New kharacters on the Vita!?

"The new DLCs to this game will only be on the Vita version including characters that are missing in the Complete Edition like Jason from Friday the 13th, Tanya from Mortal Kombat 4 and Li Mei from Mortal Kombat Deception and costumes including MK3 Costumes for Reptile and Smoke."-Wikipedia

I'm not buying it, especially since they misspelled 'Komplete Edition.' I feel like someone edited that to get people hyped. We can only wait to see. I also don't see why Li Mei would be in it. You would like Fujin or someone else that got many votes by the fans would be in it. Li Mei is just so random.

I saw that info on the Wiki a couple days back, but now it's gone.
But on another note, I happen to have a Vita so I MIGHT pick up the game, but they should still have the characters for DLC for the console. At least that would give it some purpose at this point.
I remember seeing a video on youtube of someone who found the DLC bases before the DLC's came out and when you selected them you heard Shao Kanh say "Fujin". I think if there would ever be a exclusive character (which I doubt there would be) I am guessing it would either be him or Tanya or Frost.
NRS knows that the fans have wanted Tanya as DLC along with Reiko, Fujin and Havik.
If Tanya is in the Vita version, and she's exclusive to the Vita, that would be utter bull-shit.
Still not getting the game, but that would be f***ked up, considering that 90% of the fans who voted her in don't have a Vita.

And I'm one of those fans! :soapbox:

Also in that list, I think Li Mei should be replaced with Sareena instead since she does fit the timeline more.
I don't see how anyone could not like sareena, she's sick as hell and looks so sweet, nitara is definitely the worst
Her and Frost!

Frost isn't that bad....
Ewwww dat Frost

Now I must post a Talisa Soto pic just to purge this thread of the stench of that cosplay pic up there


Queve is back with more info/rumors:

Finally, I did gather more information concerning MK VITA:

1) There is definitely at least one new male character in the game.
2) It is yet unknown if said character is playable. He can be fought against though.
3) One of the seen new characters (could be the same one mentioned in number one) is actually a NINJA-looking.
4) Challenge Tower is supposed to be infested with unexpected surprises than the ones that have been revealed.

I have a feeling that if said character(s) is not playable, he/they are in the Challenge tower.

One of them (or the one) is supposed to look like a Ninja, by the comments I read, it makes me wonder if its someone we already know, but, who has never been playable.


Am I the only one who thinks it might be Chameleon? I can picture NRS giving him the other ninjas' animations/special moves, he'd make a bad ass opponent on the bonus challenge tower.
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