Mortal Kombat Journey - FULL BLOWN MK RPG w/ Screenshots + Info


Sorry for the lack of updates, I am currently in Cancun for vacation but I am on school break, working on the game consistently daily. I will reveal more when I get back home but here is another foe you can come across in a side-quest in our game...

Also, Blaze is in the game now. Playable, of course.

We are adding tons of enemies, both new and original and classic and very traditional to the MK feel (such as tarkatans and others...)

and we have some side-quests we'll preview in our upcoming video!

Thank you guys and stay safe!
Hey guys! So no screenshots YET but...

we've added the Water, Fire, and Earth Temple...

A Crafting skill, as well as Mining and Digging... not too in detail but they are there.

Tell me who's been added? 11023441_933051933425792_5084363303559531695_o.jpg

I have to pay 740 a month for my schooling now guys. Add me on Facebook, see my 3D models, my other artwork... I appreciate anything you can help with :) Thank you guys!!!

A video with some footage I put together for college.


My "Next In Line" custom fan shirt with Kotal and Shao Kahn in battle is out now, so message me if you want one! Funds go into my college tuition! Thanks!
True, I am glad to see that there are still some games to be found that have this immersive feeling the MK fans are craving for. I was a fan of both MKD and MKA Konquest modes as well as MKSM, so I am certainly looking forward for this game.
We had to fix a couple small bugs and reduce the file size a little but it is re-updated. Feel free to download the newer version try it. Let me know what you think of the demo (suggestions, things you liked, things that could be better, etc) and hope you guys will enjoy the entire game because its going to be a lot better than this demo :)