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$4.99 was too much for an incomplete character pack.

this. has anyone else noticed on some of combos(button inputs) that are the same as other mk fighters there's a huge lag? Also no second costume. What is up with her reaching half way off the screen during a round victory[not circular -tehe!!] As already stated there's no seperate wing in Nek for DLC but there is for stupid krap in my tos(kratos, dlc for ps3).

Overall I'm very disapointed.
Re: How to beat Kano with Skarlet?

The hot fix has been out for a few days now. go ahead and try it, do an up-ball on a blocked opponent. then can hit you with a fast uppercut, or fast special.

His knives have also had more cooldown between them. not too much, but you can tell.
Re: How to beat Kano with Skarlet?

Kano's Ball attack is what made him like a cheap boss. Even harder than Kahn usually. Him and Baraka (with his spinning and stabbing blades).
I'll admit Sektor should have got Skarlet's round 1 pose so we could get a good view of his ass instead but I'll take what I can get .

Sektor's ass > Everyone else's ass

I mean, look at this:


Does this not look like the perfect ass to you? :love:

Of course you all know I'm just joking, Kitana's ass in Kung Lao's MKG ending is the best. :wink:
Sektor has a MK Warehouse tattoo on his ass? Wait, don't answer that... I really don't want to know... LOL
LOL, that was supposed to be a gif of Sektor's running animation in MK3. Should have known not to try and post a pic from the Mortal Kombat tournament without expecting embarassing results. :lol:

My views have pretty much already been said.

Skarlet is a nice addition to the mythology, with a good back story, and she plays really well. X-Ray and Fatalities are great too. However, the lack of an alternate costume and Nekropolis make the add-on feel somewhat rushed, something it obviously wasn't. Hopefully NRS will take these views on board for the characters I really care about.

Also, hi.
Any1 else super happy with Skarlet?

Personally i wasnt too kean on the idear of skarlet. But how she has turned out is amazing. Her moves are very balanced, fast and she has a good range of attacks. All her specials moves work very well and she has a kool x-ray also.

Basically im really happy how she has turned out and dont feel screwed over by NRS this time. GOOD JOB!

What is your experience and opinions of Skarlet? Also what is your best combo with her so far?

Ive had her around half an hour now and can do a 33% combo with her, taking only 1 pro move, with the move not proed it does 31%.

Re: Any1 else super happy with Skarlet?

I am liking her also. There is an insane video right now on TYM homepage. 24 hit combo 56% damage or something like that.
Re: Any1 else super happy with Skarlet?

Me. She is my dream coming true, lol !

She is not hard to learn, she is fast and has a good amount of basic combos and special moves, and, the advanced combos, we are seeing such a lot of variations, that maybe Skarlet has potential to be chosen by some good player in tournaments.
Re: Any1 else super happy with Skarlet?

As a fighter, she seems to be pretty cool thus far. A good mix of offense and defense and just a fun style. As a character, her ending is really cool and she has some good potential to build off of later. As an overall package, not so much. Her lack of an alternate costume, no slot in the Nekropolis, an odd win animation between rounds, and some glitches that have been reported along with her download have kinda left my a touch underwhelmed. If NRS can figure it out and fix it for future Skarlet downloads and DLC characters though then it'd be a nice learning experience, in my opinion.
Re: Any1 else super happy with Skarlet?

i like her, cant really play that good only got 2 dial ups down and keep alternating between that upslash and the projectiles.

But i think she will get nerfed soon. she's fast (almost too fast) and she has a really good mix up. plus her slide = win against every new player who doesnt know how she fights ^^

But that's just my opinion. seeing as how NRS let's ermac keep his easy high dmg force throws, they might just let her be.
Re: Any1 else super happy with Skarlet?

Me too. I am super happy with Skarlet.

I hope she will be included as a regular character in the forthcoming (?) PS Vita version of Mortal Kombat 2011!