Mortal Kombat Trilogy Extended [by MKTX Team]


MKT Remake developed on MUGEN by MKTX Team. Will contain MK1/MK2/UMK3 characters with kombos,
special moves, fatalities. And exclusive content like MKM characters. Finally, here you can notice hidden sprites extracted by Fly. All rights to MK trademark belong to Warner Brothers.



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Another project developed on MUGEN by MKTX Team. Will contain all characters from MK1/MK2/UMK3.
+ Exclusive content like MKM characters, new fatalities, special moves.
Finally, here you can see hidden sprites extracted by Fly.

Cool. What sprites are going to be used? All of them?(hopefully). Or just a few? Any shots of these?


Man, I guess you have problems with quote.
I can't say about all sprites, because Kage finished only MK1 characters right now.
However I'm sure, that many of them will be used.

Well, here's MK1 demonstration, bit outdated though. Later many fatalities were changed/removed.
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Hey, there's not only hidden sprites obviously. Many animations were drawed by xTH@Wk, Kage.

Will this only be available to play on PC
Yeah, because it's based on latest MUGEN, which not presented on other platform.
Thanks for new replies, they really motivate.


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Yeah i noticed a lot of new sprites. Its absolutely insane the amount of fatalities you have included.Between this and a few mk projects on this board looks like this is going to be an awesome year for mk fans, unless you dont think it will be done in 2013?


Kage finished MK1 characters, then he'll complete MK2, MK3.
Well, there's many work remained..

Coop NPB

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Le@n I didn't know you were part of the mk trilogy extend team! I seen you help out in the MK HD section. This project you're working is by far the best mk I ever seen! I grew up with mk and I like what you guys are doing with it. Keep up the GREAT work!

Are you part of the project?
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That Kung Lao fatality was good! A break from splitting guys vertically in half (which I really love to watch).


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This looks AWESOME!
I like what you did with Fujin, he seems like a fun character to play with.

The only thing I don't like is the dirt on the floor when a characters falls. It seems out of place, doesn't really match the style of the characters/stages sprites :/ (eg: no projectile has that kind of transparency).