Resident Evil 7 announced!

I've just downloaded the demo. It's really cool and intriguing! You can find some items and do different things to try to get out of the house. Not gonna say it here and will let you all download it to try.
The demo's cool but it didn't capture the magic that the PT demo did IMO. Maybe it's because The game's built for VR and not a HD TV IDK. I feel that Capcom is trying to be something their not. Resident Evil was a franchise about shoting zombies conserve items and ammo to survive a horror based atmosphere. This game felt like silent hills ( I love silent hill dont get me wrong ) which focuses more on the psychological horror but I find it odd that people are fine with resident evil 7 being a silent hill rip off. I'm not saying the game will be bad or anything it's just strange to see resident evil and silent hill becoming the same franchise. I never thought I see the day yet here we are.
This weird drastic change is pretty unsettling to say the least. I am not gonna pick it up if it's going to be like this. Maybe a new trailer will change my mind but for now this product doesn't interest me.
I have pre-ordered the VR headset after playing the demo, I really enjoyed it, I can imagine there will be alot of jump scares playing it in VR. Cannot wait for the full release!
I get some people are concerned but can be fixed easily by reading articles and interviews every chance you get for important details and this is pretty much what to expect from RE7.

-Survival Horror

-Creepy Plantation Mansion

-Closterphobic Atmosphere

-Strong But Killable Enemies

-Notes and Files to read for backstory. (With playable VHS tapes as a new form of backstory files)

-Gunplay With Limited Ammo/Resources

-Melee Combat

-Green Herbs As Healing Items

-First Person Viewpoint (Controllable Camera)