Should get a trophy for Khan Babality


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I like trophies and unlockables that make 1 player more challenging and the hidden fighters, but they should have more of them. Shoudl then get something for beating thjem - like that character to play.

Doing the babality trick with khan should get you something - a costume or trophy etc.

Too much stuff is easy or quick to unlock.
i can never do the babality on goro/kintaro/shao kahn
i've beaten the game on every difficulty, doing a babality on every character before them, but still can't get a babality on the bosses
if you do a babality on all characters it does it automatically on the bosses. But only if you haven't used any continues. Also think it only works at medium and above.
Yes this should be a trophy, for sure.
Boon said awhile ago they might do additional trophies with a patch..
Yeah but that doesn't seem likely. *sadface*