Quan Chi

I really liked Quan Chi in MK4 and I loved the story of the Deadly Alliance teaming up and shutting down Shao Kahn and Liu Kang, then ressurecting the Dragon Kings army was a cool idea. I guess I just like that he's a total badass however I fear that recently he's just been the 'go to' guy whenever they need to explain something in the story it's always Quan Chi's doing. Also him and Shang Tsung may be becoming too similar now that Quan Chi has a ground projectile and Shangs fireballs are now skull fireballs. Each of these characters should be great and unique. Bosses, villians or even characters that may be similar should still maintain a degree of originality. I liked how in MK:DA as you progressed through matches the difficulty would raise up a percentage untill you got to Quan Chi and Shang Tsung at 95 and 100 percent and they were so difficult at that point it was definately like two boss fights even though Shang Tsung didn't morph in Deadly Alliance. Quan isn't always the boss but he's always pulling the strings, giving the appearance that another has power so that he can rule from the shadows.
Pure genious actually lol. I hope Quan Chi and Shinnok play a big part in the next MK..

quan chi makes evil look good.

i just hope they update his moves. make them (cyber sub to) a bit better. he should be better than they made him, like why did we have to work to unlock him if he isnt like more powerful or have a better moveset.

oh and 1 question. is there a way to control wether u summon health boost or damage boost? or is it always random?
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quan chi makes evil look good.

i just hope they update his moves. make them (cyber sub to) a bit better. he should be better than they made him, like why did we have to work to unlock him if he isnt like more powerful or have a better moveset.

oh and 1 question. is there a way to control wether u summon health boost or damage boost? or is it always random?

^ Its always random i wish you can choose between the two, but then everyone would be picking the damage boost.
I agree. Quan Chi is the ultimate manipulator! I actually love his play style in the new game. He is actually pretty distinc from Shang Tsung in my own opinion. Can't wait to see what they will do with him in the story in the next game. Will Scorp still find out the truth behind Quan Chi really behind his clans' death or, will he continue to serve his evil treacherous master?
I liked in MK4 how his skull seemed to chew on whoever it hit, and how his mace could knock the enemy into the camera! His fatality where he ripped off your leg and beat you with it was both gruesome and funny and one of my favorites in MK4. His Neck Strech Fatality is twisted and may be the funniest ever! But it lacked the blood, and if they added a little gore to that one I think it would make a great come back. I really think Quan should cut the extended neck into sections with his sword/s, and the head with neck, and a piece of extended neck wiggle on the ground like worms spitting blood out both ends! The Scorpion Quan-Chi story line is a good one, Quan's always gotta watch his back after Scorpion realizes the truth.
It goes without saying Quan's trance move is the coolest new move in the new MK, and the way they incorperated his new power into his X-ray is off the hook!They should try to focus more on this new power of his and try to stay away from stuff that might be like Shang Tsung. His grab where he slams the green skull into the enemy is cool. Quan-Chi's Teleport stomp is always deadly and I'm glad it's back. I think it be a cool idea to have a alt. costume where he has a witch doctor mask. I loved it when him and Shang teamed up to revive the Dragon King's army. I thought that was a better story then when Onaga actually showed up himself.
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Quan Chi is a very great character. He is mysterious and evil because even though he's one of the major villians, he keeps his cool throughout the games. It's as if everything goes according to plan. He is like the Jack Sparrow of Mortal Kombat, except he's very evil.

I love his MKDA-MK (2011) attire. The single spike strap, pants and shirtless torso make him a very menacing figure. You can tell he is very powerful not only because of his muscles, but because he never seems to burst with rage. He's only ever angry in battle, which makes him a very secretive and cunning character.

Finally: his role in the MK storyline. The deadly alliance, Armageddon alliance and Shang Tsung's right-hand man in MK2011 was just awesome. I also liked how he played sort of the protagonist role in MK vs DC where he knew that the realms were endangered and advised everyone to band together to face against the new threat. It was pretty clever how he tricked Shinnok into believing he had the real amulet, when in fact Quan Chi had it all along. This makes Quan Chi seem like he is in control all the time (Except for when Scorpion realizes that it was Quan Chi and not Sub-Zero who killed the Shirai-ryu). Even when Shang Tsung betrayed him in the intro of MKD, he prevailed over him with kombat skills alone.

Quan Chi, you are a formidable foe.
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I have hard time taking him seriously if he goes "HA-DEE-DEE-DEE" while he flings a flamboyantly green skull at you in a funky motion. I root for the good guys in MK, always. But that's just me. Only franchise where I root for the good guys too. lol

MK is realistic in the sense that the good guys don't win all the time. They normally get screwed over at some point. Nobody ever really wins, and I love it.
His MK4 outfit personifies him so much. I love Quan Chi, out of all the post-UMK3 characters, I think he is one of the best and fits MK the best. He's one of the few characters that I'm pretty satisfied with in regards to story and character development; NRS is really nailing him storyline-wise and personality-wise. I did sort of prefer his MK4 voice to his new voice, though, but they're both badass. I can't wait to see NRS does with the character next. Gameplay-wise, he's pretty cool (although I did prefer the Skull back then when it would eat on the opponent), but let's be honest, other than the Leg Beat, Quan Chi's fatalities suck ass as a whole. He could use some fatalities that involve the use of black magic, or maybe another hilariously awesome fatality a la the aforementioned Leg Beat. Nevertheless, Quan Chi's seemingly omnipresence within the story of MK, being involved with the goals of nearly every other villain, and his cool and collected personality definitely make him a favorite of mine. I also agree with Darth Muerte that his teaming up with Shang Tsung to revive the Dragon King's army was perhaps an even more interesting story than Onaga reappearing himself
I don't care what anyone says, Quan Chi is the deepest sorcerer in Mortal Kombat...

Anyone with the sorcery to create Scorpion and Noob is epic. And that laugh...
Let's just say Scorpion's life was ruined by him especially with Quan Chi ruining the Sub-Zero brothers' lives.

Give Quan Chi a rest maybe.
The only thing that really annoys me about Quan Chi is how much of a creator's pet he is to NRS, and how much they try to pass him off as the ultimate person pulling all the strings in the whole story
I don't want to see Quan Chi anymore. Shinnok must kill him or Scorpion must kill him for good!
While I agree for one game on Scorpion's revenge, and that it will further Scorpion's storyline, Quan Chi is simply too good a creation to kill off altogether.
Though as successful and powerful as he is, I would like to see him without the amulet and have it stolen from him to see how he goes without it. Scorpion, Shinnok, Raiden or even Noob take it off him for all I care.
After all these replies I am in awe of his voice! Absolute killer. Should be, along with his flaming skull(s), what he is known for most and they should always make it so deep!
MK4 his voice was awesome. Wish I could talk that deep and it wasn't so highish!
Here is his voice announcement on Youtube:
If only the leg rip fatality went to someone else.

Such an awesome fatality for a guy that looks like a guy from India funked a black metal fan.