Luck Be A Lady Trophy/Achievement?

Hello. There is an easy way around this. Stay with me as this sounds made up, but I swear it works.

1. Go to Test Your Luck from the main menu.
2. Select your character, and select expert.
3. Let the slots start spinning on their own (ignore the begin button, its just easier IMO).
4. Immediately after your opponent is selected, hit the X Button (xbox360) 7 times relatively fast.
5. It should land on the MK Symbol. When it does, immediately hit the Y Button (xbox360) 7 times relatively fast.
6. Again, it should land on the MK Symbol. When it does, immediately hit the B Button (xbox360) 7 times relatively fast.

NOTE: The MK symbols have to be available in all slots. If not, just keep retrying until they are. This is by far the most annoying part. I tried this strategy after getting tipped off to it and it worked on my first try when the MK symbol was available in all 3 slots. Also, I have no idea if it works on the PS3, but logic says it does, obviously with its respective buttons. Be patient.

This doesn't work for me, Even Patrick's PS3 Fixes, I got different things that were completely different.
I didn't believe the 7-7-7 strategy at all until reading that Pat confirmed it, so I gave it a try, and sure enough it really does work. I snapped the pic to inspire others to give it another go, as up until reading Pat's post I didn't trust the strat. Thanks Pat!

The real trick is being patient enough to get a match that has koins in all 3 slots. The very first time all 3 slots had coins, I got it. Overall about 7-8 tries.

The button pressing is all in the rhythm. I'll try to bother my wife tomorrow to film me doing it, unless someone uploads a video first.

For the record, I had 4 total slots (3 plus opponent slot) and was on easy in regular TYL mode (not Challenge Tower).

Yeah, I only registered because I saw noone else had noticed the trick on here. I got it from someone else and it worked the first time I have dragons available in all slots. I can understand why one would be suspicious haha. It sounds kinda ridiculous.

As for the poster above the last one, im not sure what to tell you. Every time I have dragons available in all slots, the trick works. It really shouldnt take more than 15-20 minutes, and thats only due to the availability of the dragon symbols. Maybe youre hitting the buttons too fast?
I got it on 4 slots with Johnny Cage my 30th time trying.

It's just about random luck, I don't think there's a real strategy for it.
I haven't had any luck in that regard. While I occasionally get 2 dragon coins, I have yet to get all 3. Tried the 7-7-7 trick on expert mode and using varying rhythms, but no consistent results were made. I'm beginning to suspect this is just superstitious behavior.
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It works but it's really hard!
Even when you get three koins in the reel
I got a koin in each real like seven times before i actually got all three
This trophy really sucks
I also confirm that Pat's 7 square - 7 triangle - 7 circle strategy on PS 3 works. Careful though, the golden coins MUST be available for it to work. if the coin is missing from one wheel, just hit start and retry until they become available on all 3 wheels. It took me around 20mn before the coins became available. Actually they became available after 10mn of trying but somehow I messed it up, so I had to continue until they became available again. It worked the second time for me.
I was using Raiden.
I tried the 7 thingy and it failed

I just played challege 234 (since some ppl said its where the coins appear more frequently) and got it on my 7-8th try. (got it like 2 more times after getting the trophies on that challenge and never got it in normal Test Your Luck lol)
Wow, it worked! Even on the ones where koins don't appear on all three wheels, the ones that do have koins, if u tap the respective buttons 7 times, you'll get the koin.
meh... even after retrying 20 min or so... did not get it... with or without the use of the 7-7-7 strategy... I'll have my occasional Test Your Luck game and will see what I get. It's bound to happen some day, no? :(
Glad to hear that the 7-7-7 trick I shared worked for some of you. As for the others, im sorry it didnt. It has to be a certain rhythym and cant be done TOO fast. Everytime I tried it, it worked. Of course thats with two dragons available. Once all 3 dragons were available, it worked on my first try and I never tried again. Keep up the hope! : )
The 7-7-7 trick really does work. It took about 3 dozen tries before I got a dragon coin in each slot AND got the rhythm down, but it works.
Everytime I try, I only have 2 out of 3 dragons or 4 out of 5 (etc)... One always keep going wrong... Bad rythm I suppose...

I'm wondering how on earth you did come up with the 7-7-7 strategy, Slica?
I didnt come up with it. I was tipped off by someone...have no idea how he figured it out. I thought like im sure most of you did at first---that was BS. But yeh, I tried it and to my surprise it worked. I figured there was probably some technique to pull it off, but didnt it expect it to be that particular way. Was pretty surprised noone on here had gotten ahold of it yet, so I figured I would register and help out where I can.