Playing Arcade Ladder Before Story = Disaster?

It's not NRS fault if you got spoiled before playing the story mode. They focus on the Story Mode first before the Arcade mode. Arcade endings are 95% of the time are what if endings and not canon.
Disaster? No. The only thing it'll spoil is the main villain. But I don't see how the big bad will remain a secret for any of you. The second that sh** gets announced, it'll spread like wild fire.

Character specific endings will more than likely not spoil story details on a large scale. Maybe some references to specific story points, but I wouldn't worry about it too much.

When I start playing I'm going to hop into the training mode for a bit... Get a feel for some of the characters I would like to main. And then I'm going to hit Story Mode. Once I've got a good idea on where the story is going, I'll start playing arcade ladders.
When the Big Bad gets announced, I'm going into hiding. No TRMK, TestYourMight and even unsubscribing to IGN, Maximillian, UnCagedGamez, MKFireIce EVERYONE related to MK on Youtube.

I just for once want the Shock Value in a Mortal Kombat Story. Yep......its that deep guys.
I actually made a thread about this not to long ago.

I figured they could implement "Choose Your Destiny" into the story mode. Just simple things like choosing who to fight, who to perform a fatality on, and where you should go next. It doesn't have to be too crazy, just enough to cause a couple different stories.

yeah i know what you mean, for example just coming to a crossroads and deciding do i go left to go through the forest or do i go right into this cave enterance, going through the snow forest leads to a fight with subzero, going through the cave leads to a fight with reptile, but both paths lead you to the cove for the next encounter

so your path decision determines who you fight and on your first play you wont know whos in that forest or whos in that cave so your likley to play again just to find out.

The thing i like about that is in its simplest format like i just described it makes the game more engaging, but developers could take it further if they wanted and have paths lead to other paths so you could replay story like 10 times and still find new fights and secret locations depending on your path decisions.