Quan Chi


Quan Chi


Height: 6'7
Weight: 175
Resides: Neatherrealm
Origins: Neatherrealm
Fractions: Brotherhood of Shawdow/Deadly Alliance​

Details of Quan Chi's past are unknown, except that he was once an Oni from the Netherrealm, who transformed when he learned sorcery. He became a free roaming sorcerer, capable of travelling between realms without detection by the Elder Gods or local deities. He has spent time amassing great magical abilities from many worlds. While travelling in the Netherealm, Quan Chi came upon Shinnok, who was under torment from the realm's then-ruler, Lucifer. In exchange for power, and a place at Shinnok's side, he assisted the fallen Elder God in overthrowing his tormentor and helping him ascend to become the new ruler of the Netherealm. Their victory achieved, Shinnok honored his word and imbued Quan Chi with incredible power, making him arch-sorcerer of the Netherealm. When Shang Tsung took possession of the Great Kung Lao's soul after his defeat at the hands of Goro, he learned the location of Shinnok's long lost amulet. Tsung later traded this information with Quan Chi. In return, Quan Chi would help to revive Sindel and enable Shao Kahn to take control of Earthrealm at a later date. Although Shao Kahn's invasion failed, it gave Quan Chi the opportunity to make his move.

Shortly after receiving this information, the sorcerer proposed a deal with the Lin Kuei, he would destroy their rival clan, the Shirai Ryu, in exchange for the assistance of one of their warriors. Quan Chi convinced the elder Sub-Zero to retrieve the amulet for him. Sub-Zero did so (and killed Hanzo Hasashi in cold blood in the process), unaware of Quan Chi's motives. Once the Lin Kuei warrior acquired the amulet, Quan Chi claimed it, and gave the amulet back to Shinnok. Unknown to the fallen Elder God, Quan Chi had replaced the amulet with a useless imitation, and kept the real one for himself. Quan Chi would spend the following years assisting Shinnok in preparation for his forthcoming assault, as well leading the unholy cult of the Brotherhood of Shadows. Believing he would need a powerful warrior to defeat the younger brother of the original Sub-Zero, Quan Chi informed the spectre that this younger Sub-Zero had killed his family and clan, and allowed him access to the outer realms once again. Scorpion's rage enabled him to defeat the Lin Kuei warrior, but as he prepared to finish his enemy, Quan Chi appeared and revealed he was the actual murderer. Enraged, Scorpion grabbed him as the sorcerer made a move to send the ninja to the Netherealm, and the both of them were sent back down to the depths. In the Netherealm, Quan Chi was tortured by Scorpion until the Oni Drahmin and Moloch found them. The Oni protected Quan Chi from Scorpion, and in return, Quan Chi promised to bring them back with him when he eventually escaped the Netherealm. Upon discovering a portal that led to Outworld, he fled without them. The portal led Quan Chi to the tombs containing mummified remains of the Dragon King.

Reading the writings on the king's sarcophagus, Quan Chi realized that the army was invincible, and could be revived. He also discovered information that could enhance the powers of his amulet, and branded his body with the inscriptions. With an idea in mind of the individual who could assist him in his newest ambitions, he journeyed to Tsung's palace. Quan Chi described his plan to his fellow sorcerer; Quan Chi would open a "Soulnado" to the heavens, providing Tsung with infinite souls, and Tsung would help him revive the army of the Dragon King. Together, they would embark with determination to achieve absolute domination of all realms, forming the Deadly Alliance. Quan Chi had no way of knowing, but Tsung had made a side deal with Drahmin and Moloch, who had recently escaped from the Netherealm as well; once his own part of the plot was completed, and the army resurrected, Tsung would allow the two to have their revenge on Quan Chi. It was at this time that the forces of Earthrealm, led by Raiden, attacked. Their attack was in vain, when only Raiden remained, the Alliance confronted him together before the Soulnado.

They defeated him, but their victory was short-lived. Quan Chi had harbored his own suspicions on Tsung's part, namely that his ally wanted Shinnok's amulet for himself. He was correct. With all their enemies defeated, they turned on each other. Quan Chi emerged victorious, but could not savor his victory: The Dragon King, newly reborn, entered the chamber. Tsung awakened, as did Raiden, and together, the three attempted to stop him. In desperation, Raiden released his essence in a blast that destroyed everything in the vicinity. Quan Chi makes a quick escape just before the blast destroys everything except The Dragon King.

Quan Chi returned, likely with Shinnok's help, and with the amulet once more and wishes to acquire the ultimate godlike power granted from defeating the elemental Blaze. To that end, he has formed an uneasy and distrustful alliance with fellow villains Onaga, Tsung and Shao Kahn. He knows that the realms are in the brink of destruction, so he casts a deadly spell upon Orin, Taven's guardian dragon, in order to try and prevent him to put a halt to his plans. Quan Chi defeats Blaze and has his sorcery's power increased drastically and it shatters his medallion. He confronts the Elder Gods, who set him up and transform him into a Kamidogu. They then send the Kamidogu back in time to when Shinnok first discovered it. This reveals that the medallion was in fact himself and that his fate would be sealed.

Signature Moves
Green Flaming Skull: (MK4, MKG, MK:DA, MK:A)
Rising Star: (MK4, MKG, MK:DA, MK:A)
Magnet Force: (MK4, MKG, MK:A)
Tele Stomp: (MK4, MKG, MK:A)

Leg Beatdown: (MK4, MKG, MK:2011)
Neck Stretch: (MK:DA)

I always hated Quan Chi storywise but as a character he's too interesting and important to leave out.
This sums up everything about Quan Chi well. However u missed a tiny part where Scorpion has killed the elder sub zero during the events of MK 1 and quan chi had resurected him later as Noob Saibot and formed the brotherhood of the shadow. Although its not very relevant as far as quan chi is concerned, i thought if would be worth a mention.
Because of all his storyline development, he has basically become a "klassic" MK character. This just shows if they develop all the 'unpopular' new characters, they can become great too.
Quan Chi has always been my second favorite (next to Scorpion) since he was first appeared in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. He's so intertwined with the storyline I would consider him a "klassic" character as Chaos vs Order said above me. Plus he is the biggest dick in all the realms. How can you not love that?
He, like Scorpion, is looking better with each new game. I like his look in MK9 and MK vs DC Universe. I never thought he looked very good in green.
I like his current look. It seemed cool at the time, but the old jumpsuit with the spiked horse collar "pales" in compairison to his outfit now. Get it? "Pales," 'cause he's stark white and has no shir...awwww, forget it.
Awe my favorite character from MK 4 i wish this was his main outfit in the game why did they add tattoos on his head is beyond me. I really liked the green flaming skull move and the sound it made in MK4 and MK:DA somehow it was lacking in MK:A, oh and his Tele stomp was also cool.
This should definitely be in here AT THE TOP !! i cant believe i forgot about it.

this other video is bloopers from the game sub-zero mythologies it has some funny clips and it includes Richard Divizio as quan chi

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I grew to like Quan Chi.

But when I first saw him, I was like, why did they turn Powder into a video game character?

Quan chi is greatness I feel i should have been the one to do this biggest Qan chi fan here