Rank Jax's aesthetic design since his debut in MK2

His metal arms are stupid because they didn't even add anything to his arsenal of abilities. All the shit he does with his metal arms, he did just fine without them in MKII.

Yeah, but it was ultra dumb when he did it in MKII. He punches the ground and causes an earthquake? Come on. That kind of bullshit calls for an explanation. Either magic or tech will suffice. Johnny Cage and Kenshi are firmly in the magic camp, so it's nice that Sonya and Jax can take the tech stuff. It keeps the characters distinct and memorable.
Like I said, they didn't add anything.

It added an aesthetic flare to his design which increased his appeal. That's more than enough really. Plus, the sound that the metal makes against ppl skull during a gotcha grab is so brutal that it makes them worth it lol.
I noticed the aesthetic change for Jax in MKX is the light color on metal arms.
I noticed Orange and Purple so far!
You ARE aware that Jax debuted without the metal arms...

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I AM aware, thank you very much. He looked bland as hell in MK2.

it's easily farmer jax that is the most pleasing to the eye. that outfit doesn't seem like the artist's just phoned it in or lacked imagination like all his other designs.

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Jax without metal arms is just some random black guy.

I like his metal arms for the story of how he lost them in MK9.

I actually don't like how MK9 handled it at all. Ermac is such a random character to have as the culprit. Even Baraka or Reptile would have been better, they at least would have gotten some pleasure out of it, which is good stuff for a rivalry.

Now Jacqui is pissed at Ermac and Ermac's like "If Jax becomes emperor of Outworld I promise I'll get him new arms lol"