Luck Be A Lady Trophy/Achievement?

Andrew G

How do you get this trophy?
I don't understand what it means
The description says "Get all MK Dragons in Test Your Luck"
Does that mean the Lucky! things?
i must have tried 50 times today...not even once did i get a single dragon. needless to say, i lost my patience and said to hell with it!
My friend just got the achievement for me lol. Just keep playing for the fun of it. Don't worry too much about achievements.
I actually got really lucky with this it after maybe 20 tries max. This is gonna b on of those that ppl will rip thir hair out for though...

Just as th trophy says be lucky lol
Hello. There is an easy way around this. Stay with me as this sounds made up, but I swear it works.

1. Go to Test Your Luck from the main menu.
2. Select your character, and select expert.
3. Let the slots start spinning on their own (ignore the begin button, its just easier IMO).
4. Immediately after your opponent is selected, hit the X Button (xbox360) 7 times relatively fast.
5. It should land on the MK Symbol. When it does, immediately hit the Y Button (xbox360) 7 times relatively fast.
6. Again, it should land on the MK Symbol. When it does, immediately hit the B Button (xbox360) 7 times relatively fast.

NOTE: The MK symbols have to be available in all slots. If not, just keep retrying until they are. This is by far the most annoying part. I tried this strategy after getting tipped off to it and it worked on my first try when the MK symbol was available in all 3 slots. Also, I have no idea if it works on the PS3, but logic says it does, obviously with its respective buttons. Be patient.
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Fixed your post, missed 7 on the last step.

For PS3 the buttons are:

I can confirm this works, as long as you get the dragon koin symbol on all three slots. It's random so took me maybe 15 minutes combined with trying to figure out how to time the presses. It's easier on a pad than an arcade stick for me, I kept losing count on the stick.