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Kaleko Sparx

New member
i can can confirm kenshi and dlc compatbility pack 2 are up try loading the game and there should be a pop up its not on the marketplace

Recon Number 54

New member
I've been waiting over 24 hours, another few won't hurt. Have you managed to download him then?

What about you, causedbinkie, have you managed to download him yet?

Hes out!look on the dashboard

WHAT? i have to pay for him and i bought the season pass?


New member
Recon if you bought the season pass don't buy him from the dashboard wait for it to be ingame i've got the same problem


New member
400 points for Kenshi?? I got the Season Pass! Will try to download it again.

Edit: nevermind, it's already there, don't have to download it again or you will be charged!


New member
Download the compatibility patch and you will get Kenshi. I think he only comes with the compatibility patch if you brought the season pass though, can anyone confirm?

Noob Saibot 2011

New member
i bought the pass then I got him free through the ingame store. i did not buy him on xbox marketplace ;)...

Those who are having bother with the download should try re download the pass. a friend of mine did it and it then worked for him. this was for skarlett btw.