"Screamers" in the Krypt?

Well played, NRS. I admit I jumped the first time but then started laughing because I know somewhere Boon is laughing at all of us. :D
Leave it to NRS to wake you from the slumber of opening coffin after coffin after coffin after...AHHHHHHHHHHHH! heheheh. Brilliant.
lmoa this guy scared the shit out of me in the krypt but i unlcoked half of it easy and he popped up only once so its not a reoccuring thing
I unlocked half of the krypt without seeing one so I thought they were fake.

Then one jumped up last night, :cry:
I find this screamer thing a bit annoying really, of course the inclusion of this silly crap proves that Ed Boon was right about there being secrets in the game that were going to be discovered only after the release of it, but i hoped for nicer secrets, and not heart-attack inducing ones :).
I've had this happen to me for a second time now.

It doesn't just happen once. First time I was in the deadlands, just like in that video. Second time, I was sitting in front of the Nekro looking up stuff on the internet, when the screamer happened again behind me.

It appears that it doesn't need motion either to activate.

EDIT: Also, I just had unlocked every costume except Kratos at the time, hence why I was outside of the Nekro idling. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but I thought I'd better mention it, just in case.
It ain't really that bad. It's really not like regular screamers, where it just pops in frame and emits a loud scream. It slides into frame, so you can see it coming (a bit, still startles you a little, tho), and it's more like a screech. Again, it ain't that bad; even if you find screamers annoying, you'll just end up shaking your head and laughing a little, thinking, "Those bastards..."
What if the screamers are like some secret thing. Like when Toasty appears, when a Screamer does, maybe if you do something then something will happen? It's not out of the realm of possibility.
What if the screamers are like some secret thing. Like when Toasty appears, when a Screamer does, maybe if you do something then something will happen? It's not out of the realm of possibility.

While that is true, you seem to get more gold by actually encountering the screamer.

However, NRS has said that there are still secrets that they haven't uncovered...
I tested a theory in the Krpyt. I was jamming on my Select, Start, R1, R2, L1 and L2 while waiting around and a screamer popped up and nothing happened. I've been re-loading the Krpyt over and over and walking around and I'll find them on occasion but nothing seems to happen. I should probably write down my gold count though, as I haven't noticed an increase either.
WOW. Just wow. ....This is seriously some of the most pathetic, pussified shit i've ever read in my life. No joke.

I thought this game was rated M. I thought you had to be at least 18 to play this game.

But all i'm seeing are the crying, wussified little "oh nooo i'm scared mommy" responses over the damned littlest thing.

I honestly saw one of those pop up in the Krypt and I just chuckled at the clever little gag they put in, and thought nothing else of it.

Seriously. You kids are looking like this one little thing in the game has you all jogging in place, limply flapping your hands around at the wrists like scared little girls, and crying "oh noo why did they put this in the game help me i'm scareeeed oooh"

The least you people could do is TRY to act like some of you possess a pair of testicles, for christ's sake.

Yes. I'm dead friggin' serious.

I mean, wow people. This is Mortal Kombat, ladies. Not "Barbie Flower Picking Adventure".

If this really bothers you all THAT much, maybe you should trade it back in to the game store that your parents drove you to and used their ID to buy the game for you, and go get a Hanna Montana game for DS, instead.

Also, probably a good idea to lay off the Estrogen pills, and Twilight movies, too.

...just sayin'.
alright ive seen many things like this (except most were not as retardedly offensive) and im not speaking for every one but at least for a good majority i think the problem isnt what screams at you, ive seen alot of screamers and the thing that pulls out isnt what scares me its usually the fact that its sudden, i mean they could put a picture of a merry baby with candy and if it popped out like that i would jump, and jesus, the guy in the quote... you've got some issues man, why don't you lay off the steroids >.>
This thing gave me a big shock but I wasn't mad. It's weird I haven't heard any of the reviewers mention these things they might be super rare
Has anybody tried quickly "buying" the screamer yet? I've been wandering around in the middle of the parts I've already purchased jamming on X (ps3) hoping I could quickly catch it, but it takes a while. Also not sure if there'd be a high cost to it.
as soon as i oad up the game for the first time, check out the krypt and two seconds in the krypt while i'm getting my free unlockable a screamer shows up^_^