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Hey guys, here is a story I made for the future Mk games. I have made a significant amount of references to the previous storylines mainly for continuity purposes and for those who are not familiar with the Mortal Kombat lore. Also thanks to back back back low punch, Vigilante_Firedragon and all the other members whose ideas I have used along with mine to create this story. Enjoy and I hope for your valuable feedback, suggestions and ideas.


~Written by Flying Jinko


Shinnok's Fall From Grace.

Thousands of years ago, when all the realms were created , an Elder God, Shinnok desired to rule Earthrealm, which in turn would grant him immense power. However in order to do so without the other elder gods being aware, he created a powerful amulet which weakened the dimensional barriers around the realms and entered Earthrealm. During the war against his fellow Gods, he came directly in contact with Raiden and after hundreds of years, Raiden with the help of the Elder gods managed to defeat Shinnok and banished him to the Netherealm, stripping him of his amulet and Elder God status.

A Trustworthy Ally.

At the Netherealm, Shinnok faced constant torture from Lucifer, the ruler of the Netherealm then, till he met the Sorceror Quan Chi who could travel the realms at will. With Quan Chi's help, Shinnok overthrew Lucifer and took control of his throne and became the ruler of the Netherealm. He rewarded Quan Chi for his efforts with immense power, making him Arch Sorcerer of the Netherealm.

The Netherealm Revamped.

Together Shinnok and Quan Chi, began building an army of Darkness with the inhabitants of the realm and also created a fanatical cult of demons known as the 'Brotherhood of the Shadow' dedicated to worshipping Shinnok.

Years passed and Shinnok had amassed a large enough army to assault Earthrealm once again but without his Amulet he could not exit the Netherealm. However Quan chi was aware of Shao Kahn's need for a Sorcerer who could resurrect Sindel, his fallen Queen (formerly the Queen of Edenia before Kahn invaded it and claimed her as his after killing King Jarod) at Earthrealm so that he could cross over and invade it. Quan Chi with the help Shinnok promised to master the sorcery required for her resurrection in return for the information on Shinnok's amulet, the whereabouts of which were known to Shang Tsung.

Retrieval Of Shinnok's Amulet.

The Amulet had been hidden in a Temple guarded by the four elemental Gods. Quan Chi enlisted the help of the Lin Kuei warrior Sub Zero and retrieved the Amulet. Quan Chi started mastering the spell required to open a portal for Shinnok to exit with the help of the amulet.

Shinnok's 'Allegiance'.

A few years later, Quan Chi, having finally mastered the spell to resurrect Sindel, bought her back to life in Earthrealm and brainwashed her into serving Shao Kahn. With the resurrection of Sindel Shao Kahn started invading Earthrealm. Shao Kahn had also formed a pact with Shinnok, for his allegiance in exchange for souls of all those who die in the battle.

Although Shinnok swore his allegiance to Shao Kahn, he merely saw it an an oppurtunity to expand his army with the souls of powerful warriors such as Kung Lao, Kuai Lang, Jax, Nightwolf, Sindel, Smoke,Kitana, Jade, Stryker and Kabal and the souls of millions of other people whose deaths occured in Earthrealm during Kahn's invasion. He was also aware of Shao Kahn's ignorance of the Elder God's prohibition against merger of the realms which had ultimately lead to his defeat and death.

The Netherealm Prepares

With the death of Shao Kahn and with Quan Chi in the final stages of opening the portal for his exit, Shinnok prepared himself and his armies for his all realm domination.


Rebuilding of Earthrealm.

Meanwhile back at Earthrealm, Raiden, Johnny Cage and Sonya, the sole survivors of the last battle tended to all the wounded.
Raiden instructed Sonya to report back to her superiors and explain to them the events that happened and track down Kano and exterminate the Black Dragon Clan, whose members were still wrecking havoc in the realm.

The Blind Swordsman.

While on the search for Kano, Sonya came across the blind rogue swordsman, Kenshi, who was also a participant in the previous Mortal Kombat tournaments and was on a mission to find the one who had blinded him and enslaved his ancestors souls. (Ever since he was blinded, the power of his ancestral sword and the power of the warrior in him, helped him master the control of his other senses. During his training he discovered that he had an inbuilt ability of telekinesis. He nurtured and improved upon this ability and after a decade of training, he joined the Mortal Kombat Tournament in hopes of finding the betrayer and defiler of his ancestry). Sonya informed him that the one he was searching for was probably the Socercer, Shang Tsung, who has already been killed. Kenshi debated however, that his sword has still not sensed the freedom of his ancestors souls. Sonya agreed to help Kenshi solve his dillemma in return for his help in pushing back the Black dragon clan. Kenshi readily agrees and helps the special forces exterminate the remanants of the black dragon and tarkatan hordes who remained back at Earthrealm.

Johnny Goes Beserk.

Ever since the death of Shao Kahn, Johnny Cage felt that he had lost control of body and his powers. Powerful bursts of energies started erupting from his body frequently destroying everything around him. Raiden did everything in his power to help stop the random spasms of energy bursts but to no avail. Desperate, Raiden transported Johnny to Seido, the Realm of Order and enlisted the help of Master Bo Rai Cho, to teach Johnny to control his power and to transform him into a powerful warrior. With the help of Bo Rai Cho, Johnny began his intense training and gradually started having control over his powers and his transformation began.

The Forgotten Monk.

Meanwhile Raiden, went out on a mission to find capable and powerful warriors to reinforce the highly crippled earthrealm defences.
He first went searching for Kai, a Shaolin monk and former member of the white lotus society(a society which Raiden along with the Order of Light (an order of monks) created many years ago after the defeat and death of the Great Kung Lao by Goro, to select a group of champions from among the best fighters in the world, who would dedicate their lives to learning and understanding how to defend the independence of Earthrealm from the threat of other worlds.)Kai had left the society to pursure his own goals of honing his skills and self enlightenment. He had journeyed to through Asia for many years and learnt many skills from numerous great masters.

Raiden found Kai meditating deep within the Himalayan Mountains. Raiden informed and explained to Kai all the events that had taken place. Kai was grief stricken on hearing that his Shaolin brothers and friends Liu Kang and Kung Lao were no more. Kai with his heightened sense of greater good and belief in the Elder Gods realised that Raiden had to do what he did to stop Liu Kang. Kai agreed to travel back with Raiden and train with him to help fight off and foreign future invasions.
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Re: My Future Mortal Kombat Story.

The Adventurer-Warrior.

Next, Raiden along with Kai went searching for Shujinko, another former member of the white lotus society. As a young boy, Shujinko was a big fan of the Great Kung Lao and had always wished to join the Mortal Kombat tournament and fight Shang Tsung. He used to attend the martial arts classes that Master Bo Rai Cho conducted to help his village defend itself from outside threats. Master Bo Rai Cho saw a lot of potential in the young Shujinko and trained him personally to better his skills. With the help of Master Bo Rai Cho's training Shujinko gains enough confidence and approached the Master Shen,(a recruiting member for the White Lotus society at his village) wanting to join the society, eager to prove himself a worthy defender of his home. Shujinko was ordered by Master Shen to rid his village of a band of mystical warriors who had invaded earthrealm from another realm. His success would increase the likeliness of being nominated to represent the White Lotus in the Mortal Kombat tournament and thereby fulfilling his childhood desire. Though Shujinko succeded in driving off the foreign invaders, Master Shen realised Shujinko's soul was tainted with an unexplainable evil which prevented him from representing the goodness and purity of the White Lotus.

During his early training with Bo Rai Cho, Shujinko was visited by a being known as Damashi, claiming to be an agent for the Elder Gods. Damashi entrusted Shujinko with the mission of finding sacred relics known as the 'Kamidogu', one of each found in every realm. To aid him with the quest, Damashi mystically instilled in Shujinko, the enhanced ability to observe and then weild the combat abilities and powers of warriors he came across. Shujinko then left his village and trained with Master Bo Rai for many years till he reached adulthood and learnt every skill his master had to teach. Done with his training Shujinko continued on his quest for finding the Kamidogu of Earthrealm. He joined the Lin Kuei and helped them defeat their rival clan, The Shirai Ryu. Later he was asked to retrieve an artifact from a Red Dragon hideout which was in fact the Kamidogu of Earthrealm. Once retrived , he exited Earthrealm and placed the Kamidogu on its pedestal at the Nexus and continued on his quest to find the Kamidogu of Netherealm.

The deeds of Shujinko during his time with the Lin Kuei, tainted his soul enough for him traverse the plains of the Netherealm without a problem. During his travels in the Netherealm he came across a demon slayer by the name, Ashrah, who was being pursued by members of the Brotherhood of the Shadow. Ashrah was a former member of the Brotherhood, who was being pursued by them for disobeying the orders of Quan Chi and slaying many of its members with her heavenly sword, 'The Kriss'.
Shujinko helped fend off the demons and in return Ashrah taught him the art of demon slaying. However Quan Chi sensed Shujinko's presence in the Netherealm and he too was pursued by the brotherhood. Shujinko escaped to the nexus to avoid being caught.

It was here where Raiden along with Kai found Shujinko and helped him fight off the demons who followed him to the nexus. Raiden then asked Shujinko's assistance to help him preserve and protect Earthrealm and secure it. Shujinko, realising that the safety of his home is of more importance at the moment, abandons his quest for the time being and travels back to Earthrealm with Raiden. There Raiden begins personaly training Shujinko and Kai preparing themselves for any unforseen events that may occur.


The Return Of The King.

With Shao Kahn dead, Ermac the amalgam of souls created by Shang Tsung was no longer bound to the dead emperor. Anarchy erupted within Ermac, as the many warriors, whose souls comprised his being struggled for dominance. However only one soul had the strength and will to quiet is chaos erupting within Ermac. It was the soul of the former Emperor of Edenia, King Jarod. The shadow priests of Shao Kahn saw the tranformation in Ermac and began to subdue him. However, he was freed from their grip by blind swordsman, Kenshi, who had intervened at the nick of time. Kenshi had travelled to outworld in search for Kano under the instructions of Sonya. Ermac repaid Kenshi by helping him develop telekinetic abilities and training him to use his abilities in kombat.

With Ermac's inner conflict solved with the dominance of the soul of King Jarrod, he travlled to Edenia to reunite with his past. He was grief stricken to see that his realm was under a strict military regime and his people enslaved, ever since his death by the hands of Shao Kahn. Ermac travelled to earthrealm seeking Raiden to help free his realm and people. Raiden saw the transformation in Ermac and interacted with the soul of his once close ally and friend. He agreed to do all he can to help free his realm and suggested Ermac to travel to outworld to negotiate peace talks with those who were in charge.
Ermac then travelled to Outworld, seeking the freedom of his realm.

The New Emperess.

Back at outworld, Mileena, Shao Kahn's 'true' daughter too was undergoing a tranformation. The dark magic of Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung no longer held her mind in shackles. The insanity and Rage which used to direct her actions were slowly beginning to fade. She began feeling the emotions of guilt, love, hatred like a normal being. Mileena then decided to undo all the unspeakable acts of the former emperor and claimed the throne of Outworld as new queen under the guidance of Goro, Kintaro and Sheeva. She together with the Shokan, began rebuilding the realm putting away the harsh rules of the dead emperor.

She was then approached by Ermac.
Ermac seeing the tranformation in Mileena saw more hope in efforts to free Edenia and commened peace talks with her.
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Re: My Future Mortal Kombat Story.


The Deceivers.

Meanwhile back at Netherealm, Quan Chi was in the final stages of opening the portal with the power of the Amulet, required for Shinnok's escape. He had also amassed a massive army of Netherealm Oni and entrusted the Brotherhood of the Shadow, the fantical demon cult under Noob Saibot's leadership.

Unknown to Mileena, Shao Kahn's head general, Reiko had secretly allied himself with Quan Chi. He offered all his troops under his command to Shinnok, majority of which were transformed into demons to serve the Brotherhood headed by Noob. Shinnok offered him the dead emperor's helmet in return and also offered the position of Governor Militant in Outworld, once Shinnok was succesful.

One of shao Kahn's most loyal servant, Baraka too had approached Shinnok. He and his tarkatan hordes would help Shinnok overun Outworld now ruled by Mileena in return for Shinnok's help in defeating the Shokans who was always considered superior by the Shao Kahn and thus sidelining the tarkatan with lesser priveleges. The Tarkata harbored deep hatred and wished to vanquish the Shokan once and for all.

Reptile now without a master, roamed outworld in search of more of his species (the saurians). Quan Chi approached him and promised him that Shinnok would help him free his Homeworld Zaterra and also would help him repopulate the world and bring it back to its former glories. Reptile readily agrees and travels back to Netherealm with Quan Chi, ready to serve his new master with unquestionable loyalty.

During the events of Sindel's resurrection, Motaro had been killed by Raiden. Quan Chi however secretly hid his body at Netherealm and performed the same Sorcery on him which was used to resurrect Sindel. With Motaro Resurrected he brainwashed him into serving Shinnok who had planned to use Motaro's influence to get the centaurs to fight on his side.

Thus Reiko, leading the Corrupt Outworld Warriors, Noob Saibot leading the Brotherhood of the Shadow, Baraka leading the tarkatan hordes and Motaro leading the centaurs were the forces Shinnok planned to unleash on Outworld.

The Black Dragon and The Lin Kuei.

The Special Forces led by Sonya Blade had now a deeper understanding of the other realms and had setup a Xeno-Intelligence department specializing in neutralasing all other Realm threats. In order to Counter this, Quan Chi sought the help of The Black Dragon Clan headed by Kano. Kano agreed to help defeat this common foe with the help of the clan's advanced weaponary.
The Lin Kuei, lead by Sektor was hired by Quan Chi to help in the invasion of Earthrealm as well.
They offered their Cyber-Ninjas to the Brotherhood, turning them into Cyber-demons to enhance their powers.

The Son Of Argus.

Shinnok meanwhile sought the help of Daegon, the son of the former Protector and God of Edenia. Millennia earlier, Daegon and Taven, (the sons of Argus and Delia, protectors of Edenia) were put to a contest by a parents to seek out a Firespawn named Blaze. They were put to a long sleep and were to be awakened by their guardian dragons when the time for their quest to begin would come. Daegon however, awoke prematurely due to an error commited by his guardian dragon named Caro. Daegon became unbalanced by the early awakening and confronted his parents about the true nature of his quest. He enlisted the help of Shinnok who manipulated him, telling him that his parents were aiding his brother.Once he found out what was needed he killed his parents and formed the Red Dragon Clan whose primary objective was to find blaze.This was however, a clever planning on Shinnok's part to rid Edenia of the protection from Argus( which would later be the reason Shao Kahn invaded it with ease).

Daegon agreed to help Shinnok in return for Shinnok's help millennia ago. He enlisted Mavado, his most capable general to lead the Red Dragon clan and their Human-Dragon Hybrids (created from the DNA of Caro) as per Shinnok's wishes. Caro's ability to create portals to transport anyone anywhere would be off great use to Shinnok.

Although the 3 clans had their differences, Shinnok promised them equal share of Earthrealm if they co-operate and succeed in securing Earthrealm for him.

Thus The Black Dragon led by Kano, The Lin Kuei led by Sektor,The Red Dragon led my Mavado and The Netherealm Oni led by various Oni Warlords were the forces Shinnok planned to unleash on Earthrealm.

The Champ Resurrected.

However the most sinister of Shinnok's and Quan Chi's plan was the resurrection of the former Mortal Kombat Champion, Liu Kang.
Quan Chi saw the disadvantages using the sorcery used to resurrect Sindel and Motaro, and return Liu Kang to be former self. Liu Kang's conscience was too pure to be brainwashed or corrupt. Thus instead, he resurrected Liu Kang as a hell spawned spectre (in similar fashion to how Quan Chi resurrected scorpion) whose conscience and souls was corrupt and only seeking vengence on Raiden, who was responsible for the death of his friends and himself which, he believed led to the collapse of Earthrealm as well. Quan Chi also imbued a Trance like spell into Liu Kang's mind, preventing him from viewing the reality and instead projecting hallucinations and images Quan Chi wished him see.

Quan Chi showed Liu Kang the Temples of Raiden, at Earthrealm. Liu Kang in a fit of rage and anger, destroyed all the devotees and the temples in no time. The Temples were in fact, The Wushu Academy and The White Lotus HQ in reality, which Liu Kang failed to see under Quan Chi's spell.

Thus it begins

The Two Threats.

The only two threats that Shinnok faced now were Raiden and the Elder Gods. With Quan Chi finding finding a solution to subdue raiden through Liu Kang, only the Elder Gods remained a threat. He learnt from the mistakes of Shao Kahn and thus deicided to attack straight at the heart of the heavens, The Eternal Palace of the Elder Gods and get rid of them once and for all.
Quan Chi finally finished opening the portal for Shinnok and with the help of Hellbeasts (the strongest demons of the Netherealm) and deadly Gargoyles, he attacked the Eternal Palace of the Elder Gods.

The Four Elemental Guardians.

On arrival at the palace, Shinnok and his minions came face to face with the Guradians of the Palace, the four elemental Gods of Wind, Fire, Water and Earth. (The elemental Gods were first tasked with protection of Shinnok's amulet by Raiden a few years ago. However with the Amulet was stolen, the Elder Gods appointed them as their Guardians to fend off any threats Heaven may face.)
Fujin, the wind God led the other Elementals into battle with Shinnok and his minions. The elementals fought well but were severely outnumbered and got overwhelmed quickly. Shinnok managed to break into the palace and kill a few elder gods, but was stopped by Fujin allowing the remaining Gods to escape. The fire,water and earth elemental Gods perished in this conflict and Fujin alone stood battling all the hellspawns desperate to save The Heavens. Shinnok blasted Fujin, with a powerful projectile sending him falling from the heavens into Earthrealm. Shinnok instructed some of his minions to pursue and kill him.

Although Shinnok was not succesful in killing all the Elder Gods, he saw them as a threat no more as the Heavens were now under his control.

Back on Earth, Raiden, Shujinko and Kai were training a new generation of shaolin monks and fighters at the Wushu Academy and The White Lotus society. While training, Raiden sensed Fujin's presence close and teleported Kai, Shujinko and himself to that location.(It was during their absense that Quan Chi had unleashed Spectre Liu Kang on the Academy and Society completely destroying them).

Back at the crash site, Fujin continued battling the hellbeasts but was saved by Raiden, Kai and Shujinko before they could finish him off. Fujin then informed Raiden of Shinnok's tyrany and that the Elder Gods can no longer protect the realms and that many of them were already killed.

Earthrealm Prepares.

The news shocked and troubled Raiden greatly as there were no longer anyone to enforce the rules of the realms. The news of the complete destruction of the Wushu Academy and White Lotus troubled him even further.Raiden informed Sonya to send a warning to all countries and Military organisations through the special forces and to prepare the still recovering Earthrealm, for the onslaught.

Raiden in an act of desperation decided to travel to Outworld seeking assitance. He entrusted Fujin to lead the battle against Shinnok's minions while he was away.Raiden teleported to the nexus to get into Outworld but was prevented in doing so by a fearsome foe.
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The Fall of The Thunder God.

Raiden stood face to face with the resurrected Liu Kang. Raiden, shocked on seeing the reincarnated Mortal Kombat Champion, tried to reason with him but the hellspawn took no heed. Liu Kang fueled with deep hatred, anger and a thirst of vegence fought Raiden in a fierce battle and defeated him. However before he could take the killing blow, Quan Chi, created a duplicate illusion of Raiden and directed Liu towards it. Liu Kang viciously slaughtered the illusion of the thunder god, believing it to be real and was then teleported back to the Netherealm.

Meanwhile Shinnok had his final word with the beaten Thunder God and prepared to kill him. Quan Chi however adviced that they should use him instead and kill him off when they conquer all the realms. Shinnok agrees and with the help of a complex socercery he learnt during his time at the Netherealm, Shinnok claimed Raiden's soul. The physical body and powers of raiden were now under Shinnok's control.

The Edenian Traitors.

Shinnok then travels back to the Netherealm and prepares to invade Edenia. An invasion there would enable Shinnok to gain a strong foothold and Quan Chi could open a portal that leads directly into the heart of the capital city of Outworld.

Edenia however, was heavily guarded by The Edenian Military and The Outworld Warriors still loyal to Mileena. With the help of the Edenian traitors, Rain and Tanya, Shinnok and Reiko along with the Brotherhood managed to enter the realm disguised as refugees.
Once inside, Reiko and the Brotherhood led a surprise attack which overwhelmed the ill prepared Edenian and Outworld Military forcing them to retreat back to Outworld.

With Edenia under Shinnok's control, Quan Chi opened a portal from the Netherealm so that the remaining armies could set their base here. Once the armies settled, Quan Chi opened the next portal to Outworld, the armies ready to strike on Shinnok's orders.

Outworld Prepares.

Ermac's and Mileena's peace talks gets disturbed on the arrival of the wounded Outworld and Edenian armies posted at Edenia. They informed them of Shinnok's invasion and also the involvement of Reiko and Baraka. Mileena realises that she has been decieved and orders Goro and Sheeva to ready the Drago-shokans for battle. Kintaro unfies all the tiger-shokan clans and warns them of the oncoming onslaught. The current leader of the centaurs, Fulgore, offered his assistance as well and went on his way to unify the centaurs.

The Local Hero.

Sheeva advised Mileena to seek the help of warrior named Li Mei, who was famous among the people of outworld had regularly led rebelions during Shao Kahn's rule. Mileena approached her and though Li Mei wasn't keen on helping the 'daughter' of Shao Kahn, she agreed knowning that her home is in peril. Li mei travalled from village to village seeking able kombatants to fight for outworld.

The First Wave.

Shinnok ordered Baraka to lead his tarkartan Horde throught the portal to Outworld. On their arrival, Baraka and the tarkatans ripped through the streets with surgical precision
killing all in sight. They soon however came head to head with the Draco-Shokans led by Goro. The tarkatan were fearsome and formidable warriors but they were no match for the strength and might of the Shokan and were trashed back badly.

The Rise Of The Centaur.

Meanwhile Fulgore, the centaur chief was on his way to centaur dwellings. Before he could reach , he was intercepted and killed by Motaro. Motaro then proceeded to create an uprising among his kin against the shokan and led all of the centaur armies to battle.

The Battle Continues.

Meanwhile back at the battlefield, Noob Saibot along with the Brotherhood assisted the tarkatans in pushing back the Shokan. However
Mileena and Li mei leading the Outworld warriors and local rebels respectively squashes Noob's efforts.

The centaur then charge into the battle knocking down all the Draco- Shokans creating a rift in their battle formations. Sheeva along with her band of draco-shokans and Kintaro leading the tiger-shokan manages to fill up the rift and engage the centaur in battle.

Reiko with his regiment of Corrupt Outworld warriors arrives through an alternate portal and attempts catche Goro and his Draco-Shokans in a deadly pincer. However, Ermac leading the Edenian military counter Reiko's attack. Tanya and Rain along with their band of Traitors assist Reiko. Reptile using his stealth catches Kintaro off guard and engages him.

World War III.

Meanwhile at Earthrealm Quan Chi orders Mavado to open Portals at key strategic positions around the world with the help of the abilties of Caro ( Daegon's guardian dragon) for easy travel within Earthrealm. Using these portals the Lin Kuei assasinate world Leaders and Military commanders, thereby crippling the earthrealm's armies' morale. The Red Dragon Clan unleash their Dragon-human hybrids through these portals and wreck turmoil in the cities around the world. The Black Dragon, uses their advanced weaponary to take out key Military Headquaters.

Quan Chi then orders the Brotherhood Cultists to build Temples and worshipping Shrines at various places around the realm devoted to Shinnok , and asks them to worship Lord Shinnok so that he maintains all his power when he arrives on Earthrealm.

Earthrealm retaliates.

The Xeno-Intelligence Wing of the special forces, headed by Sonya manages to the pin point the location of all portals and asks the military around the world to engage all enemies at these 'Hotspots' and destroy the portals.

Fujin senses a diabolic corruption slowly spreading through earthrealm and realises that it caused by the worshipping of Shinnok by the Brotherhood Cultists. He along with Kai and Shujinko starts clearing these desecrated temples one by one.

Change Of Plans.

Meanwhile back in Outworld, the battle continues as the bodies of hundreds of shokan, centaur, tarkata etc, lie bloodied. As the battle progressed futher Reiko manages to defeat and kill Sheeva. With her dead, Shinnok knew that the battle is slowly turning in their favour. He instructs Reiko to lead a group of the Brotherhood into Earthrealm along with Scorpion and stop Fujin, Kai and Shujinko from destroying his temples.

Crazy Thunder God.

Shinnok unleashes Raiden into earthrealm by controling his soul. Raiden starts destroying cities one by one using his Lighting powers. Fujin senses Raiden's presence and locates him. Seeing that Raiden has become corrupt , Fujin has no choice but to confront and stop him. He engages the Thunder God in a mighty battle.

Meanwhile Shujinko and Kai continue clearing Shinnok's temples one by one. Reiko and Scorpion arrive with the brotherhood to stop them. Kai and Shujinko fight off the brotherhood and engage Reiko and Scorpion in kombat. Reiko, known to be a ruthless and exceptional warrior however met his match with Kai. Kai defeated Reiko and killed him with a massive fireball. Shujinko defeats Scorpion but he manges to escape back to the Netherealm. Fujin manages to defeat Raiden as well but raiden teleports away.

Special Forces Breached.

Sektor and Cyrax of the Lin Kuei manages to locate the Special Forces headquaters and leads an assault into the building. Sonya and Kenshi who were stationed there helps fight off the Lin Kuei and engage the cyborgs in kombat. Kenshi defeats Sektor but could not stop him from escaping. Sonya defeats Cyrax and captures him with the help of Kenshi. They reprogram his vital systems to work for them. Cyrax then reveals to them the secret HQ of the Red Dragon clan from where all the portals are controlled.

The Red Dragon Compromised.

With the new intel, Kenshi and Cyrax lead and Elite team of the Special forces into The Red Dragon HQ.However they were immediately engaged by the Human-dragon hybrids who caught them by surprise. Kenshi and Cyrax manages to fight through the beasts infiltrating deeper into the HQ until they came face to face with Mavado and Hsu Hao. The kombatants engage in a fierce battle. Mavado defeats Kenshi and mortally wounds him. Cyrax however manages to defeat Hsu Hao, but was getting overwhelmed by the Dragon warriors. However Sonya arrives in the nick of time with reinforcements and overuns the red dragon's perimeter.Mavado and Hsu Hao manages to escape through one of the portals just before it got destroyed.
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Re: My Future Mortal Kombat Story.

If There Is Hell, It is here.

As both Earthrealm and Outworld are overun by the armies of the Netherealm, Quan Chi prepares for the final stage in the all realm domination. Quan Chi, along with The head Cultists of the Brotherhood, perform a series of rituals in the middle of the Sahara desert. Quan Chi instructs Kano and the black dragon to ensure that no one disrupts them. As the rituals progressed a massive vortex like portal formed on the sands of the desert surrounding them and gradually grew in size. The portal grew to a massive size and then suddenly the earth started to tremor and a relic like structure slowing started emerging from the ground where the portal was opened. The structure grew in size ripping through the ground and contaminating it with reddish/black chars. As the pyramid like Structure arose from the ground to its full height, Quan Chi told Kano that the structure is called a Desecrated Monolith. It was created by Shinnok and Quan Chi together in the thousands of years they were trapped in the Netherealm. The Monolith once bought into a living realm, sucks the souls of all the dead from all realms. With an endless supply of souls to fuel Shinnok's power, he cannot be defeated nor killed.

The Monolith rose to the full height and slowly started charring the surrounding and the sky with a blackish red tint, spreading further and futher throughout the lands like an Epidemic. The remainder of the Netherealm armies led by Oni Warlords, along with the greatest of the Hellbeasts emerged from the portal as well.

The Demon Slayer Informs.

Escaping the eyes of Quan Chi and his minions, Ashrah enters into Earthrealm through the portal Quan Chi created and looks for Shujinko by navigating through the Red Dragon portals. She finds Shujinko along with Kai and Fujin and informs them of the Monolith. She also informs them that the armies of Outworld and Edenia are crippled and thus cannot provide them help. Fujin, unsure of what to do at this juncture, makes his way along with Shujinko, Kai and Ashrah to the monolith, in hopes of finding a solution there.

To The Sahara Desert!

Meanwhile at the Red Dragon Headquaters, Sonya received an intel from her comrades at the Xeno-Intelligence Agency that massive sesimic activity and changes in atmospheric pressure were occuring in the middle of the Sahara desert. Sonya rallies the remenants of the special forces and uses the Red dragon portals to navigate their way to the Monolith.

Pull Back! Retreat!

Sonya arrives along with special forces and military and orders the Black Dragon and Quan Chi to surrender. Quan Chi acknowleges her order by sending a band of Netherealm Oni charging towards them, whom she and the special forces manage to shoot down. Sonya orders the Abrahms Tanks and ballistic missiles to advance and assualt. Kano and the black dragon retaliate by firing missiles of their own. Sonya then calls in an Air Strike to destroy the monolith. The bombs however were no match for the Monolith's imprenetable armor enchanted with magic. In the midst of the commotion and dust, Sonya along with a strike team advance closer to the Monolith and engage Kano and his black dragon thugs. Quan Chi orders the hellbeasts to destroy the special forces weaponary, which they do so by hurling massive balls of hellfire, destroying all tanks and killing all the units stationed there. With no where to retreat to, Sonya continues fighting Kano and is defeated. Kano having finally defeated his greatest foe gets ready to kill her. Just as Kano is about to land his killing blow, a massive shockwave of green energy thrusts him and the other black dragon flying into the air.

The Warrior Beyond Mortal Imagining.

It had been almost an year since Johnny Cage left for Seido to train with master Bo Rai Cho. Bo Rai Cho had brought his new student to a Sacred Artifact,within the walls of which they began their training. Bo Rai Cho revealed to Johnny that he is in fact a decendant of The Mediteranian Cult at Earthrealm who bred warriors for the Gods and had powers far beyond that of mortals. The sacred artifact within which they trained was enchanted with an unexplainable Seido magic, which slowed down time, enabling Johnny to get an equivalent of 10 years training. The calmness, peace and serenity of the realm helped him to gradually control his new found powers and the spasms of energy bursts faded away. He adapted the discipline and focus of the denizens of the realm into his own character and put away his old carefree ways. With vigorous training under Master Bo Rai Cho, Johnny Cage transformed into a warrior beyond mortal imagining.

Having done with his training, Johnny Cage and Bo Rai Cho depart for Earthrealm to assist Raiden in rebuilding the realm, unaware of the events that have happened so far. As they entered the Earthrealm portal at the Nexus, a cosmic interference transports them to place other than they had intended. They realised that they were at the Sahara desert and withnessed the destruction of Special Forces Tanks at a distance. The two warriors rushed to the spot to aid the survivors.

Hellbeasts Get 'CAGED'!

On arrival, Johnny sees Sonya in trouble and propels a massive forceball shockwave that sends Kano and the black dragon thugs flying into the air in all directions. Bo Rai Cho drags Sonya away to safety as Johnny prepares to face his foes. Quan Chi shocked by Johnny's new found power, orders the entire Netherealm Oni stationed there to engage him. Johnny however was more than a match for them and the Oni started suffering heavy casualities. Quan Chi in a fit of rage orders the Hellbeasts (the greatest of all Netherealm demons) to engage and destroy Johnny. Johnny skillfully and easily beat all of the hellbeasts single handedly and vanquishes them with massive forceballs and his signature shadow kicks.

Quan Chi running out of options , summoned spectre Liu Kang and unleashed him on Johnny Cage. The two warriors engaged in a fierce battle trading mighty blows, with massive forceballs and fireballs scattering around them in the vicinity.

Fujin intervened in the battle and quickly teleports Johnny, Sonya and Bo Rai Cho away and rendezvous with the other warriors namely, Kai, Shujinko, Ashrah, Cyrax and the now healed Kenshi.

As the warriors teleport away, Shinnok along with the remaining armies of Netherealm arrive on Earthrealm.

The Last Line Of Defence.

At the rendezvous point, Fujin explained to all the warriors that Monolith fuels Shinnok's power and as long as the Monolith is erect, Shinnok cannot be defeated. Thus the only solution Fujin saw now was for Shujinko to use his abilty to absorb the powers and kombat abilities of all the available warriors and challenge Shinnok while the others enage his minions and find a way to destroy the Monolith. Ashrah suggested that Fujin teleport to outworld and bring back the surviving warriors from there as well, whose powers would greatly aid Shujinko. Fujin instructed Sonya to contact various Military organisations and focus all their armies at the Monolith. Fujin goes on his way to outworld, as the remaining warriors prepare themselves, for the final and desperate attempt at saving their realm.

Wind God To The Rescue.

Meanwhile back at Outworld, the fierce battle carried on with the Armies of Netherealm having the advantage. Goro met head on with Motaro and the two titans engaged in a mighty battle. Goro defeats the centaur and slays him, but it severely weakend. Noob makes use of the opputunity and lands a vicious strike on Goro from behind, killing him. Kintaro defeats Reptile, but the saurian uses his invisibilty and escapes. Rain and his edenian traitors fight the rebels led by Li Mei. Rain, the superior warrior slays Li mei and the rebels now leaderless retreat while being pursued and killed by the Netherealm army.Mileena confronts Tanya and manages to defeat her but Baraka's interference allows Tanya to escape. Baraka and Mileena fight on, with the tarkartan emerging as the victor.

Just as Baraka was about impale Mileena with his blades, Fujin arrives and hurls him away with a gush of wind. He then creates a massive whirlwind and directs it towards the Netherealm armies breaking their battle formations, hurling them around in all directions. Fujin, realising that he cannot stay and help for long, saves Ermac and Mileena but could not approach Kintaro. He teleports away with them, as Kintaro is left behind. The disruption caused by Fujin, allowed Kintaro to unify the remenants of outworld warriors, Shokan, Edenian military and rebels and fight on, engaging the neverending waves of the Netherealm demons and tarkata.
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The Final Battle.(Special Thanks to back,back,back,low punch for the conception of the various match-ups)

Fujin arrived back on Earthrealm with Mileena and Ermac. Without wasting more time, all the warriors gathered around Shujinko as he started performing the kata and absorbing their powers and kombat abilities one by one. As Shujinko progressed with the kata, flames, small whirlwinds, green energies started circling his body causing the earth to tremor as well. The amalgam of energies started spinning around him faster and faster till suddenly it formed into an energy ball and thrust itself into Shujinko's body. As soon as this happened, a blinding celestial light erupted from the warrior's body, lighting the corrupted lands with signs of hope. As the light faded away, Shujinko told Fujin, that it was done and that he was now ready.

Meanwhile the Military assistance, Sonya had called for had arrived. Tanks, Gunships, Helecopters and Fighter planes along with armed soldiers arrived in full force and started advancing towards the Monolith. Kano orders his own supply of tanks and black dragon members to engage the advancing military. Shinnok then opens multiple portals in the air and swarms of deadly gargoyles fly out and start pursuing and destroying all air units and harrasing all ground units as well. Shinnok unimpressed by Earthrealm's pathetic defences orders the rest of the Netherealm Oni to finish them off.

Fujin manages to teleport all warriors close to the Monolith. Shujinko, steps forward and challenges the fallen Eldar God to Mortal Kombat. Shinnok although unimpressed by Shujinko's courage accepts the challenge, ready to kill him off. He orders his other minions to engage the other warriors and destroy them.

The souls of the fallen warriors (Kung Lao, Kitana, Jade, Sindel, Sub Zero, Smoke, Nightwolf, Kabal and Stryker) lead by Scorpion (which Shinnok had got in gratitude for his allegiance to shao kahn) had arrived from the Netherealm. Ermac, Bo Rai Cho, Kenshi, Ashrah and Cyrax met head on with the spectre and undead warriors and engaged them in a fierce kombat.

Quan Chi summoned forth Corrupt Raiden and Spectre Liu kang. Fujin took on his former mentor, Raiden and Kai engaged his former shaolin brother Liu Kang. Johnny Cage challenged the arch sorceror Quan chi and Sonya, once again fought her rival, Kano.

As the Netherealm armies tore through Earthrealm's military, Shinnok and Shujinko engaged in battle of epic proportions. The combined powers of all warriors allowed Shujinko to match the power of the fallen Eldar God. Massive tremors and energies erupted around them as they fought on. Shinnok was shocked at this point on how easily he saw past a warrior of his calibre. However he knew that as long as the Monolith stood, he could never be defeated nor destroyed.

Johnny Cage fought the sorcerer, Quan Chi neutralising all his attacks. His new found powers were starting to overwhelm Quan Chi, due to which his control over the souls of the fallen warriors and spectre Liu Kang started weakening.

Ermac with the soul of King Jarod dominant in him sensed that Quan Chi had weakened his control over the souls. He uses the opportunity and frees the soul of his beloved wife, Sindel, from his grip. He along with the help of sindel and other warriors freed the souls of Kitana, Nightwolf and Sub Zero.

As Scorpion fought Ashrah, Sub Zero's soul stopped him and interacted with the spectre. During he times he was controlled by Quan Chi, Sub-Zero managed to tap into his memories to find the truth. He informed Scorpion that though his Elder Brother (now Noob Saibot) was the one who killed him in is former life, it was Quan Chi who had murdered his family and clan. With this new found truth Scorpion realised he was used as a mere puppet by the sorcerer. He decided that he had to right all his wrong doings and helped Ermac free the other souls and fighting off the Netherealm Oni.

Fujin engaged Raiden, however Raiden in his evil incarnation was ruthless and showed no mercy. He defeated Fujin, and struct him with a deadly Lighting bolt, severely injuring the Wind God.

Meanwhile Kai fought Spectre Liu Kang. He tried to reason with the fallen champion, but the trance spell imbued in him by Quan Chi was too strong for him to see the reality. Ermac caught Liu Kang in a telekinetic grab while the soul of Nightwolf entered into his body and emerged back outside cleansing his hell spawned body of all the spells of Quan Chi.

With his mind freed, Liu Kang began to see the reality. He saw that Earthrealm was infact saved by Raiden after he had died and the Eldar Gods did help. The souls of the fallen warriors now free interacted with him. He then recollected his immediate past on being a spectre and was horrified on realising that he destroyed the Wushu Acadmey, his birth place and home and the white lotus society. Overcome with guilt, shame and deep regret, he decided that he must do whatever it takes to save Earthrealm.

The True Hero.

Raiden having defeated Fujin, was ready to kill him. Liu Kang however engaged him and knocked the possesed Thunder God down unconcious.

Shujinko and Shinnok fought on. Shujinko, with a mighty projectile composed of amalgam of various energies overwhelmed Shinnok and knocked him down. Shinnok then realised that he had enough of playing around and decided that it was time to unleash his greatest weapon. Shinnok, used the mimicing abilities of his amulet and tried to copy the whole of Shujinko's powers and combine it with his own powers. However, the amulet didnt seem to work and Shinnok immediately realised that he was tricked by Quan Chi, and the amulet he was holding was a mere copy. Shinnok however still had his greatest power to use. He proceeded to morph and transform into a massive fearsome demon and dashed into Shujinko and knocked him out cold. Before the Demon could finish off his foe, the former champion on Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang, stopped the demon and challenged him to Mortal Kombat.

Liu Kang and Shinnok in the form of a demon fought, equally matching each other in power and skill. Meanwhile Johnny Cage fought the sorceror Quan Chi, eventually defeated him. Quan Chi distracted Johnny, with two soul skulls and opened a portal big enough to transport him back to the Netherealm and started running towards it. However before he could reach, he was grabbed by scorpion, who teleported both of them to the 5th plains of the Netherealm where they would be trapped forever and scorpion would exact his revenge on the sorceror for eternity.

Fujin with all the strength he had left, called out to Johnny and pointed towards the Monolith. Johnny realised what he had to do and entered into a deep state of meditation. He cupped his hands and created a globular forcefield and starting focusing all his inner powers within it with immense concentration withing it. The powers of his ancestral lineage that flowed in his veins too started entering the concentrated green forceball sucking the very life force out of him. Before he collapsed from exhaustion Johnny propelled the concentrated forceball towards the monolith.

As,spectre Liu Kang and Shinnok in his demon form fought on, with none of them gaining any distinct adavantage, as massive explosion erupted withing the Monolith sending it crumbling towards the grounds. As the Monolith shattered into pieces, all the souls which Shinnok had accumulated within it for over thousands of years started escaping.

With the destruction of the monolith Raiden regained his soul back and came back to his original form. He was then approached by Ermac who informed him that Edenia and Outworld are on the verge of destruction. Raiden then teleports himself along with all other remaining warriors to outworld.

Back in outworld, Kintaro had miraculously survived and was still fighting on with only a handful of soldiers left. Raiden along with the other warriors assisted him and together they pushed the armies of Netherealm back. Noob Saibot retreated back into the Netherealm along with the Brotherhood. Rain,Tanya and Baraka retreated into the living forests of outworld along with their traitors and the tarkatans.

Meanwhile back on Earthrealm, the destruction of the Monolith morphed Shinnok back to his original form and also rendered him extremely weakend. Liu Kang easily overpowered him and thrusted his mighty flaming fist into Shinnok's head. Because Shinnok had tied his fate to the Monolith, Shinnok's soul scattered away into oblivion, as Liu Kang killed him, never to return again. The tyrany of Shinnok had ended and all the realms were safe once more.
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The Aftermath.(special thanks to kratoskillmachine in suggesting the Ice cave concept)

With Shinnok's death, all the portals which he had opened closed down and his minions fled back to the Netherealm. Daegon found out that the Red Dragon's location had been compromised and relocated it and shut down all the red dragon portals.

Liu Kang, had once again emerged the champion of Mortal Kombat. The remaining warriors teleported back with Raiden. Liu Kang asked Raiden for his forgiveness in not believing in him and trusting the Elder Gods. The surviving Elder Gods come out of hiding as the heavens are free again. Because Liu Kang had helped destroy a foe which even the Eldar Gods couldnt handle, they granted him a wish. Liu Kang wished that all his friends who had died in the tyrany of Shao Kahn to be bought back alive. Thus Jax, Sub Zero, Nightwolf and all the remaining warriors were bought back to life. The Eldar Gods offered Liu Kang his orginal human form. However Liu Kang declined the offer saying that he wishes to remain a spectre until he can forgive himself for his evil actions so far and claim redemption. He however, vowed to protect earthrealm and its people. Liu Kang after having a moment with his friends and Kitana, disappered into legend, emerging from obscurity only to avenge the innocent and rid earthrealm of darkness.

Kano, once again manage to escape Sonya. With her friends revived, Jax, Sonya, Stryker, Kabal and Kenshi proceed to form the Outworld and Edenia intelligence agency as a co-operative effort of all three realms to combat their enemies together.

With the destruction of the Monolith, Kenshi sensed his ancestors speaking to him through his sword. He finally solved his dillema and freed his ancestors whose souls were trapped in the monolith and now could rest in peace.

Kabal was sent by Jax to track and hunt down Mavado. Mavado defeats Kabal leaving him for dead and taking his hook swords for himself. Kabal was however saved by Kano.

Raiden now ascends to the Eldar God status and appoints the Wind God, Fujin as earthrealm's protector.

Kai, departs on his journey to self enlightenment. Raiden offers him his lightning staff to help him reach his goal and achieve immortality.

Shujinko, continues on his quest for finding all the Kamidogu. Before doing so, Nightwolf trains him and cleanses his soul of the unexplainable taint, which had
prevented him from competing in the original Mortal Kombat tournament, years ago.

Fujin instructs Kung Lao to rebuild the Wushu academy and train a new generation of monks. Johnny Cage is appointed as the head of the white lotus society.

Ermac with the soul of king Jarod and Sindel, return back to Edenia and claim their rightful thrones. Kitana accepts Mileena as her sister and together they rule outworld. Jade is tasked with finding the Edenian traitors, Rain and Tanya. Baraka and his tarkatan hordes are banished from outworld.

Reptile resumes on his mission in finding more of his species and return back to his homeworld. Kintaro is appointed as the Head general of the Ourworld armies for his valiant efforts in the battle.

As Sub Zero(Kuai Liang) was revived, he was revived to his original human form. Bo Rai Cho on seeing Sub Zero's profieciency with ice, informed him that he knew a group of warriors known as the Cyromancers who once dwelled deep withing the Ice Caves at outworld. Bo Rai cho instructed Sub Zero to travel there if he seeks to learn more about his past. Sub Zero travelled to the location and learnt about his ancestors and his race through the relics his ancsestors left behind. With a new meaning to his motives, Sub Zero along with Smoke and Cyrax fought through the Lin Kuei defences at the Lin Kuei temple and Sub Zero challenged Sektor to Mortal Kombat and defeated him. He replaced Sektor as the grandmaster of the Lin Kuei and ended the Cyber initiative and all the criminal activies the clan was associated with. He offered his co-operation to Fujin, in protecting earthrealm.
Later on the request of Sonya, Cyrax went in search of race of vampires, reported to have been dwelling in outworld. He did not return however and no one was aware of his whereabouts.

Unknown to all, since the soul of Shang Tsung was bound to Sindel when she was killed, he too got revived back at outworld when the Elder Gods granted Liu Kang his wish. Shang Tsung remained in hiding however, mingling with the citizens of outworld, waiting patiently for an oppurtunity to rise back to power.


Concept Art/Inspired Pictures/Inspired Music(special thanks to Mel for helping me upload pics)

Johnny cage concept from his Mk9 arcade ending.


Young Shujinko concept from Mortal Kombat:Deception.


Possessed/Evil Raiden concept created by TRMK member NS922.


Spectre Liu Kang concept created by TRMK member NS922


Spectre Liu Kang Concept with flaming fist by TRMK member NS922


Netherealm attacks Earthrealm concept added by Mel.


Shujinko absorbing powers of other warriors from his Mk:Deception ending. Similar concept used in the story by young Shujinko.


Fallen warriors concept from Mortal Kombat 9


Human-Dragon hybrids created by the Red Dragon Clan with the DNA of Caro and Reptile. Concept taken from MK: Armageddon.


Hellbeasts, the strongest demons of the Netherealm. Concept taken from Mk: Shaolin Monks.


Gargoyle concept. Shinnok's minions that pursued Fujin to Earthrealm and wrecked havoc at the final battle.


Shinnok's worshiping shrines built by cultists of Brotherhood of shadow concept. Image from the game, Dawn of War.


Shinnok's Monolith concept. Image from the game, Dawn of War.


Inspired Music: Johnny Cage's training and transformation.

Inspired Music: Liu Kang resurrected as a spectre.

Inspired Music:Netherealm attacks Earthrealm.

Inspired Music:End of Mortal Kombat 10. Not very Mkish, but this is what came to my mind as I finished the story.


The following members have helped me at one point or the other during the development and after I finished the story. So many thanks to them. :)

Back, back, back, low punch
Aldo Moreno
Tenkai Hyabusa
Shirayuki Mizore

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Re: My Future Mortal Kombat Story.

This is pretty kool. You should inkorporate Fujin while Johnny is in Seido. And maybe you kould take some ideas from the Rebuilding<Insert Kharacter Name> threads. They have one on Kai,Shujinko and more. Kheck them out. Great job altogether!
Re: My Future Mortal Kombat Story.

Thank You, Tittiemcnuggets and Armon24 for your feedback. Although Fujin helping out Cage at Seido would make an interesting storyline, I have given him a more important role. Hope you will like it.

Story Updated. =D
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Re: My Future Mortal Kombat Story.

Awesome story!! :D
But just one question, was Lucifer supposed to be human like the others or not? If not which species was he (i think it is supposed to be species :p)?
Awesome story!! :D
But just one question, was Lucifer supposed to be human like the others or not? If not which species was he (i think it is supposed to be species :p)?
Thank you, Sir =D. I believe Lucifer was a God. Just like how Raiden was the God and protector of Earthrealm, Lucifer was the God of Netherealm. Perhaps he was not a conventional looking God. Maybe more like a demon.
Re: My Future Mortal Kombat Story.

Thank you, Sir =D. I believe Lucifer was a God. Just like how Raiden was the God and protector of Earthrealm, Lucifer was the God of Netherealm. Perhaps he was not a conventional looking God. Maybe more like a demon.
I might show my amazement with the story by drawing Lucifer (as I think he is) and Quan Chi with Shinnok :D
Re: My Future Mortal Kombat Story.

I might show my amazement with the story by drawing Lucifer (as I think he is) and Quan Chi with Shinnok :D

That is a really awesome idea!! You should post it up when you are done. Im sure me along with the other readers will be eager to see your interpretation of Lucifer and appreciate it =D.
Re: My Future Mortal Kombat Story.

That is a really awesome idea!! You should post it up when you are done. Im sure me along with the other readers will be eager to see your interpretation of Lucifer and appreciate it =D.
Of course I will post it :D It may take a while though :p