Mortal Kombat Trilogy Extended [by MKTX Team]


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The original Mortal Kombat Trilogy is way better, but if you want a version of MKT where you can want any character you wish to have, then I'm okay for people who play Mortal Kombat Trilogy Extended (MKTX) with basically MK4 characters lumped in with MK1, MK2 and MK3 plus UMK3 characters along with MK:Mythologies exclusives like Sareena.
I used to play Mortal Kombat Trilogy for the PC all the time back in the day, but I dispute that MK Trilogy is 'way' better. Certain things about it always bothered me that MK Trilogy X seems to have fixed.

1. The bodies in MK Trilogy do not fall after being decapitated. To me, it looks rather dumb to have a person standing upright with his/her head lopped off. It looked cheap, as if Midway did not want to go to the trouble of animating the characters' headless corpses falling to the ground, as they had previously done with the first Mortal Kombat, and MKII. Decapitated bodies fall to the ground in Mortal Kombat Trilogy Extended.

2. In Mortal Kombat Trilogy, the 'Pit II' zone had no stage fatality. I suspect that this is because, once again, Midway did not want to take the time to draw up more character animations for characters falling down the Pit II. The Pit II stage fatality works in Mortal Kombat Trilogy Extended.

3. Running MK Trilogy on Windows 7 just isn't that reliable. I ran the Windows Vista patch to allow MK Trilogy to run on Windows 7, but even then, I can only run the game in a windowed mode. If I run it full screen, it will crash almost immediately.

For those reasons, I prefer MK Trilogy Extended, even with its bugs, and being unfinished.


original Mortal Kombat Trilogy is way better
It's better in amount of characters most likely.

1. Killed graphics and 320x240 resolution;
2. Lazy characters from MK1/MK2 chapters;
3. No updates for finishers/special moves;
4. CDDA soundtrack with incorrect playtime;
5. Limited settings;
6. Loading.


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Hello everyone, I'm from italy!
I have a question about MKTrilogy for Playsation1 (1996): when I set pause and rapidly return to the game, music not working more during the match...

Music return only in the next round... it's normal this glitch after pause game?



I recorded gameplay of MKTX v0.1 for MK MUGEN history. Thanks to Evgeny Zinoviev for priceless contribution to MUGEN community. It's prototype of MKTX, worked on MUGEN 1.0 without launcher. Included several unfinished MK1/MK2 characters. Version doesn't include throws, AI and various modes. Instead you could notice multiple features/glitches.


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I have a DS4 controller (which uses bluetooth too) with the last firmware. Also I have been using InputMapper, in the last Windows 10 - 64 bit update.

I opened the 1.033 version from MK T -X and it says XPadder is needed, the gamepad isn't supported. Thing is, I already configured Xpadder and still isn't working. Is there some tutorial explaining how we may play this version with a joystick? What am I doing wrong?


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Hello, everyone. Its 2019 here...
It's been a long time it seems. I have never been here before, but felt I must finally try to get something out there to let the folks responsible for this game know how I feel.
I have known about this game for years now. Since 2013 maybe, but until literally today, never played it. That said, I have watched so many YouTube videos from Alberto Blaze and others that my eyes bled... and I recognised this game as the BEST Mortal Kombat game of all time. Screw MK11, screw the "arcade kollection"... NRS/WB should hire YOU to make this an official title available on console and PC. I would happily pay 20 or even 30 bucks for it! Hell, I'll go 50....
Thank you to the people responsible for this game. This is what MK Trilogy could have and SHOULD have been. You all are obviously huge fans, like me (I've been playing MK since 1992 when i was 11).
Now that I'm done gushing... a question. Is there a recent patch or update available?
Also... how do I unlock the greyed out cyborg, Kitana, and Jade?
Thank you so much for this game.


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Wow... the most recent post here if from 2015?
Well me... I didn't discover this game until 2018... to find out it's no longer being worked on, apparently due to a leak of an early unfinished version?
Anyway, I have had short conversations with Kage over on YouTube, and he mentioned you (Leon) by name.
I just want to know the Hara Kiri inputs, and both of Johnny Cage MK2's missing fatality inputs. I figured out how to unlock "MK3 Boss" Shang Tsung, Chameleon, Cyber Chameleon, and Ermac... but I don't have time to try 1000's of different button combos for fatality inputs like I did when I was a kid, so any help you could give me in this regard would be greatly appreciated!
Oh yeah, Kage also said something about only a few people have the newest version (the one after 1.033)... and you're one of them. I asked him for the most recent version, and he told me to ask you. As if we all know each other, or something. I don't do well on computers, or email, or PM's, so I figured this could be one way of reaching you.
Anyway, I've been a HUGE MK fan since before Mortal Monday in 1993, and I think this game (MKTX) is a MASTERPIECE. By FAR the best Mugen MK game, and also the best 2D MK game ever made! Boon and co. should be jealous... and also hire the talented folks who made this game... so it can be done officially!
I would definitely pay 20-30 bucks for a physical copy of this game, and 20-25 for digital only.
Anyway, assuming you actually see this, thanks for reading it, at very least!


I decided to make limited release of MKTX this year. It will include both Noob Saibot and Rain characters. I never liked MKP copy/pasters so it was private almost for 3 years. For now you have chances to get version 1.040 without problems. All you need to have PayPal (or regular debit card) and make basic donation in 10$. As soon whole sum reaches 70$ it will be shared to anyone who donated via PM. For larger amount of donation (12-15$) you receive MKTX prototype with unique content. Also make sure to ask for details there. Thanks for attention.

Mastercard: 5368 2910 0848 9544