Mortal Kombat 1 General Discussion Media Thread

Well I watched the Cutscene Mode (story mode), like half of it and read the spoilers. Here's my verdict so far.....

It's basically the same thing, some scenes are nice and funny, the others are just lame & incoherent. The biggest change is that you sometimes get to fight a bunch of NPCs like Tarkatans/Super Tarkatan, and sometimes there's a Test Your Might between the fights which is a nice change.

I've read that the ending is absolutely fucking stupid, even for NuMK standards, need to see it with my own eyes.

The Towers are just fucking lame, even the endings. Some stages look gorgeous, the others are....yeah.... So far the game is like a 5 or a 6 out of 10.

Ok, seen the ending and the supposed Kreate A Fighter. KAF is a nice idea. The story though...... Yeah, Ed Boon and Crew went completely Capeshit.
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Ok, watched it completely and not in 360p potato quality.

It's....awful. 4 out of 10. The entire story can be summed up: "Ed Boon said we reset the entire thing completely.... but not really!!! Remember DECEPTION? ARMAGGEDDON? DEADLY ALLIANCE?.... How awesome were those games, RIGHT?! And all these characters, revamped, but not really!..."

"How does it feel to get cancelled?" an actual line in the story mode...... By NuAshrah, out of all the people..... :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Also I love how when you pick Liu Kang, he becomes shirtless. Like I get it, Steve Beran... you love men.... but maybe try to go for a bit of consistency?...

We have a ChatGPT generator going ballistic on random MK characters like a Kano who's now Sonya, with cringe 12 year old names as the final act. "Kold Kahn"..... It also is funny that the only age demographic who appreciates these random AI generated characters, are basically 12 year olds...

Which is also ironic.... Remember all the noise about the female bikini designs with massive T&A? Remember the excuse the morons used.... "it's like horny 12 year olds designed this!!!!"?.....

The irony!

P.S: Has to suck for all the people who pre-ordered this to get early access.... When a ton of people already watched this for free. Oh and yeah, the game's buggy, with audio desyncs and crashes, input bugs, you name it. Day 1 patch already confirmed, and apparently the game is 140gb+. Ouch!
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I think my favorite part of the story mode was when Shao Trump started flailing around his.....*MAGICAL_ARTIFACT*.... that belonged to another loser...I mean BoSs from MKX....

When he did that, I said "....this moron is going to die, isn't he?"

Aaaaand few chapters later..............I got my answer.
That post-credits scene is the sickest shit that was ever put in modern MK story mode:

Titan Havik, Kenshi Jin, Kitanya and Quan-Zero finishing off dying Jax and fapping to ubiquitous gore

They bring strong Cenobite vibes, Pinhead for KP2 confirmed.
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I don't know, what had Boon said?

He said that there's just so many surprised and twists and they've completely restarted the thing, etc....

But of course, that's not the case. For example... you watched the CGI trailer? You therefore know pretty much everything.
Good news is after upcoming Story Mode DLC we propably stay in that timeline and end with multiverse for good.


Almost nobody died, basically just only 1 roster character, final boss and his kameo, all of those hundreds of Mugen/Dragon Ball fusion characters like Basilik, Ashrayden or Hollyweird were disposable anyway and their death doesn't mean shit for Liu's New Era.
Correction, only 1 good "guy" died.... Sindel who gets killed by Sindel...

Plenty of bad guys dying. It's the CGI trailer to a T.... Shang Tsung appears, and gets killed. That's the entire story mode. No stakes at all.
The final kombat kast is up but im too lazy to post it. Strange there wasn't any Reptile, Havik ect character break down. It's obviously too late to do every character at this point in time. The fight between Mileena and Shang was hype though IMO. The story might be trash but at least everything else looks fun as hell. As I said before, this game is going to be MK9 levels of broken in the first month so enjoy the honey moon phase before the nerfs come down. Hopefully this game will hold my attention until Injustice 3.
Not even close.....
So you already have the game? The beta had unblockable BS. Tweedy was showing setups in the corner with subzero (sound familiar?) don't be so naive and think NRS patched that out. Remember Sheeva in MK11? This game will be beyond brain dead at launch.
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So you already have the game? The beta had unblockable BS. Tweedy was showing setups in the corner with subzero (sound familiar?) don't be so naive and think NRS patched that out. Remember Sheeva in MK11?

No, I watched "high level" gameplay.

Sheeva in MK11..... and you compare THAT to MK9?..... The variable stomp that only worked because MK11 movement, overall gamespeed and Anti-Air was pure ass?.... A few unblockables and corner setups and we're already MK9?.....

Let me remind you that in MK9 there are plenty of characters doing 100%+ combos, more chip damage than hit damage, completely taking away all zoning and/or wakeups, safe autotracking AA teleports that lead to 30/50% combos, full invincibility, superarmor double mid launchers, complete aerial denial, 1 frame moves, superglue pressure by just pressing 2 buttons over and over, etc etc etc.....

Get real, they promote "creativity" and "player freedom", but it's no where close to what happens in MK9.... That game is broken to the core, here the devs simply are trying to go wild.