH TRAP!! i cant count how many rounds ive been owning an opponent that sidestepped my kick and booted me into the death trap. All of hotarus heavy damage comes from his juggles. He has a pop up move in each of his styles,as well as his throw) and the ones in his non weapon styles can hit turtles. use pi gua to deal the heaviest damage after the fireball. (2,2,up1 deals the most).

One good way to start a match is with a quick ba shan fan forward 2 attack. ruch up and immediately do 2,1,cs into a juggle, then finish with 2,2, up 1. if you practice this, you can catch them right as they get up, before they can block. then stay rather far, side stepping and throwing fireballs while staying in pi gua. if you hit him with it, youll be in perfect position for a combo. once again i would use 2,2, up1. this is for two reasons: first it as i said before deals the most damage. furthermore, and somewhat more important to master hotaru, is taking advantage if a small glitch in the game. the final key press is a two hit attack, but during the second strike Hotaru will pause; if you change stances during this gap, you can pop up again (in naginata) or just do a naginata combo. its a bit tough to pop up again and deal another combo, so i recommend doing 1,1, up2.
one more thing: in ba shan fan, a good way to end a match is 1, back 3.

its a high hit, low hit combo, and deals a decent amount of damage for two hits, and most of the times if the first hit isblocked the second wont be.

Overall: Fireballs are your friend if used correctly, and sidestep alot.

maybe this will incite some other people to write more character strageties.
Disappointed said:
You could always...ignore them?

I can't ignore them while they're flapping around on my screen, each character should have a fatality where they take them off and beat him to death with them.
I don't know, but if I was a fighter of any sense, I'd want as little on me as possible, it already looks like he's wearing metal armor, how does this fucker move?
This is a combo treath not a discution of players so why dont u guys make a discution in other room.(im not trying to be a pain in the ass but when i saw there was a new post in here i though new combos were here)but not.
Ummm, ummmm, ummmmm, Liu Kang has a cool combo, ummmmm... on Cube, switch to second fighting style and hit the A three times, then a bike kick.... Repeat..
Here's a cool one

Hapkido - Scorpion


9 Hits 30%


Same Stance and Person


9 Hits 32%
OOOH! I dunno if you got this one but I'm playing with the Thoraxe and if you go


You get a 7 hit combo for 33%
Alright, I think K1llkano posted one that was similar, I don't believe he posted this one though:

Ermac: Start in Axe, get in close and press down-1...tele-kinetic slam...down-1... telekinetic slam...telekinetic throw. The timing is a bit difficult at first, but when you get it, you have a six-hit 44% damage combo.
Sub-Zero said:
That's crazy :shock:

Yeah, its pretty sweet when you suddenly pull it on someone in a match and end the round with it. Last time I did, the kid threw the controller down (MY controller) and glared at me. :D Fun times.