PC version of Mortal Kombat 9...

Help-I have problem with mortal kombat komblet edition for pc

I have download black box edition and i install it but menu and everything is spanish (they said that its english)
I wan to know How can i change it to english??
please help me

Buy original and stop downloading from torrents! It's cheap:


BTW. Anyone from here have problem with game freezing or crashing when opening friends list in Private match directly from the game menu?
Continuing to discuss downloaded/torrented copies will result in deletion of posts, and possible action against you. So discussion is now over on that subject.


And just a proof how beautiful this game is:


Just look at vegetation, background, lighting, colors... impressive for UE3 i would say.
Today WB support sent me an email and told me this

Thanks for contacting WB!

Here at Technical Support we are not involved with game development and therefore we do not know when updates and titles are released.

We are aware of devs working in patches for this and other games but unfortunately we do not have an estimated time-frame.

Thank you,


WB Games Support

If you reply, please do not change the default subject line. This will ensure that your update is added to your existing ticket. You may always search our FAQ or request additional support at support.wbgames.com.

So the patch is already in development?!!
^ Great news, i really hope they will announce Injustice for PC too, and that we will not get MK10 two or more years after the consoles players. I am glad that they are happy with the sales.
Hey my PC is considered like a shi*** one . that's what i have
Proc : I5 2.67 , 4GB Ram DDR3 and a geforce GT 540M 2go
i really don't understand why MKKE just run in slow motion i mean i played Crysis 2 and the witcher in high setting and that was fluid
i don't care about the shadows or AA i just want 60 fps ='s so if anyone can just help me please ( sorry for my english ) ( i disabled V Sync .. i set all the video configuration to OFF ) i downloaded the fix ( 30fps,45fps) i play like 1 fight in TURBO SPEED and then back to the slowmo
thank's for reading
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