Misucra Mortal Kombat 9 PC Skins/Mods

Yeah I have it in line waiting. I actually myself prefer the mk4 quan chi over mk9 any day. MK9 one looks kinda monkish (can't say he doesn't look badass), but mk4 quanchi beats him in both looks and personality.
Almost finished Sindel. After that will go Jade (Tanya skin), Quanchi (MK4 skin), Liu Kang (custom skin of mine). So far Sindel will be the best skin I made.
I feel like people only want the PC version of a game just to mod. They're pretty cool mods. Makes me wish I had a better computer to play the game with them.
Sindel "Banshee" skin



Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kJ0DzmHI5M

Download link: http://misucra.deviantart.com/art/MK9-Sindel-Banshee-skin-394614199
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Work update:

Ok I ran into small problem. One of the texture files(diffuse) which is responsible for Jade clothing damage can't get swapped. Somehow program doesn't "find" original file in CHAR_Jade_B.xxx (even so I extracted the damn file from it -_-). So if anyone has an idea how to fix the problem or if they know some good MK9 modding community, I would appreciate the help.
Very awesome work Misucra, I actually just registered to comment on this. It's probably one of the only unique skins I have actually seen. You even added the proper texturized look to her arms. Very Tanya-like. I'm diggin the design.

Also, I know this is a very generic question but are you sure you you typed it in correctly? I've never had that problem out of the countless of skins I've edited. Make sure to double check, and re-extract it to grab Jade_B_Diff.Texture2D file, as I'm almost positive this is the cause.

There are actually a few, but figure I'd PM them to you just in case links aren't allowed here. Anyhow, great skins! :)
Thanks mate.
As for problem, Yes I did type it correctly and I tried copying the name and so on. Also I reextracted all files and still nothing. The problem file is actually called Jade_BDMG_Diff. Other files like Spec or NormHQA work perfectly. Only this one is stubborn.
That's pretty odd, so whenever you try injecting it do you get like "File not found in .xxx archive" or something similar? Yesterday I even went as far as doing a quick all black edit on Jade's Diffuse for DMG & Normal.

Well if you still can't figure it out shoot me a PM and lets see whats up! I could try it out for ya if you want, that way we can be on the same page.
Here is the screenshot.
I would like to keep this thing on thread as if anyone else from modding community encounters this problem, I would like for them to try the fix (if I find one).
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Ok new update:



P.S ah yes almost forgot. The solution was kinda simple. I was using 1.2 version of DDSInjector. I downloaded 1.5 and problem was gone.
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Tanya one is good. The other two are kind of corny. I don't get the point of their tattoos. The Sonya one would be pretty good if the tattoos were gone and she had her normal eyes.
I am just being tribal. The only tattoos I accept are Tribal and Dazaratii and usually I put them as to show tribal warrior spirit. Deep stuff in short.

The Sonya one would be pretty good if the tattoos were gone and she had her normal eyes.

Well it's not like Sonya and others won't be modded anymore. The first ones there just to drastically change all that sexy look which didn't belong in MK (personal opinion: sexy doesn't belong anywhere and should be eradicated completely). After I mod all of the MK females I will start doing more skins on requests. Right now just want to make my MK sexy/stupid free zone.
Awesome, glad you got it working, and I dunno. I personally like the Mileena one as well, that "Royalty" look fits her well :).

It's a shame we cannot keep multiple primary costumes around like we can with alt costumes.
Don't go to far with the tattoos they all look great don't get me wrong but your designs all have tattoos.