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I do not think that Messi deserved it, sure he had a few moments of magic in a few games but was non existent in others. He did not really shine or impress enough like previous winners like Cannavaro and Forlan when they received the award. Like you said Taj Rodriguez definately had a much better tournament but I think what went against him really was he did not last long enough but still even for the lenght of time he was in it he done more than Messi. I also think Robben apart from his ridicules diving had a better tournament than Messi
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kinda wanted to see messi get it. he had a good look at one goal but missed by a few feet. thats the difference.


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I was going for Brasil... when they suffered that 7-1 loss... I was heartbroken... OMG... I cant even write anymore about this, I may start to cry again... that selfish F****ng a$$ had to jump on Naymars back and break him, and then that card on Silva was BS! if those 2 were in that match, the world cup would have a different ending result that's forsure. but anyways Congrats to Germany, you were the better team this time around. I cant wait for 2018 World Cup in Russia! Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Brasil, get your SH*T together and we can win it in 2018! Also fire the coach and get maybe 1 or 2 seasoned players on our team in the next tournament, instead of new young faces. Come on boys, lets make it 6 World Cup victories this time! :)