Official XBL Lobby Thread ~ 0TRMK

Hey you guys I just made a room if you guys want to join im not that good but I'd love to play with some fellow members.
My gamertag is AtLossForWords. I'm kind of new, but always down to learn. I'm happy to play with anyone who likes to socialize and has a decent level of maturity.
I have a room set up right now. 0TRMK.
JOIN! Be quick...

EDIT: Actually, nevermind. My connection is being a total dumb ass right now.
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I'd be down after the ufc fight

Ite well my GT is BINO973, send me a message whenever, I'm on appear offline so just send me a message. If I don't answer back I'm probably not at my xbox

Edit: I gtg for like an hour or so, If anyone is still on when I get back I'll play
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Anyone down for some drunk OTRMK after the football game? Watching Packers and Browns. So in about 2 hours?