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You might like mine, but it's all about your taste in a story.
I try to make it a story I'd like to read (as a casual reader, with lots of profanity and smoking.. stuff I like) and of course, cliffhangers.
Also, plenty of plot devices and foreshadowing.. things you have to notice or you'll be taken by surprise at the end of the tale.
My story's a 5 chapter tale, the link is in my sig.
Book 1 will actually be finished tomorrow, and any questions you have, you can ask them in the q and a thread (which will be up tomorrow, too.)

As long as it's not written in too difficult English, I'm fine ;)


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Pretty cool fanfic, dude =) I've always liked Sektor more than Cyrax.

Come at me, peeps.


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Jade liked the fic?


Thank you Jade.
And you'd have to be crazy to like Netboy better than the Red Messiah :slug:


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Seriously, I really enjoyed it, you did a good job at describing things. I like stories where I can picture what is happening. Not everyone can write a story that the reader feels they are in but yours is well written and I was able to get into it and visualize what was going on. Good stuff.


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Also, I'm not really sure how Sektor's minions killed Smoke. I thought that Sektor went to meet with him alone. I don't recall any mention of an army trailing behind him.

They followed him wherever he went.


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Well b,b,b,l,p made me do it again. He made me read about a character and have much more respect for him/her. Nice work, the system error part during the story was oh so sexy. Know if we could get another rebuilding story then that be f*cking ice on the cake ;)

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Jk lol nice job bro! Badass story!


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It was so epic it made me register on this site and resurrect 4-years-dead thread just to say how epic it was.

Seriously, it is awesome. This fanfic basically made me see a wondeful what-if: Sektor seeks out Sub-Zero, when he finds out that Sub-Zero became free of Quan Chi's influence, and begs him to rebuild the Lin Kuei from the start, because Sub-Zero now is the only non-cyborg who once had been Lin Kuei. Sub-Zero refuses, so Sektor returns to the Lin Kuei temple and commits suicide.

However, Sub-Zero later changes his mind, but when he enters the temple, all he sees is Sektor's body and a bunch of mindless cyborgs, who doesn't know what to do without a leader and unable to select a new one, so they just wander around the Lin Kuei temple, walking coffins with brain-dead flesh inside.

Read the second part. There should be a link in the first post, but, well. The second part is very cool short story as well, the only reason I'd place first part above it is, IMHO, these original 'damages' in text. Also, I've hoped that binary in the end were words and tried to decode them...
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