Raiden Attitude in MKX


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He has no reason to feel bad about Liu Kang. That dumb ass turned punk and challenged Raiden's wisdom.

This. Also, I don't see how a monk like Liu Kang could turn into a hothead like that, no matter what the circumstances were. I could have seen that coming from anybody else but not from a monk.


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In the comics Raiden seems to have this No Non-Sense attitude and while others might Respect his Status, they seem hesitant to put full trust in him. And lately it seems that everyone is taking jabs at him, he seemingly dislikes the comments but accepts them bc he knows they are right!

Scorpion & Raiden:
Raiden- There are so few of you Earthrealm Champions Left
Scorpion- whose fault do you suppose that is

Raiden & Fujin
(Raiden draws bloods, provoking the Elder Gods with Blood magic causing Raiden to unintentionally injuring Fujin)
Fujin- You never listen do you

Raiden & Kotal
Raiden- You promised to never use the Stone Portals
Kotal- After the Netherrealm War, you promised our Worlds would Cooperate

Raiden isn't very muched liked now a days but rather more tolerated


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What I love is how patiently NRS is drawing this out, instead of just turning him into a straight up asshole. It's almost like they're taking him seriously as a character. "What if Raiden makes some bad calls along with his good calls? What does that look like?"

Well, it looks like an interesting story is what it looks like.