Kinda doubtful if she will return in the future games since Skarlet could have replaced her. But her story is instrumental in the resurrection of the dragon king, so still skeptical
It seems that with the introduction of Skarlet, Nitara is very unlikely to return. It's a shame though, I actually liked her more than Lady in red... :(
@Yung- She has to be one of the most sloppily designed MK characters in existence, her story is random and uninteresting, and her moves and powers are lame as all hell (Blood Ball? Seriously?)

Plus, she doesn't fit into MK and its storyline at all; she looks like she belongs in Darskstalkers and shit
I like her, I hope she makes a return in MKX. Just give her a slightly redesign/a slender look, she had Chun Li thighs and i didn't think that fit her right. But she is a vampire and i think their natural dark demeanor fit well in MK...more so in in MKX now
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