Official PlayStation Network Username Thread


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PSN - SiK_sNiPz

(really lame/cheesy lol, made it a couple years ago when I played call of duty I don't even play CoD anymore. Stopped before MW2 haha)


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PSN: Zephna Main/Sub: Jade/Kitana I'm usually on at night and during the day (sometimes in the morning to).
P.S. ~ Check out sig for the Online Patch Petition please. ;p


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So whenever PSN gets back Online I will play anyone who wants to play me my main is Ermac and Smoke
my PSN is Calabastor


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GovmntCheez is my PSN.

I'm not very good, but send me a FR if PSN ever goes back online.

Edit - I mostly use Scorpion or Smoke.


Like it says to the side, my PSN username is Epic Fayul. As soon as PSN is back up, I'll be on mostly during weekends, and I'll be maining as Smoke. But I won't be on that often :/